Easy Ways To Enhance Your Event Passes

Events have gotten bigger and better throughout the years, and there should be a way to identify who gets complete or partial access to them to ensure security and enhance the attendee experience, That is why you will need passes if you organize a concert, a music festival, a press conference for a sports event, or a fashion show, since they can add more value to your event.

Some passes can serve as a “passport” to attendees, as obtaining one means getting access to certain privileges only available to a select few. Meanwhile, other passes allow the security team to distinguish event personnel from attendees and let them know who controls certain show aspects.

You can customize your event passes to boost their aesthetics, but apart from making them look good, the color scheme, design, and overall look and feel of the passes can also contribute to your event’s success. To give your event or show that perfect final touch, here are some easy ways to enhance your event passes.

Create Ones in Different Sizes

When it comes to event passes, size matters. They need to be big enough so that the text is readable and seen from afar, but they also need to be small enough so they do not get in the way. According to Bag Tags, Inc., since you need to create different types of event passes for various people involved, consider making passes in varying sizes too.

For instance, if you are organizing a concert or a fashion show, the event’s headliners, namely the artists and the models, should get small passes that measure 3 x 4 inches. There is no need for overly large passes since they will only be wearing them upon entering and exiting the venue, and they will only wear them during the show.

Meanwhile, personnel such as managers, stagehands, the audiovisual team, personal assistants, hair and makeup artists, and other staff should get passes measuring 4 x 5 inches, with their designation printed on the front. Anything larger than that can be annoying and can get in the way while they are working.

For music festival passes, consider creating different sizes for VIP attendees, one-day pass holders, and multiple entry pass holders. It is an intelligent way to identify attendees at a glance, which can be helpful if you are expecting a large crowd.

Weight and Materials

Creating passes with a “premium” feel can make your event feel more special for your attendees. Therefore, do not scrimp on the materials for your passes. A general rule of thumb is that the weightier they are, the better. Unless you are on a very tight budget, never give attendees paper or laminated cardboard passes – they feel cheap and flimsy and can be easily damaged.

Moreover, keep in mind that all the physical elements of your event – from the posters to the swag bags to the passes – reflect the overall image of your brand or organization, so ensure that your passes are in line with the message, theme, and the vibe of your event.

Plastic or vinyl event passes are standard materials for passes, and they come in different thicknesses and weights. Ultra-thin plastic passes are acceptable for indoor events, but ensure the material is not brittle since the pass can easily snap in half. For outdoor events, opt for thicker plastic or vinyl passes so they are secure even if there is a strong breeze. Meanwhile consider event passes made of leather or pure metal or luxe events.

All-in-One Event Pass

Some organizers give out flyers to inform attendees about event schedules and coupons so they can get food and drinks included in the event package that they avail. This all-in-one event pass often happens in music festivals, but keeping track of all those tiny pieces of paper when you are having fun can be a hassle.

To make it easier for everyone, create event passes that have all the information on them via a QR code or barcode. By scanning the code, food and drink vendors will know if the attendee is entitled to a complimentary beverage or food item. Scanning the QR code with a mobile phone can also give attendees complete information on event schedules, such as live performances or DJ sets.

Unique Effect Designs and Add-ons

Unique Effect Designs and Add-ons

A well-designed event pass should bear the name of your brand or organization and the designation of the wearer. However, you can also take this opportunity to put a unique twist on the passes, particularly for VIPs. Think about glow-in-the-dark passes for club openings or after-parties.

For concerts, consider lenticular event passes so that the picture or text changes depending on the angle from which the pass is viewed or held. But do not stop there – if your event pass comes with a lanyard, include a keychain-sized lightstick or a small metallic charm as a keepsake.

Event passes can help your event run smoothly and prevent security problems. Consider these ideas to enhance your event passes for a successful concert, show, or festival.

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