5 Tips For Choosing The Right Medical Uniform For You

Even healthcare professionals need to dress up, too, even when you’re wearing your medical uniform. You can look good while providing an exemplary level of dedication and care to your patients, ensuring each one returns to optimal health. Because of these expectations, the physical appearance of medical professionals can affect their patients’ overall experience.

Since your uniform as a professional quickly sets the mood when you enter your office or room, it’s paramount to look your best, which is more than just being clean. With many choices in the market today, you may find it hard to choose the one that enhances your look while on the job. Since you deserve the best, here are some tips for you to choose the right medical uniform:

1. Decide On The Price


When purchasing your medical uniform, the price will always be the first dilemma. Should you choose a cheaper or a more expensive brand? Keep in mind that it’s now possible to find affordable scrubs or coats. You can find them in online stores like Keswi.

Don’t just dismiss some options because of their price tag. These days, prices don’t tell the whole story. A growing number of brands are providing quality garments at affordable prices. Of course, quality should still be your primary consideration. You want to choose a medical uniform that will last longer and be a worthy investment. You don’t want a cheap pair of scrubs that’ll need replacing the following week.

To make sure you get high-quality uniforms, you should look for reliable brands. It will take time to research which brands have successfully struck the balance between quality and good price. But this will guarantee that you can use your medical uniforms for a much longer period.

2. Look For Subtle Ways to Personalize Your Uniform

Brands aside, the other determining factor will be the design and style of the uniform. Although some hospitals have assigned healthcare workers with uniforms in specific colors, you can add small changes to give it a personal touch. After all, you’ll be the one wearing the scrub or coat for hours on end.

If you work at a hospital that allows custom scrubs, the choices are endless. However, the best direction you should take is to stay true to your personal style. Some might prefer extravagant designs and styles, while others think simple colors are more preferable. Moreover, don’t let current trends sway your decision. It may be tempting, and you can try these designs, but make sure you decide on one that makes you feel comfortable.

3. Know Your Size

Aside from your own style, another factor that determines comfort is the size of your medical uniform. Whether you go for a fitted or loose uniform, what matters most is that it looks good on you, and you’re comfortable wearing it.

Traditionally speaking, scrubs tend to be loose, allowing breathability. This attribute prevents temperature issues during the summer and provides extra space for colder seasons. On the other hand, a well-fitted uniform allows for a more aesthetically pleasing look and enhances your figure. Furthermore, it can provide you with a smaller frame, preventing issues related to snagging.

It’s important to remember that the top and bottom halves come in different sizes. Hence, you may want to choose a fitter bottom to help you move around with a larger top. That way, you do not sacrifice speed for utility. Use your supplier’s size charts. These charts allow you to choose the best sizes for the upper and lower parts of your uniform.

After finding the right size, check for availability. Not all suppliers have stock for your size, so it’s best to check beforehand to allow for a contingency plan.

4. Choose Easy To Maintain And Crease-Resistant Uniforms

Choosing the right uniform and accessories for work can take a lot of time. This is especially true in the medical industry where healthcare workers need to look clean and neat for their patients. That way, you ensure that you maintain a more trustworthy and professional look throughout the day.

After a messy day, it’s not easy to clean blood or grime from a uniform. The best way to avoid long nights of washing is to buy uniforms with materials that are easy to maintain. For instance, polyester-based clothes are the best ones for crease-resistant materials. You won’t need to wake up early the next day to iron your uniform after a long day at work.

5. Favor Functionality


Most importantly, you should consider the functionality each design can bring. Since it’s a work uniform, it needs to emphasize functionality. Medical uniforms have better functionality if they consist of pockets and the right neck opening.

  • Pockets: These are essential tools you use every day. It allows you to carry devices, slips, and office supplies, thus allowing ease of use wherever you go in the hospital.
    Some designs come with single pockets at the chest areas while others feature two front pockets. However, make sure you choose pockets that have the right depth. That way, they’ll be preventing items from falling out. Moreover, this allows you to use the items efficiently without the need to reach in too deep.
  • Neck opening: While pockets provide utility, the type of neck opening provides function through comfort. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a circular or V-shaped neck opening. However, if you decide on going with a V-necked scrub suit, it’s essential to choose a design that utilizes an interlocking method during manufacturing. This will prevent the garment from quickly losing shape over time.


There’s an ongoing conversation about the benefits of wearing uniforms in the workplace. In the medical field, a uniform plays an essential role for professionals and patients alike. When choosing the right medical uniform, decide on a budget and commit to following it throughout your search. Look for a reputable brand that offers quality uniforms at appropriate prices.
Consider the fact that you work long hours, sometimes well into the night, so you need something that provides you with comfort. These uniforms need to be able to last and handle the harsh working environment you work in.

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