6 Creative Wallpaper and Decor Ideas for your Child’s Bedroom in 2024

It is said that the way your child’s bedroom looks will affect their personality, mood, and overall lifestyle choices. Every parent wants the best for their kids, but we are not all interior designers, and we are not always too sure of our choices. In the past, the most common options were blue bedrooms for boys and pink bedrooms for girls, but nowadays, things have changed a lot. We try to be more creative; we want to make some great rooms and we want to teach our children that they are free to explore the world. Choosing the right wallpaper and having some unique décor ideas may seem like something that is too challenging, and we tend to pay for someone else to do the design, but the reality is, there are only a few things that you should pay attention to.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can design your child’s bedroom and what you should know before you start putting furniture in. We will give you some tips on how to choose the right wallpapers, and we will also give you some ideas about the décor and the overall look of the room. Continue reading, and soon, you will give up the idea of hiring a professional designer! Know that you will have so much fun doing this, and if your child is old enough, you can include them in the process as well. Create the perfect space with ease, where your little one will grow happy, healthy, and get prepared to explore the room on their own!

1. Palette


The first thing we are going to talk about is the palette you can choose. As we previously mentioned, you should focus on gender-neutral colors, not just the colors that are said to be for boys or girls.

You should create a flexible scheme using color wallpapers or you can even incorporate a photo wallpaper. Approach this room as you would any other, and choose a palette that would work for the child, no matter their gender. Have different shades of the same hue all over the world, and create a story.

2. Offer them the world


Now let’s talk about something that is far more creative! You can offer your kid the world if you incorporate maps on their walls. You can choose a sky wallpaper or even a space wallpaper, and have the theme all over the room.

If you want, you can even use one wall to create a map, or a mural of the whole world, or just your country or state. This way, they will be able to explore and learn new things even from the youngest of age. Who knows, maybe that will spark their imagination, and they will become a world traveler later on in their lives.

3. Colors and patterns


Don’t be afraid to explore different colors and add different patterns. Wake your creativity and imagination up and know that you can incorporate anything starting from wall murals, up to a lotus drawing, and even a 3d jungle wallpaper.

You can have these themes all over the room, and choose the décor depending on what you choose to put on the walls. For example, if you choose a village drawing for the walls, then you can teach your little one more about the cultures all over the world, and incorporate a village theme all over the bedroom. Note that safari themes are really popular right now, and you can view more about the options you have before you choose the right one for this room.

4. Glow in the dark


It is said that almost every kid is afraid of sleeping in a dark room for at least a few years of their life. Many parents say that they spend too much time choosing the right lamb so that their kid can sleep in the room without an issue.

Well, if you want to forget about this problem, and if you want to even lower your electricity bill, then you can choose to put glow in the dark details in your kid’s room. You can start by placing a night sky wallpaper on the walls, and then put some glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. You can randomly place them, or if your kid is old enough, you can try and create different consolations and teach them more about astronomy.

5. Animals


Baby animal wallpapers are another thing you can put in your kid’s room, and once again, have the opportunity to teach them more about the world, nature, and all living beings. This way, you can teach them which animals are okay to pet and play with, and which ones they should stay away from.

Every small child wants stuffed toys, so you can even buy them several toys like the animals they have on their wall. You can incorporate different furniture with this, and try to follow the same theme all over the room. The great thing about this theme is that you are never limited by one color, and you can choose to go with neutral colors for the furniture while the walls are filled with different hues.

6. Reuse old furniture


The last thing we are going to talk about is reusing old furniture to create the décor in your kid’s room. You don’t have to buy everything new, and you can easily put a cabinet that you had in the kitchen in the little one’s bedroom. The great thing with this is that you can coat it with a color that allows the little ones to use it as a blackboard, and let them draw on it.

This will give the whole space a different look, plus your children will not be tempted to draw on the wall when they have a piece of furniture to use as a board. Let them be creative without causing damage.

If your kids are old enough, ask them what they want in their room, and know that you can follow their wishes without making the room look tacky. This room will shape the minds of your little ones, so don’t be afraid to make it colorful, cheerful, and unique. Reuse things you already have in your, or start fresh. Know that you can always change things up, and put different wallpapers once every year.

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