6 Parental Tips for Designing Kids Room – 2024 Guide

The rooms used by kids are unique places; they are not like any other rooms in the house because they have to be designed in a specific way that appeases the whims of the child. Parents have been mate with tantrums due to the fact that they did the room the wrong way and to avoid such situations. It is best that you have a good plan in your mind before embarking on the design. The following are some tips that should help you get the hang of what you are supposed to do.

1. Prioritize Lights


Lights are what make room, and children love the dazzle. You have to go all out when it comes to decorating a child’s room with lights. The brighter and more varied the colors are, the more elated they will be. You can buy several versions of bulk LED lights at discounted rates and go about setting them up around the room in strategic places, you can check out the online store here. You can also accentuate them with glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling that give the room a nice soft glow once the lights go off. These lights can become part of their sleeping routine, and that should be enough encouragement for parents to try going down this route.

Go Simple

Don’t break your bank and back by trying sophisticated designs that may not even do much for the room; simply keep things simple. For the decor, you can go with simple artwork of some of their favorite cartoon characters. These can be bought on the cheap in any online store, or you can make things more interesting by making them from scratch with the child as a project. This way, they will be able to appreciate the artwork more as it will be their handiwork too. If you have to set up a play corner, then stock it with simple furnishings, like a floor pillow or miniature tent where they can go play inside before being tucked into the bed.

Make it Kid-Friendly


Safety is vital, and the last thing you would want is to have to rush the child to the hospital because you made a dangerous contraption in the room. When designing the room, think about the child’s safety, and this is not as complicated as it may sound. You simply have to avoid creating structures with sharp corners, protruding nails, or slippery textures. If you choose to hang items from the ceiling, make sure they are secured well and are light so that in the vent they happen to fall, they don’t inflict any damage. For this reason, you may consider going with light plastic materials and avoid anything made of heavy wood or metal.

Leave Space

It is easy to be caught in the moment and end up cluttering the room with too many things; this would end up being a nuisance rather than transforming the room into a fun playground. Pay attention to space by being economical with the size of things you choose to add to the room. Avoid other forms of furniture like chairs and stick to the bed only. If you have to add small chairs for playing, then consider raising the bed higher and creatine pace under the bed, this way, you can leave more room in the other parts of the room that will be used for movement.

Go Big with Colors


Kids love colors, and the brighter and varied they are, the better it will be for your efforts. There’s no particular type of colors that they may prefer, just go wild with creativity and use colors that match on the walls, the floors, the ceilings, and the furniture around the room. You can even design their beds in the shape of their favorite good-looking toys and have them painted with bright and colorful hues to transform the room into a collage. You can add some more life by using art stickers and hanging painting suitable for a kid’s room on the walls if there’s enough space around.

Create a Wardrobe

This would be an instant hit with girls. If you have a daughter, this is the time to hit them with a good looking mini wardrobe in their room where they can keep all their tiny fancy clothes. It doesn’t have to be too big, just sizable enough for them to reach and take down their clothes when they want to. You can even add a mirror in the middle at their right height and add a little dresser where they can keep their toys and kid makeup. It is the little touches like this that make the process of sleeping much easier, and they will be dying to go to their rooms every chance they get.

For the boys, in place of a wardrobe, simply place a huge box in the room where they can throw in all their toys since they have this habit of leaving things hanging around after using them and that can be both a hazard for them and a headache for you, the cleaner.


Where kids are involved, it is important for memories to be made, and setting up their rooms in a design they like will leave a lasting impression on them for the rest of their lives. The whole process is not that complicated and can be done without any need for outside professional help. Turn it into a family project and let everyone else take part in the design to make things more personal.

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