6 Cat Litter Box Mistakes You May Be Making – 2024 Guide

Litter box mess is one of the biggest headaches of pet owners. If you, too, own a pet and are looking for a way to clean this mess, then you are at the right place. If you do not keep the litter box clean, the kitty might stop using it for defecating purposes and start littering around the house. Your kitten is hard to be blamed in such a situation.

If that’s the scenario, consider cleaning the litter box at the earliest. However, at times, the litter cans become dirty beyond the phase of cleaning. Even if it is cleaned, it will bear an obnoxious odor. In such a scenario, you should consider buying a new one. Check some litter box options available at Your kitty will love these odor-free options and hence, will not litter elsewhere in the house.

If none of the options work out, then you may be making some mistakes. Below mentioned are 6 Cat litter box mistakes that you may be making.

Most Common Litter Box Mistakes that Cat Owners Make

1. You Have Placed the Box in Dark


Cats have good eyesight and can see objects in the dark. However, they cannot see in extensive darkness. In a completely dark room, your cat may be unable to find the box. Furthermore, the darkness might also make them feel anxious. They may fear that a predator might be watching them from afar.

This, in turn, causes your cat to steer clear of the litter box that you have placed in the dark. If you are planning to position the can in a shady room, such as a room with no windows, closet, or a basement, ensure that you fasten in a tiny light in the room so that your kitty can easily find it.

2. Unsuitable Location

Cats often like to have their privacy when they are defecating. Also, they always want their can of litter within their hand’s reach. Hence, if you place it in an area where it is hard for her to reach, she might not be able to use it. Visit to learn more about private litter box furniture.

It would help if you did not place it in tracts of your residence that always stay busy. If your kitty has some mobility-related issues, it is recommended to keep the can within her vicinity. If your kitty suffers from achy joints or has arthritis, then place the trash can at a location that is near to her bed.

3. You Have a Covered Litter Crate


Litter cans are a nasty site to behold. Humans are of the notion that covering the litter can will stop its smell from spreading. They think that covered boxes will produce less odor; the clutter from such boxes will not disperse and out of people’s eyes.

However, this doesn’t serve as the best option for your kitties. Instead, cats who are always nervous and have a shy nature may feel susceptible to the contents of this covered can. Out of their curiosity, the cats will surely scratch at it and may hit the can, causing it to topple over. It will, in turn, make your home dirty.

Even if you are considering buying a covered can for litter, choose a can that has a transparent lid. You can alternatively choose one that has elevated walls. With it, you will not need a lid.

4. Box Liner

Litter cans with liners are manufactured for the convenience of humans. But they do no good to the kitten. When defecating, your cat will feel a plastic bag beneath, which may make it feel uncomfortable. As a result of which, the kitten may avoid defecating in the litter can completely. Hence, even though it guarantees your convenience. A box with a liner will add to the inconvenience of your feline partner.

5. The Crates are Not Enough


When cats share their home with other felines, they are bound to get jealous of each other. You will find them competing for everything. If you have the same litter box for all the kittens, that might result in a fierce fight among the kittens.

Suppose you keep a dominant and a timid cat together. The submissive one may give up on taking advantage of the trash box if the dominant one lurks around it all the time. To keep a peaceful environment at your home with numerous cats, please place sufficient Litter cans at different locations all-around your residence. Allow the cats to make their pick. Keep an extra option available just if the dominant cat tries to steal the other cat’s litter box.

6. The Box is Not Cleaned Quite Often

The sense of smell in cats is incredibly powerful. No wonder they always expect their litter box to be clean. They will steer clear of the box if any litter is still present. In such a scenario, you should develop a habit of scooping debris out of the crate at least once a day to get away from problems related to your cat not using it.

At times even after cleaning the box, the smell persists. In such a case, use dish liquids and other detergents to remove the odor. You can also consider keeping it out in the sun for some time to allow the smell to disappear.

The Bottom Line

The relationship of your kitty with the trash box is much more complicated than you may realize. While buying trash boxes, you should think from your kitten’s perspective and place them in areas that are feasible for your cat.

Remember that if your cat prefers not to defecate in the trash box, it might be a significant problem for you. You will have to spend hours tracing the obnoxious smell of cat litter and clean it. We hope that this article will help you know the cat litter box mistakes you might have been making. Fix these issues at the earliest to ensure that your cat has a particular place to defecate.

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