Celebs Are Getting This Non-surgical Face Lift – And Yes, Regular People Can Afford It Too! Here Are The Details

If you don’t look your best, it’s difficult to feel your best and feel confident. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should go under the knife for a major surgical procedure. As minimally invasive surgical procedures continue to improve, many people are turning away from surgery and opting for its minimally invasive counterpart. One of the major competitors in this case, are surgical face lifts, versus non surgical face lifts.

Surgical face lifts are common, yet intimidating to many. Not only has everyone seen endless images of botched celebrities and irreversible plastic surgery fails, but surgery in general can be frightening. This is why many people are opting for non surgical face lifts, one of the most popular ones being the PDO thread lift.

Rather than a face lift, many are finding that the PDO thread lift, a non-surgical way to get a facelift in the area you desire without any of the discomfort and recovery times associated with surgical methods, is a better option. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have used this thread lift technique for years. It can also be used to give them the coveted fox eyes that everyone wants. This treatment is non-surgical and can be done in the comfort of a medical office like Dr. Schwarzburg’s Skinly Aesthetics. It is still relatively new in the United States, so be sure to explore your physician’s qualifications and training in PDO thread lifts prior to scheduling your appointment.

Below are some details about PDO threads and how they work, as well as the many ways you can use them to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

What is the working principle of PDO threads?


Our skin loses its elasticity and volume with age. PDO thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure which can restore your youthful appearance by tightening and lifting sagging tissue. The effectiveness of this treatment in restoring youthful skin appearance has been highlighted in numerous magazines. It does, however, come with some risks.

The PDO thread lift (Polydioxanone) is a treatment that uses micro-filaments of medical grade polymer fibers to tighten your skin. They lift areas where collagen is lost, such as your neck, jawline and decolletage (chest), arms and thighs, buttocks, legs, and other areas.

PDO threads have barbs that are specifically designed to be inserted under the skin. These barbs will hold the threads and the skin in place during the lifting process, which will instantly improve the appearance and firmness of your skin. The threads will remain safely embedded for up to three months, before naturally dissolving and leaving behind traces of collagen to keep the result lifted and tightened. PDO threads are minimally invasive, and do not require incisions or stitches. The only thing to keep in mind is that PDO thread lifts do not always provide long-term results and may need to be touched up bi-yearly to keep your youthful appearance.

What are the areas that PDO threads can treat?


PDO threads for the face are more common than those for other parts of the body. However, they can also be used to perform a non-surgical buttlift and other lower areas. PDO threads reduce fine lines and wrinkles in your face such as the nasolabial folds (also known as smile lines) that form between your nose and lips. These folds and lines are caused by years of muscle contractions, as well as gravity pulling down on certain areas more than others. This causes lines and wrinkles over time. If not treated with Botox or dermal filler injections properly, deep-set furrows can form around the mouth corners.

PDO threads are fine, thin threads that lift the skin and reduce lines, wrinkles, and sagging. There are three types of PDO threads, each with different purposes. Barbed threads can lift loose or lax tissue from your face. The barbs help to keep the threads and skin together. Smooth threads are best for targeting lines under the eyes and around the lip area. They stimulate collagen production without creating too much tension. To add volume to areas that have lost volume, twisted threads can be used below the eyes as well as in hollower areas.

Ageing is not limited to the skin in our faces. The collagen and elastin we lose as we age causes wrinkles and sagging all over our bodies. Botox can be a great choice for people who want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. However, the injections involved can make it expensive and painful. PDO threads can be used to avoid scarring and incisions that may occur during a surgical facelift. To prevent any discomfort, local anesthesia can be used around the treatment area, unlike the process used during a full-on surgical procedure. Although eyebrows are essential for framing your face and highlighting your features, most people don’t have the ability to grow them in a certain shape. You can pencil your eyebrows in or get temporary tattoos to give the illusion of thicker eyebrows. However, a PDO Thread Lift may be a better option to achieve that arched look. PDO threads can be used to achieve permanent results. This way you can achieve those arched eyebrows, without having to look fake or overdone with strangely penciled eyebrows.


There are many options, but PDO threads could be the right choice for you if you want to get that extra lift without needing surgery. According to doctors, the quality of this treatment is evident in clinical studies that show it can be used on both men and women. PDO threads are also able to be used on many areas, including the body. These threads are not only suitable for those with thin skin. Even celebrities younger than 40 can have them in their eyes for brow and fox eyelifts. You can achieve the look you desire by consulting an expert physician, depending on what you want.

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