5 Common Solar Energy Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

It is crucial for people to start paying more attention to the environment and implementation of green technology that can create energy without any toxic waste. There were some big steps made in this are in recent years, and many countries are working on new technologies that will provide the ability to replace coal and other models that are toxic.

However, it is necessary to promote the green energy even more since the whole planet is facing troubles with increased emission of CO2 and other harmful gasses. Also, the problem is that many people don’t think that any changes are really needed. A lot of them claims that promotion of green energy is only part of some agenda where big companies will increase their profits.

Therefore, education and promotion are the key aspects that will help people understand the importance of making these changes. One of the cleanest sources that we can use is solar energy. The great thing is that you can install it in your home. If you are interested in this option, check here. Also, here are some solar energy myths that you should stop believing.

1. It Can Work Only in Certain Areas


One of the most common misconceptions is that people think that solar panels can be efficient only if they are installed in locations where they can be under the direct sunlight all day, without a single cloud. Therefore, in places like the Sahara Desert, Australia, and more. However, the reality is quite different, and even though direct sunlight can lead to increased efficiency, these panels can provide energy even in areas with clouds and colder temperatures.

Keep in mind that these devices are collecting light, not heat, which means that even northern countries like Sweden and UK can benefit from this option. The challenge for these countries is that the days are shorter, especially during winter, and that is the only reason why panels are more effective near the Equator.

2. They Are Not Efficient

This is one of the most heard arguments from people who think that traditional models of creating energy are still a much better option. The problem is that they don’t know enough about the technical aspects of panels and how they actually work. The fact is that they cannot absorb all the energy from the sunlight, and why that rate is only around 25%.

The reason is that the part of this energy will simply turn into heat and that it cannot absorb all types of light provided by the sun. The standard panels that you can buy for your home have an efficiency rate of around 25%, and there are more effective models, with a rate of up to 40%, but they are too expensive.

3. It Cannot Be a Good Investment


The issue is that people have false expectations that these panels can simply provide a lot of free energy without any investment. Keep in mind that the production cost can be very high, but the fact that it can pay out itself after around 10 years is still an amazing feature.

Besides the financial aspect, the most important fact is that the emission of toxic waste will be significantly reduced when more people starts to implement this technology. You should check the stats provided by experts in this area to see that this source of energy is way cheaper than coal.

Another myth is related to keeping the system in good condition. Some people are afraid that investing I it is not the only cost since they will have to spend a lot of money over time for repairs and maintenance. Some of them even think that they can be easily damaged if birds start landing on them, or in case of heavy rain or snow. However, that is far from being true, and you should know that they have an excellent resistance and durability that will serve you for years. The average lifespan of one panel is over 15 years.

4. Installing More Panels Will Increase the Efficiency

While it is the fact that placing more panels on your roof may create more energy, there are some other factors to consider before making such a decision. First of all, you should evaluate the financial aspects of this investment.

Panels are not cheap, and you will have to calculate how much power the additional one or two panels will add to the system, and whether it can provide financial stability considering that they are expensive. Also, consider how much of this energy can be used in your home to avoid waste.

5. Panels Are Bad for the Environment


You can find a lot of myths and theories online where some people claims that these panels are not efficient, and that they are even more dangerous for the environment than coal and other models. The main argument is related to production process where different materials are combined. The question is where these materials end when the panel is broken and has to be replaced.

What most of them forget is that all of these materials are recycled and used in the production of new panels. Therefore, there is no reason to think that coal or any other model can be cleaner than solar energy.

Last Words

The most important thing about solar energy and people who are promoting it is to find a better way to educate people and explain why this model is the future of electricity in the whole world. Current systems are not sustainable and they are leading to many issues.

Also, keep in mind that solar energy represents an emerging technology that is progressing very fast, which means that we can expect a much more efficient model in the future, and efficiency rates to increase to over 50% at some point.

Those who think that it is too expensive should learn more about financing options and tax deductions that could get, and they will notice that making such choice can only bring benefits.

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