Do You Need To Build An In-House Sales Team Or Outsource Your Appointment Setting Tasks in 2024?

Sales are important for business growth. To promote your business there is a need to plan a marketing campaign. Appointment setting is also a part of your marketing. The appointment setting process matters because –

  • It helps to reach prospective clients, who are not familiar with your brand, so they don’t call. Even if they hear about your product, there is a lack of information on how your brand can resolve their issues. The appointment setter recommends a relevant solution to prospects issues and preps him for an introductory call with your sales rep.
  • It gives an idea of how many average meetings are necessary to sign new customers. An insight on how many meetings allow planning future growth.

Every business makes arrangements for meetings at some level. The sales staff, business owner, or executives reach out to new clients with or without appointments. There is a lack of responsibility, which makes your outreach effort turn irregular.

Which task is challenging to sales staff – building a pipeline or setting qualified meetings or closing deals?


Building a pipeline includes research on the target market, define ideal customer profiles, and identify buyer’s personas, contact via direct mail, call, email, or social touches. The next step sales staff has to focus on value-based sales. Building pipeline, engaging, and adding other leads is not the matter. The issue is when leads don’t get converted into potential buyers ready to talk with your sales team. Pipeline input is not a dilemma, the output is. Leads may not progress in the funnel or leak out. It means sufficient leads are not generated for sales appointments.

It is time that you need to consider hiring B2B appointment setting professionals like Intelemark. It is essential to develop a value proposition and resolve prospective client’s problems. Visit to book a free consultation.

If you are still in doubt to contact the professionals then below are some significant signs of how your business will benefit from outsourcing appointment scheduling projects.

Your sales team focusing more on nurturing leads

If your salesperson personally meets a potential buyer with an enthusiasm to close the sale gets a surprise to find the prospect is not keen to buy? The sales team needs more time for selling and conversions, so they must not use meetings for nurturing leads and discuss their needs and problems.

Outsourcing benefits – The professional appointment setters have the experience and competence to separate a tire kicker and a legitimate lead. They are skilled at arranging appointments with qualified leads. They identify an indecisive purchaser and drop them. The serious leads ready to listen to a sales pitch get scheduled for an introductory meeting with your sales person.

Poor data management is an obstruction


Today, the sales environment is data-driven. Therefore, it is critical to maintain accurate data. It ensures the marketing staff to design custom-made and convincing campaigns. With accurate data, you feel confident that your emails reached their final destination. Due to ignorance or incompetence of your sales staff, the data is incomplete or duplicate. This can obstruct your bottom-line.

Outsourcing benefits – Professional appointment setters help in data management. They have appropriate training and tools to remove duplicate data, add on new information, segment & prioritize lead database as well as match & merge customer lists. They are skilled in drawing more information from prospects asking the right questions.

So, when your salesperson meets the prospective client, they know their problems. The sales rep moves forward with a problem-solving approach, which smoothly ends in closing a sale.

Influencing the leads to progress across the sales funnel takes long

Some indecisive leads stay at the top of the sales pipeline for long. You feel stuck as they take forever to qualify. It is a sign to hire experts.

Outsourcing benefits – Professional appointment setters identify whether the prospect is ready or not. They even detect their needs and issues. They start bonding with quality leads, while the others are moved into the nurturing cycle. They influence the quality leads to decide and arrange an appointment.

Lack of necessary information


The sales rep wants the introductory meeting to be productive and not a fishing expedition. The salesperson has to be primed and prepared to meet their prospect for the first time. Your salesperson needs to know the prospect’s needs and opinions about your product. The meeting has to be impressive so that the prospect feels satisfied with the solution offered.

Outsourcing benefits – Professional appointment setters learn about your niche and products. They never use scripts but keep prospects engaged with their communication skills. Besides, detect the prospect’s issues and smartly offer solutions. Building a relationship with a human touch offers your salesperson a kick start. They arrive for the meeting all prepared. Their communication stays focused on the genuine problems and offering solutions. The prospects get impressed and discouraged from glancing at your competitors. You get a great competitive edge.

Waste of investment


Your sales team spends time gathering information, generating leads, and nurturing, so they hardly get time to sell. Unprepared prospects mean the meeting is a failure and the sales cycle lengthens. It dents your ROI as well as the morale of your sales staff.

Outsourcing benefits – Professional appointment setters are responsible for generating quality leads, nurturing them, and setting appointments. In this way, your sales team will stay focused on their sales pitch. They will come prepared for the meeting. There will be a service cost for outsourcing, but you will know the expense upfront. Besides, your overhead expense gets cut because now your internal sales team will confidently close the deals.

Time wastage is the main culprit of the in-house sales team. A study reveals that a salesperson spends 36% of the time in doing revenue-generated tasks. The remaining time gets flung towards futile meetings, CRM disputes, and admin tasks. Time wastage also comes from bad data management and running unmonitored campaigns.

When you merge with appointment setting professionals, your leads to a potential customer to conversion will increase. Your business will confidently choose ambitious sales goals in future to expand.

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