Does Cavitation Work On Belly Fat?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a process in which ultrasonic waves cause you to blame down those cells and offend areas of the body. This process uses high frequency vibrations to break down layers of fat in the body, over the course of nearly an hour. People who act for this procedure target different areas to reduce both cellulite and other types of localized fat.

The main area of conserve when it comes to a weight loss procedure is whether or not the belly fat will be reduced. In this article we will learn about ultrasound cavitation and how much it helps with the reduction of the belly.

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?


Ultrasound cavitation is a process in which high frequency and low wavelength vibrations break down excessive mass in targeted areas of the body. It is highly preferable by anyone who has a fear of needles or surgery. This is a non-invasive procedure which will show its results in about 3 months so the individual needs to be patient after they are done with the requisite sessions.

The procedure needs to be done along with exercising and controlling the diet. While it will show effective results when they should take care of their calorie intake after the session is successful. One might have to pay a return visit to the doctors office if they continue taking a high calorie diet post the procedure.

How Does it Work?

An ultrasonic lipo cavitation machine uses radio frequency and targets the deposits and cellulite. Through the vibrations of the machine the fat deposits under the skin are broken down into two separate molecules. The fat deposits form fatty acids and glycerol both of which have specific methods of being used by the body.

The broken down molecules go into the lymphatic and interstitial systems. Fatty acids are excreted by the body through the liver while glycerol is used for maintaining daily functions. Anyone interested in this process needs to understand that it reduces body mass and does not directly target weight. You can get more detailed information at

It is meant to reduce adipose fat and cellulite. The idea behind using this process is to keep the body in better shape and reduce the overall circumference. It is highly recommended for one to keep exercising before going through this process.

What Areas to Target?


Ultrasonic cavitation process works well for different body parts with high amounts of fat deposits. Localized fat is usually seen in upper arms, thighs, flanks and hips. We are specifically talking about belly reduction in this article so let us come to that.

This process is perfect for targeting the localized fat in the abdomen which we colloquially call belly fat. The abdomen is a part of the body most people feel insecure about which is why this process helps reduce the extra mass. Not everyone is comfortable or fit enough for a surgery. Therefore it becomes important to have the alternative of doing a non invasive procedure with minimal to no health risks.

Now that we know which specific areas are targeted by this procedure, we should also tell you where this process does not work. Localized fat is not present in joints or bony areas. This procedure cannot be done for the neck or the head even if one sees some level of fat deposit there. The vibrations will be strong enough to break down fat tissue so there should be enough deposit for this procedure to work properly.

How Long Does It Take?

When we talk about the overall time taken by this process, one has to understand that the time period is subjective. The total time for each session is dependent on the fat deposits in the body of an individual. The medical professional will be responsible for creating a specific session for every one. The specificity will determine for how long a person is exposed to the vibrations in one go.

Someone who does not have a lot of sad deposits will be done in one session itself while others might have to do multiple sittings. One session of ultrasonic cavitation can range anywhere between 40 to 75 minutes. The time duration entirely depends on how the professional wants to tackle the process and whether they want follow up sessions or not.

The minimum time is just one session after which one will have to wait to see the results. The maximum sessions in one procedure can be three with regular intervals in between. After the entire procedure is complete it is requested for the individual to wait for about 1.5 to 3 months.

The broken down fat takes time to dissolve and get excreted from the body. It will take more than 6 weeks to actually see any difference. One should not rush to the doctor’s office just because it has been a month and there has been no change. Only after the waiting period has passed can one see the difference and whether or not the process was a success.

What to Do with the Procedure?


The procedure is taken to mitigate any problems arising from obesity in both men and women. The procedure is connected to the body mass index and whether or not an individual is on the healthy side of it. Cellulite and adipose deposits can be reduced through this procedure while maintaining the right diet and giving the body the right conditions to adapt to the procedure.

The Takeaway

Ultrasound cavitation process works well for belly fat and high levels of fat deposits in other areas of the body. The procedure will be different for different people because of their cellulite and adipose deposit. It is meant to reduce the circumference of the body and not to target weight loss directly. One should wait for at least 2 months to see a difference after the procedure is done. It is also important to maintain a healthy diet both before and after.

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