10 Interesting Facts and Myths About Slot Machines in 2024

There are many different slots in every casino. In the near past, those machines estimated 30% of casino profits, but today, that percentage is about 70. If that luck is on your side, it is possible to leave this game with extra money since you can get many bonuses and benefits. Simple rules are excellent for newbies, and for those who don’t have time to visit the nearest casino, they can try their luck into the online ones.

It may come as a surprise, but many people do not understand the internal functioning of slot machines, which further leads to many wrong conclusions and reasoning, and all that is how most myths regarding one of the players’ favorite gambling games occurred. We all heard or maybe even believe in one or some of them, but most of them involve a naive way of thinking, and a lot of them started as some sort of misunderstanding. The new technology brings with it many myths as players try to unravel the mysteries of the latest slots. That is why we will try to bust some of the most common myths, and for even more info, check, where one can find everything there is about slot machines, and also discover the one that suits you the best.

1. The results of slot machines depend on previous results


This one is probably the most widespread myth about slot games. Many think that if a slot game has not paid off big winnings for a long time, the possibility of that happening in the coming period increases. However, each spin is indeed fully independent, and previous results do not affect it. Today, all slot games are managed by software and a random number generator, which ensures that each spin is independent of the previous ones.

2. Slot games pay off in predictable cycles

Some people record their results, believing that it is possible to detect winning and losing cycles. And this belief is entirely wrong because, as mentioned before, slot games are controlled by a random number generator, and each spin is independent. Therefore, there are no predetermined winning or losing cycles.

3. Someone got a jackpot on a slot machine I just left. If I still stayed, that jackpot would be mine

This myth is based on the fact that it is possible to determine in advance when a slot game pays out. The truth is that the winnings can appear in each spin. So even if you stayed with that slot machine that previously paid off the jackpot, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean you would get it.

4. Slot games pay more when played with just one coin


The very mechanism that determines the outcome of each spin has no idea how many coins someone is playing with at the time. That means the outcome will be the same no matter how many coins you play with, and all that strategy about playing on as many slots you can with only one (or more) coins is wrong.

5. There is a system that can beat the system

To be short and to the point – it does not exist. The home advantage of online slot games is pretty high (3 – 8%), and there is no system that can reverse those odds. With slot games, you can only count on luck and not on betting systems.

6. It is better to play slots when they are “full of money”

No, the amount of money that is currently in the machine has nothing to do with future results. All this may have made more sense in the past, but today it has absolutely nothing to do with the truth.

7. If you use the slot near the door, you will lose or win more money


Many people believe that machines have some strategic layout, but it is not a thing. Each of them is identical, and any of them you decide to play, the only important thing is to have enough luck to win the prize. Don’t waste your time calculating which one will give you more money. A popular misconception is that the Casinos put those coin machines that pay the most near the entrance to attract more players, and there is no such thing, as every game has almost the same win percentage (RTP).

8. The temperature of the coin can change the machine payout.

That is not something that the machine itself can feel, which means that it does not matter if you play with a hot or frozen coin.

9. There is a switch that Casinos use to change the odds

This one is not only made up but also a pretty funny myth. First of all, to change the payout rate, Casinos will need to change the chip in the machine. The second thing is that changing those chips requires a lot of money, as they do not come cheap, which is not something that Casinos would often do. Also, it involves a lot of paperwork, and the CCC (Casino Control Commission) to approve those changes, which requires some time.

10. Improving chances by counting the symbols


RNG (Random number generation) is everything in these types of games, and since every number has its symbol, there is no chance to cheat something that is random. As an example, if there are twenty symbols on a three-roll machine, one will assume that there are 8.000 possible combinations, but unfortunately, that is not true, and because of RNG, there are actually more than 16.000.000 combinations.

Final thoughts

Every game you play should be fun, and gaining some money should be only a bonus. That means that if the game makes you nervous, it is always better to choose something else to fill time. But if you think that slots are the perfect way for entertaining and fun, then there is no time to think about myths. Think about luck.

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