5 Common Phone Case Mistakes People Make And How To Avoid Them

In this technological age, innovations & creativity have reached their pinnacle. Everyone is hustling to gain more while losing some. But in this fast-paced process, there are several things that a person cannot leave untouched for a long time. They cannot forget about such things for more than an hour or day or so.

One of these things or items is mobile. But when a mobile drops from a place, the first thing a person looks for is potential damages. Whenever a mobile purchase is made, a person’s first thing in mind is to protect the gadget. For this purpose, they purchase a mobile case.

Several sellers provide low-quality material for phone cases or covers. The best destination for buying the best mobile cases is here. But there are several things that a buyer must consider while purchasing a case.

5 Common Mistakes While Buying A Phone Case And Ways To Avoid Them

1. Better hold on mobile


Many android users tend to purchase mobile cases with the wrong material. In other words, they buy the case without analyzing and experiencing the material of the case. The low-quality material used in the case may affect your mobile sooner than expected. So, a person should not forget to consider every option and then get the most suitable phone cover for them.

Avoidance & Suggestion

If you have butterfingers and tend to drop your mobile a lot, you should go for a thick, plumpy cover. This will protect the corners of the mobile and ensure a more significant degree of protection against bumps.

To give more protection to the corners of the mobile, the best option is to choose a case built of impact-resistant material. These can be either silicone or rubber. On the other hand, slim cases are made for those who are well-assured of not dropping their mobile phones too often.

2. Ignorance of product reviews & cons

Online product reviews from trusted sites are an excellent option for finding the most suitable phone case for your mobile. But, it is one of the most common mistakes not to see the reviews of the product available.

The reason for this ignorance is the low cost of such goods. People tend to go through online reviews for big appliances and gadgets whose price is exponentially greater than that of phone covers. Phone cases are cheap and can be rebought in 6 to 7 months, but high-priced articles need to be assessed clearly for a longer duration.

Avoidance & Suggestion

Sellers have used this ignorance of customers as a means to cheat them. They sell defective quality products charging comparatively higher prices for the same. It is essential to carry out orderly research. It will give more satisfaction in the long term.

3. Attractiveness trap


People tend to go for stylish, colorful, and modern screen protectors and phone covers. But, in search of such materialistic beauty, there might be a high compromise on its quality. For example, some designed cases are so smooth that it forces the mobile to prop out while watching movies or videos in auto-rotate mode.

Covers made up of polycarbonate, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), etc. are not durable. They are highly vulnerable to plastic waste, which leads to faster yellowishness of the cover. Moreover, once the cover turns yellow, the transparency of the cover does not allow the user to use it for a long time.

Avoidance & Suggestion

The best thing to avoid such kinds of problems is to read the negative comments on several e-commerce sites. Read the regular and certified buyers’ reviews. It will help you in ignoring the aesthetic aspect of the mobile cases.

Also, look out for the edges of the cover. Intricate or ill-fitting cutouts from the corner will not give comfort to the hands while holding the gadget. A buyer should fit the charging cord in the port to see whether the phone cover is interfering with the smooth charging or not. Instead of going for design, go for water-proof mobile covers.

4. Trend of using a screen protector

Some people often misinterpret and mistake the usage of a screen protector and phone cover. They think that there is no high need for a mobile case if a screen protector is used. But this does not hold true.

Tempered glass protectors offer defense against regular scratches. They increase the life of the mobile manifolds. But, a person cannot use it as a sole shield until and unless there is a phone case. Mobile cases provide a higher degree of protection. Screen protectors do not offer protection against drops, unlike cases.

Avoidance & Suggestion

Mobile cases are known to be better than screen protectors. But, it is highly recommended to use both simultaneously. If there are too many scratches on the mobile screen, the display gets worn out easily. Eventually, a single drop will lead to a permanent loss of display.

5. Local suppliers & cheat


Many people buy phone cases from unauthorized sellers that leads to fraud as well as unmatched product performance. Even if it does not lead to such consequences, it consumes more time.

Avoidance & Suggestion

This is not a big problem or mistake, but it gives better cost-efficiency. Buying cases from online stores can provide you with discounts that will aid cost-efficiency. Buyers can also attain cost-saving as a result of cutting on traveling costs. Also, on-time delivery ensures time utility.


Phone cases and mobile have become a bread & butter kind of combination. A buyer must always consider new advancements in such items. He should look for new options in the market and ask for suggestions from a mobile supplier.

People cannot digest damage in their mobile just because of a drop or splash of water. Without tempered glass protectors and phone cases, a mobile screen loses its display in a few months of purchase, eventually leading to high replacement costs. Therefore, select the best option from the best pool of mobile phone cases.

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