What Is a Car History Check and How to Get One?

Before purchasing a new car, ensuring you’ve got all the information you need is vital. Luckily, our car history checks analyse over eighty different data points, from the car’s basic details to write-off status and more, helping to give you greater confidence in your choice. After all, car scams aren’t uncommon, and checking the car first is crucial.

What Do Car Checks Include? 

Our specialist car history checks offer a wealth of information relating to your vehicle, including the following:

  • Finance history
  • Mileage records
  • Write-off status
  • Number of keepers
  • Numberplate changes
  • Road tax status
  • Stolen check
  • Salvage check

Is a Car History Check Important?

Is a Car History Check Important

Car history checks are incredibly versatile, offering a huge range of information that’s integral to authenticate your purchase. It is crucial to check car history before making a purchase, as it can bring to light important details such as:

  • Stolen status: One of the most vital things you need to check before buying a second-hand vehicle is whether the car is genuinely owned by the person who’s selling it. Here, a stolen status check is vital. Luckily, our car history checks let you know whether a vehicle has been registered as stolen, protecting you from accidentally buying a stolen car or getting arrested.
  • Financing status: Many people fail to realise that a car that’s still got outstanding finance can’t be sold, meaning they may attempt to sell them on (knowingly or otherwise). Unfortunately, purchasing a car with outstanding finance will be hugely expensive, as you’ll end up taking on liability for the finance too; thus, you may end up paying well above the odds.
  • MOT history: Knowing about the car’s past is important when trying to determine whether it’s a safe investment or not. 
  • VIN and Vehicle Information: A seller can give out any old number plate details, especially if you haven’t seen the car in person yet. Luckily, with a full car history check, you’ll be provided with all the core information you need to verify that the number plate is genuine and assigned to the correct car; this includes make, model, colour, and the like, as well as 

Data Guarantees for Peace of Mind

Data Guarantees for Peace of Mind

Ensuring your data remains protected is highly important, it’s important to lookout for a car history check that includes a £30,000 guarantee – helping ensure the data is accurate.

The simple way to check a car’s history, including stolen status, write-off status, outstanding finance, and more. Opting for a second-hand vehicle? – Take a look at our article regarding the used car buying inspection checklist for beginners and learn something you may not know already.


These are just a handful of the 80+ checks and pieces of information our car history checks cover. So, be sure to invest in a reliable, professional car history check before purchasing your new second-hand car to avoid any nasty surprises.

Opting for paid vehicle checks over a free car check provides a more comprehensive overview of the vehicle under scrutiny. This equips you with an extensive set of tools, empowering you to negotiate the best possible price when engaging in a sale.

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