The Forest Ps4 Cheats

The Forest is one of the most amusing video games. It has millions of users spread all across the world. The horror game is available on Microsoft Windows and Playstation four.

A Peek Into The Game


The Forest game is based on a man named Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy. They both crash-landed on a peninsula after their plane crashed due to a technical fault. This game offers some unique features to its users which makes it user-friendly.

The game has no set goals and the user doesn’t have to pass levels to reach the end. In ‘The Forest’, the players control the main character, Eric LeBlanc. He must survive on a peninsula in search of his son Timmy. They both have been victims of a devastating plane crash. The players must survive by creating shelter, weapons, and other survival tools in order to protect themselves from mutants and monsters.

The Forest Ps4 cheats will allow the users to use codes, commands, and cheats while playing the game. This will greatly enhance their gaming experience. It also introduces the players to new features. The player can add new items within the game like building caves or using tactics to save themselves from obstacles in the game. The gaming experience can be changed based on the user’s likings. The genre of the game is survival horror.

Features Which Are Offered By Ps4


The user can easily make use of these cheats without uploading any software or external programs. These cheats are inbuilt. These cheats can change the user’s whole gaming experience if used in the right manner. The most important factor is that the user should know the cheats and their uses in the game beforehand to make full use of the cheats and commands. By using these commands in the main menu one can easily activate these cheats.

  • Veganmode – The user can enable this code if he wants his enemies to appear only in caves. By entering this code in the command menu, the majority of the enemies will disappear.
  • Regrowmode – This is an eco-friendly mode. The user can use this code to regrow fallen trees. Only 10 percent of the fallen trees can regrow if the character in the game is sleeping.
  • Ironforest – This code can be used for making a building indestructible or unbreakable. This code can be activated by typing and by typing it again the user can deactivate the code.
  • Vegetarian mode – This is one of the most unique codes. By activating this code the enemies will disappear in daylight and will reappear only at night.
  • Meatmode – The user can disable all the cheats by typing meat mode in the menu bar. This will take them back to the original game.
  • Raw Meat Mode – This mode is for permanent Death. The user can use this code to save all files that are deleted permanently.
  • God Mode- The player can activate this mode by typing “developer mode on”.

The Cast

The game contains many characters. There are only two lead characters that are Eric and his son Timmy. The game is filled with evil mutants, monsters, cannibals, and much more which makes the game more interesting. Dr.Mathew Cross is Timmy’s kidnapper. Dr. Mathew’s daughter Megan has turned into a mutated monster who Eric has to kill in the game.

Final Words

The player can tweak the game in their way by using Forest cheats Ps4. Survival is tough and the cheats along with the commands will provide the player with more immunity. The Forest is a dangerous game in which you have to survive by killing enemies, mutants, or animals which is developed and published by Endnight Games.

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