5 Useful Deep Cleaning Sofa Tips and Tricks You Need to Try in 2024

Having a clean sofa is not an easy task. Sofas are used every day. It is a piece of furniture used by every member of the household. It’s great for the elderly, for yourself, and your children. So, it’s no wonder it gets tainted easily. There are food stains, marks that young ones leave when they’re playing with crayons or just simple dirt that accumulates with time. Yes, sofas get dirty either way. Due to their constant use, they also need to be clean frequently.

Of course, you don’t have the time to clean it thoroughly each time or to hire professionals. No, you need to resort to other solutions. This is why you need to read this article. Below we’re going to lay out for you the five useful deep cleaning sofa tips and tricks you need to try in 2024. These will come quite useful, we’re sure, for anyone reading this article. Having a clean sofa is a must for both the appearance and the overall well-being of people who use it daily. So, keep on reading to see what we have in store for you in this cleaning department.

Start With Vacuuming

You need to start with a simple solution. Vacuum everything. You need to get yourself one of those upholstery attachments. Once you have that, the work can start. You need to run it across every piece of your furniture. Vacuum the cushions, the floors of the sofa, the back end, and the bottom, and don’t miss a single part. The corners are vital if you want to clean the sofa the right way. It’s vital to remove even the last crumbs as anything and everything can damage your furniture. If you let your sofa live to the point of no return when it comes to its cleanness, don’t think everything is lost as a solution can be found if you click here, and seek professional help. There’s no shame in it.

Use Baking Soda


Yes, the good old baking soda. These ingredients found their way to our kitchens and many other areas of everyone’s lives. Who would have thought that it was a vital part of the cleaning process? Well, it is. But, this soda is a strong reagent. So, before applying it, test a small part of your furniture. Some materials could have an adverse reaction to soda, so it’s not wise to spill it across the whole surface of your sofa. So, do a little test on a very small surface before proceeding. Once you’re sure there’s no reaction the work starts. Once you have vacuumed your sofa you can spill the soda across the whole surface of the furniture. It needs to be rubbed in every pore, and it’s best to do this with some gloves on your hands and a facemask. By doing this you’ll get rid of any humidity that might have been accumulated on your sofa and of any odor you find detesting. It’s necessary to leave it be for at least half an hour before removing the baking soda. Once enough time has passed you need to vacuum the whole thing from your sofa thoroughly.

Water and Vinegar

As we said, every member of the family will be using the sofa. This is not something out of the ordinary. There were probably times when you and your spouse took a seat and enjoyed fine time after dinner with a bottle of wine. When people get relaxed they tend to spill beverages. Os, there’s no point in hiding it, your sofa probably has many wine stains. Every sofa out there does. These stains can’t be hidden even if you wanted them to be. The issue with them is that you can’t hide them, you can’t vacuum them, and in most cases, the baking soda won’t be of help. But, the solution is even simpler than the two from above. If you want the red wine stains to go away all you need to do is to apply some water and white vinegar. All that it takes is some water, approximately two cups of the distilled kind, a little bit of soap, and a tablespoon of vinegar. This mixture will ease any stain you might have. Once it dissolves you need to clean the area with clean water, and the work is done. The oldest trick in the book.

Beware of Leather Sofas


When it comes to leather, things change drastically. This is a material that won’t react too well to water and vinegar for example. Not even soap in some instances won’t be a wise decision. After all, you want to clean the sofa, and not destroy the fabric. So, to do the right thing with your leather sofa, you need to vacuum it first. Once this is done, you could do a quick swift with water and vinegar but it needs to be done quickly, and remove it all with a clean wipe, and not let the leather soak any of it. The best route to take would be to buy precisely the products for leather treatment such as various types of wax-based cleaners. But, even with these detergents, you need to remove them as swiftly as you can. Don’t let any of it remain on the leather as having more of it on the material won’t do it any favors.

Don’t Overdo The Cleaning

The best tip we could give anyone is not to overdo yourself. Cleaning is important but all in healthy measures. When you do it it’s vital to use the right amount of water. Not too much and not even a little less. If you use too little you could destroy the material from the rubbing. Too much could cause issues with mold. The same goes for the chemicals you’ll use and the vacuuming process. If you do anything overboard you’re risking destroying the furniture instead of cleaning it. Also, you should always read the labels on the furniture to avoid using the wrong products which could do more harm than good.

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