5 Surprisingly Fun DIY Projects

Do you want to make the most of your time at home with fun DIY projects? Read on to learn some of the surprisingly fun DIY projects. The pandemic has forced people to stay most of the time indoors. Since the lockdowns restricted outdoor activities, people are now looking for ways to entertain themselves inside their houses. Additionally, most of the office workers have shifted to remote working, so they have more time to finish their long-overdue DIY projects.

One of the first things you can do is using the unused and unwanted spaces of the house. The good thing is DIY projects do not include specific tasks. You can invest some time to renovate your house, workstation, or other personal space.

Besides, you do not have strict deadlines to finish a DIY project, which means you don’t have to worry about delays or labor costs. While there is an endless list of DIY projects you can take up if you are free, some tasks are more fun. In this post, we have compiled a list of some popular and fun DIY projects for you.

5 Surprisingly Fun DIY Projects

1. Creating Your Own Backstop Shooting Range


Do you want to improve your shooting style? Do you want precision and accuracy when using an AR-15 rifle for home defense? Well, you don’t always have to go to a commercial shooting range to practice your aim. You can build a backstop in your backyard with the necessary tools and required material. For noise reduction, you may want to pick up a lower caliber AR upper receiver, click here to learn more about upper receivers.

One of the first things that you need to consider is your local neighborhood authority’s rules. Make sure your neighbors don’t face any inconvenience. Additionally, there are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow according to the Division of Criminal Justice Police Training Commission. Bear in mind that these rules are for your and others’ safety.

For a backstop in your backyard, you need to have a flat and level field. It is best to find a secluded area in your property to create a backstop shooting range. You need crossties, cinderblocks, wood, rubber ties, sand-filled sacks, etc. Make sure you seek professional guidance with this DIY task, as you need to follow certain standards. This way, you can practice and improve your shooting skills and have more control.

2. Transforming Your Unused Garage


When we say transforming, we do not mean tearing down your garage walls and building a completely different space. You can make small changes and additions as a DIY project. For instance, turning an enclosed space of your house into a study room didn’t work out as planned. In this case, your unused garage can be a good option.
You have to take out the rubble and any clear the clutter from your garage. After a thorough cleaning, you can create a plan, set a budget, get the material, and begin your garage transformation. Remember, your garage is your property, which means that you can turn it into anything that you wish. It can be a movie theater, a separate kitchen-dining room, study room, playroom, home gym, and so on.

3. DIY Basement Makeover


Does your basement need a makeover that you haven’t visited for a long time? Well, now might be the time to use your creativity, planning skills, tools, and materials to give a makeover to your basement. You can turn your basement into a cozy room by adding a bed, cupboards, and a few furniture items to give it a more personalized touch.

Basements require waterproofing, proper ventilation, a thorough inspection of pipelines/sewage, and a few other handy tasks. If you think you can manage all that on your own, you can even turn your basement into a movie theater, kids’ play area, gym, art studio, or anything you like.

4. Building a Custom Mudroom


Mudrooms can make or break the first impression on those who walk through your front door. Most of all, it is a viable option if you live in rainy areas and struggle with cleaning the dirt and soil off the floors of your house. You will have to consider the wall space you think is best for a mudroom. It typically involves some mathematics and precise cutting of wood or other material that you intend to use.

Not only can you shrug off your backpacks or remove messy footwear before entering inside your home. Mudrooms can add to the aesthetic appeal complementing interior décor items such as green plants, picture frames, stylish color accents, vases, and a lot more. It is totally up to you how you want to decorate your mudroom. Therefore, check out different options around you and even customize one to reflect your style better.

5. Constructing a Deck


Do you want an outdoor relaxation space without hiring professional services? For that, you should consider building a deck build in your front or backyard. Decks are amazing outdoor spaces to relax with friends and family. Importantly, you can DIY the project without major complications.

Make sure that you find the right material, best constructing/cutting tools, and invest ample time in learning the techniques for best results. Decks will add functional square footage to your house while allowing you to host BBQ parties, family dinners, friends’ gatherings, and more. It’s a fun DIY task, and you can involve your friends and family to complete it in a short time.


DIY projects are rarely boring. In fact, when you are up for a creative task, you will find a list of DIY projects that are fun. They can be as small as shifting the furniture to enhance the interior décor or turning your old and unused basement into an additional guest room. Find out many other DIY projects that you can complete within your limited sources, budget, and time. It is worth mentioning that while DIY projects are relatively inexpensive in comparison to professional services, you should be careful and well-prepared. Make sure not to damage the parts of your house when building or transforming a space into something new.

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