6 Unusual Fish Tank Designs Ideas for Your Home or Office – 2024 Guide

It is known that watching water and fish awakens a sense of calm and ease and is therefore highly recommended for people who are exposed to constant stress. It’s a great way of adding something calming to your work environment.

The time when they used to be just simple, box-shaped water and the fish container are over. The technology of aquariums has developed immensely, just like all the other things today. Now they come in different and creative shapes, designs, and sizes. This article will present you with 6 unusual fish tank design ideas, you can implement both in your home and in your office.

1. Nano reef tanks


The name itself sounds a bit sci-fi, and many people have no clue what this design is. Well, nano reefs are smaller capacity aquariums, that can take in less than 30 gallons of water. A perfect solution for smaller apartments and people who would like to have a fish tank, but cannot afford a lot of space for them. So, the name nano indicates the size of the aquarium (small). Thanks to its smaller size, it’s flexible and can be accommodated almost everywhere – on a shelf, table, wherever it suits you best.

Nano reefs are also perfect additions to the office areas, that need a bit of refreshment to increase the productivity of the employees.

Don’t think that its size is limiting to the design. Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting. Check all the creative ways a nano reef tank design can appear at

2. The underwater world in a cabinet


Having an aquarium in your home office is nothing new, it’s quite common. However, companies that do custom made tanks now build interesting structures and models, already installed in your cabinets, dividers, and stands. Unique constructions such as these can be a great addition to the dining area or a library.

Giving the fact that they’re designed for a specific cabinet which is not the same size in every home, they need to be custom-made. This opens the possibility to consider installing the tank in unusual places such as the kitchen or a corridor, adding to the light and creative composition that will leave your visitors awestruck.

The kitchen could probably be the most suitable area because it allows the most opportunities for adjusting the lighting, water drainage system, and ventilation. In homes where a dining room and the kitchen are not divided, it can be installed as a dividing wall, between the two. According to the manufacturers, the most expensive, but also the most impressive design is the huge aquarium block (similar to a window), posted on the wall.

3. The aquarium sink


Human imagination and creativity have no boundaries. It’s exactly why no one is surprised that the aquariums are adjusted to be multi-purposeful, serving in this case as a sink. A combination of an aquarium and a sink can be installed in both bathroom and the kitchen, in other words, wherever you need a sink.

The usual design comes with a decorative stand, fillers, water pump, and lighting system. In case you’re wondering how you’re supposed to feed the fish, there are two side openings for this purpose.

It is luxurious and sophisticated, probably something you would expect to see in a fancy hotel suite. However, you can’t help to notice how attention drawing it is.

4. Vertical tower aquarium

The design with so many installing possibilities. It’s a great addition to every room – dining, guest room, hallway, wherever you decide to install it, it will look creative and unusual. Such element transforms the room completely, filling it with an atmosphere of elegance, endless charm, and authenticity. Especially if it’s filled with exotic, colorful fish, and positioned in a way that enables a panoramic view.

What needs to be taken into consideration when installing such aquariums are the water draining options, since they are quite large, compression units, and lighting. Vertical tanks with special stands can be manufactured in different sizes, but the price can be quite high. The stands are made from a variety of materials such as metal, wood, steel, enabling you to combine it with the interior.

Vertical tower aquariums are commonly seen in bars and restaurants, beauty salons, shopping malls, and similar venues. You’ve probably witnessed them somewhere.

5. A desk tanks


Office interior has a perfect precondition for installing one of these. For the top management of the successful company, this is a fantastic idea for decorating the office desk. The tank can be installed inside the part of the desk if it has enough room, otherwise, a custom-made desk will do.

A fresh cup of coffee and a good book are a perfect combination for a night in, spent enjoying and relaxing. What if we tell you that you can own a piece of furniture that is more than just a coffee table, made of so much more than just plain wood? We’re talking about the aquarium coffee table. This piece of furniture has an already built-in fish tank. You can watch fish swimming in the calm water, while having that cup of coffee, tucked in the sofa in your favorite room. Just the idea of it makes you want to sleep.

6. An aquarium over your head

At the beginning of the article, we’ve mentioned the calming effect watching fish has on the viewer. If you’ve recognized this as something true to you, you have the possibility of installing the aquarium over our bed. You can watch the fish in every position you sleep in.

Aside from being a good way to unwind from stress, installing an aquarium inside your home is useful for people who would like to have pets, but can’t afford a lot of time to care for them. An aquarium comes with responsibility, no doubt, but a lot less than having a cat or a dog. Besides, they make a wonderful home or office decoration.

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