How to Clean a Composite or Wood Deck – 2024 Guide

Composite floors are one of the most popular choices when it comes to floors on terraces and other outdoor spaces. Whatever furniture you put in, these floors will take everything to a higher level because they simply look fantastic. However, they may not be the same after a while if you do not maintain them properly. You can check for the best equipment here:

In fact, very little is needed, which means that they require only regular and proper cleaning. As you know, the outside space gets dirty very quickly due to various elements. Our advice is to try to keep your floors as dry as possible, and when necessary, start a serious wash. There are several ways you can do this…

If you do not know how to properly keep your floor clean, we will help you with that. So, we will suggest methods by which you can clean it. You can read more about it in the rest of the text.

First method:

1. Cleaning once a week


This is a routine thing that everyone can set aside their time for. If you adhere to this regularly, you will not have so much work, and thus you will save time. That way you always get clean floors and plenty of time. You may only need to wipe it once a day, but that will only depend on how dirty your floors are. Also, there is one little trick. How much dirt will be seen also depends on the color of the composite deck you choose.

At you can see which colors come into play. If it is not so exposed to external elements and there is not large traffic of people, then once a week will certainly be enough for you. However, if the situation is different, then you will still have to dedicate yourself to it more often. Our advice is to use all the options that will speed up the process, especially if there is a lot of space involved.

So you can use a leaf blower and a vacuum cleaner that does its job equally well, but for a different kind of dirt. It will be your ideal ally when it comes to dirt between the plates, but it would also be ideal to use some kind of brush for hard-to-reach places.You can go to and check some of the best gas leaf blowers for 2024. However, be sure that you know what your state says about leaf blowers and the law. According to BestOfMachinery, some states in the United States have restricted the use of leaf blowers because of the very disruptive noise they produce.

2. Removal of stubborn stains


In the previous part, we told you that some stains are harder to remove, that is, that a certain tool is needed for that. However, you do not have to worry because it is not difficult to access. It is simply a type of soap that you choose and a soft brush.

So, you need to wet it first underwater, that is, the places where the stains are. However, it is best to do it with a strong jet of water because you will do the job so thoroughly. After you have removed the surface stains, you can continue working with soap and warm water. It would be better to add a suitable cleaning solution to all this. It is very important to pay special attention to cracks and corners. This is where most of the dirt is found, which can destroy the material due to accumulation. You will also get rid of mold this way. It is important to clean like this at least twice a year.

3. Machine help


At the end of this method comes the help of a pressure washer. It may not be much better than what you can do yourself, but it is certainly much faster. So we advise you to try this as well. This is especially true for those who wash a large space. This machine contains a fan and a soap dispenser. So you spray and scrub.

Pay attention to the strength of the pressure. If you overdo it, you can do a lot of damage to the boards. Use this carefully and don’t turn the pressure on yourself or anyone else. Also, take care of rinsing after washing. Keep in mind that excess soap left on the surface can create a stain that is difficult to remove.

Now that you know more about this method, we can move on to the next one. It also consists of several steps…

Second method:

1. Stain removal


This method of cleaning is quite similar to the previous one, but there is a small difference. You will need water, a dishwashing detergent for stains caused by oil. Now you probably understand why you will need dish soap, because it is known for successfully removing stains like this. That means he’ll be able to do it on your floor as well.

Of course, it is assumed that your choice will be a brush with soft bristles. If the stain is so fixed to the floor and is in a very solid condition, try something that removes oil stains. You may already have such products in your home, and if you do not have them, you can find them in any store that sells similar supplies.

2. Deck brightener


We present you an excellent help in the form of oxalic acid which removes tannin stains. These stains remain due to excess water and as such are difficult to remove. Also, this is completely natural, because it often happens that a small amount of liquid remains on the tree due to a little rain or something else. However, when you have properly cleaned your floors, it is enough to apply this product and there will be no stain from excess liquid.

If you are not sure how to use this tool, it is important to look for instructions on how to handle it properly. It can be bought in any store like everything else. However, you can also use this useful product for some other annoying stains that will not go away. One such phenomenon is just rust, but don’t be intimidated if you have a deck brightener next to you.

In that case, it is enough to pour the product directly on the stain and leave it to act for a little more than 10 minutes. After that, just rinse with water, but as we said, you have to do it in detail.


Be consistent and follow every step we have given you. Don’t lose motivation and clean regularly. Only in this way can you have these fantastic composite floors forever. We hope that our tips will be useful to you and that you will be able to constantly maintain your floor.

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