How to Control Kids’ Daily Screen Time – 2024 Guide

We are living in a time where pretty much every person in the world has a little computer in a pocket. Technology is all around us and we cannot avoid it since a plethora of these devices are crucial for a high number of daily obligations we need to complete. It’s needless to say that using these devices for too much can become a big problem if it’s not limited in some way.

We can see that there are a lot of studies that provide us with statistics about how technology makes people dependent and lowers the need for socialization. Not only that, the last couple of generations of children have access to the devices previous generations didn’t have. It means that they are bound to have different perceptions about the world than previous generations.

We can see that a lot of parents try to limit the screen time for their children for a wide array of different reasons. Nobody says that we need to prohibit our children from having screen time at all, but it is important for them to not have all the freedom and access. In order for parents to have control over their children’s screen time, there are a lot of things that require their attention.

One of the best ways to have actual control over it is to have an app that will provide them with all the information. If you are interested in checking one of these apps, be sure to take a look at FamiSafe. Anyway, we would like to talk about what measures and ideas you can implement to have better control over your children’s screen time. Without further ado, let’s talk about it.

Make a Schedule


One of the most effective ways you can prevent the overuse of TV and smartphones for your child is to create a timetable. You should set a particular time when your child will be able to consume this kind of content. We can see that there are a lot of different successful examples of how this can be done. Naturally, the most important factor in this approach is consistency.

Only by being strict and consistent, you will be able to create a habit for your child that will be respected even when you are not there. It should be said that this approach works best for younger kids who crave a routine. The younger children are, they want to have their day planned out. We know how this sounds, but ask any parent and you will receive an answer about how much truth this statement is.

Choosing Particular Days


Besides making a schedule, there is one more similar method you can apply. We are talking about choosing particular days when your children can watch television or play with your smartphone. At the same time, every parent should be concerned about what content their children watch. There is a lot of different content that simply isn’t proper for their age. So, sometimes it’s beneficial when parents choose what their children will watch and when.

Not only that this is a situation when you are creating authority over your kids, but also, you are selecting what’s best for them to watch. We can see that a lot of families have decided to prohibit all contact with technology and their children. At the same time, they are providing some contact during weekends, which is not a bad way of controlling your kid’s screen time.

Justify Their Screen Time


One of the best things you can do in this regard is to make your children validate their use of technology. For example, whenever your child asks to use some kind of technology, you need to ask them why. For example, you should allow them to use technology to finish their homework and receive a higher grade. Plus, you should make them watch documentaries from which they can learn something. Even though the best time for you to do this is when your children are older.

But, at the same time, you should make this kind of obligation with younger children. That way, you will be able to make them develop more useful habits. It’s never too early for you to help your children do have better interests later in life. As you know, childhood is the main source of interest and way of life that will prolong further in life. This method provides a plethora of benefits to your kids. For example, talk with them about what they like about technology, and point them in a direction that looks like the most beneficial one.

Installing a Tracking App


At the beginning of our article, we’ve mentioned the possibility of downloading a tracking app that will provide you with control over your kid’s screen time. We can see that there are a lot of them from which you can choose from. They will provide you with a chance to make a perfect balance between the need to have contact with technology and being careful not to do it. This is a pretty good option for a case when a child has its own digital devices, and you don’t have any other way of control. You need to have a talk with your child about what you are planning.

Naturally, you will not be only allowed to have control over the screen time, but also, you will have a chance to control the content your kid is consuming. We are fully aware that there isn’t a parent in the world that has the whole day to control their children. This is why this approach is probably the best way to have control over what your child consumes through technology. Be sure to check some of these apps, and we are sure you will find something that will suit your needs and preferences.

In Conclusion

Controlling your kid’s screen time is a really important thing. That way, parents are able to point their children in other, more beneficial ways. Therefore, we’ve provided you with a couple of ways you can do it. We hope you’ll find these tips useful.

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