Champions and Europa League: The Value of Italian Clubs for Next Season

With Stefano Pioli’s Milan Scudetto victory, which took place during the last day of the championship, it is time to take stock of Serie A football. We therefore start from the evaluation of the four teams that have taken off the pass for the next edition of Champions. League 2024-2023. As you already know, the four teams that will take part in the most prestigious international cup competition are Milan, the Italian champion, Inter who finished second by only two points, Spalletti’s Napoli and Max Allegri’s Juventus.

Only one of the four is a “new entry” given that the blue club had not participated in the last two editions, where instead Gasperini’s Atalanta and Lazio had found space. Then there are the useful placings for the Europa League with both Roman teams having hit the target, while Vincenzo Italiano’s Fiorentina returns to Europe thanks to the useful placement for the Conference League. The purple club had not participated in a European competition for five seasons now, which is why this milestone is important and prestigious. Excluding Gasperini’s Atalanta, who did not play their best season ever in the top division championship.

How much is it worth to qualify for the European cups


As we know for the next edition of the Europa League, Uefa will disburse 465 million euros, almost 50 less than in recent years, but mainly due to the decrease in the number of clubs that will take place. In fact, each eligible team will receive a higher figure than in the three-year period 2018-2021. The odds are then divided according to different criteria with 25% for the starting odds of all formations, 30% for the performance of the teams, 15% based on the ten-year European ranking coefficients of the clubs, while another 30% will be disbursed on the basis of those variable amounts, the market pool which amounts to 139 million euros. Over three and a half million is the figure that Lazio and Rome will receive for this new edition of the Europa League.

How much is the placement in the Champions League worth


Juventus, Inter, Milan and Napoli are divided into different bands, based on ranking and positioning in the league. Napoli and Inter will start from the third bracket, Juventus in the seca while Milan will be entitled to the first bracket. However, this is a sporting and field parameter, useful as regards the discourse relating to the draw, important to establish which group and which potential opponents will be. On the other hand, the qualifying speech for the next edition of the Champions League is different. Seasonal objective that has a certain relevance in especially economic terms. The overall figure for the Champions League will be two billion euros, divided through 25% of the starting shares for 15.64 million euros per club. Instead, 600 million will be allocated to fixed amounts for benefits, while 30% is assigned by the ten-year performance coefficients. Also in this case 15% relates to the market pool shares, but with the difference that in this case the percentage is on the total sum of two billion euros.

Making a more detailed calculation, the goal of fourth place for Juventus is worth more than Naples’ third place overall. In fact, Juventus benefits from 53.5 million euros, while Napoli “only” for 36 million. These figures obviously do not take into account box office revenues, which with the return of the public to maximum capacity will have a further and significant impact for the group stage of the next edition of the Champions League 2024-2023. Regarding betting aficionados we can find always updated information with 888Fixtures in order to select the right move when you decide to place a bet as next season will hold a great deal of attention among the dedicated and authorized bookmakers because of a gigantic volume of events upcoming.

2021-22 Champions League Awards: distribution of bonuses linked to results


The prizes linked to the results obtained by the teams during the competition have also been revised upwards: winning a Champions League game means collecting 2.8 million euros (100,000 more than last season), while there are 930,000 euros of bonuses in the event breakeven (up by € 30,000). The amounts not won by the teams on the field – for each draw, in fact, another 930,000 euros already budgeted remain in UEFA’s coffers – are then redistributed in proportion to the number of victories among the 32 teams participating in the group stage. Clubs that qualify for the knockout stage will also receive the following amounts:

  • Access to the round of 16: € 9.6 million (€ 100,000 more than in 2018-21);
  • Access to the quarter-finals: € 10.6 million (€ 100,000 more);
  • Access to the semi-finals: € 12.5 million (€ 500,000 more);
  • Access to the final: € 15.5 million (€ 500,000 more);
  • Victory in the final: € 4.5 million (€ 500,000 more).

Adding up all the bonuses, the winning team can aim to bring home 85.14 million euros – about three more than what they collected up to last year. It must also be taken into account that winning the Champions League also guarantees access to the UEFA Super Cup, which allows you to collect another 3.5 million euros for participation, plus an additional million for the team that manages to take the trophy home.

Champions League Awards 2024-22: bonuses linked to the ten-year ranking


A simple reasoning, based on the performances that the 32 participating teams have collected in the last ten years in European competitions. A real points classification that takes into account the victories and many other parameters that thus allow to distribute the 600.6 million euros foreseen. How? Once the final ranking has been drawn up, what is called “coefficient quotas” for simplicity is assigned, to which the figure of 1,137 million euros is associated. The last team on the list, the one with the worst European curriculum in the last ten years, touches only one quota, the penultimate two and so on, while the first in the standings are 32 – for a total figure of 36.38 million euros, 900,000. approximately more than in the last three years.

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