5 Must-Have Post-COVID Gym Wear Items in 2024

It has been almost a year now since the pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has been decimating the world economies and crippling our day to day life schedules and activities. However, our world tends to cope with such disastrous situations. Throughout the beginning of the times this world has seen many epidemics, diseases, famines, floods, storms, and other disasters but always have found a way to withstand the challenges.

The same is going to be the case with COVID-19. Sooner or later there is going to be a vaccine available to defeat this novel disease and everything will be back to normal. And hopefully, that time is going to come soon. Fitness enthusiasts who have been working out all this time inside their homes due to quarantine and lockdowns will finally get to work out in proper gyms and fitness centres.

However, there has been a lot of controversy on the internet for the past couple of months that concerns about what type of clothing should be appropriate in the gyms. Because gym attire usually exposes the skin of the trainers so that could be a risk for transmitting infection. Even when the situation of this virus settles down there will still be fears about the infection.

And then there is the concern about wearing masks during workouts. Some health experts suggest that wearing masks during intense exercising can have adverse side-effects and it is not recommended to wear a mask while exercising. On the contrary side, there are health experts who suggest there is no link between wearing masks and experiencing negative side effects during exercising. And since no major studies have been conducted, that reveal either sort of results we simply cannot subside with a single suggestion.

However, one is for certain working out requires you to wear comfortable attire that can help you move freely and focus on your workout sessions. And for that purpose athleisure wear is going to be the constant choice of everyone. But to also avoid any infection risks there will also be a bit of change that will be required in the dressing style of fitness lovers who want to work out inside a gym while also protecting themselves from any remote chances of infection.

To cope with the health risks and also look good inside a gym and feet confident in what you wear here are the top 5 athleisure wear gym attire items that you can wear after COVID-19.

1- Workout-shirts


If you are a weight lifter or one of those tank tops fans, then we hate to break it to you that tank tops are not going to a priority after COVID-19. The reason you may ask? The major reason is that it exposes a large section of your upper body to outside elements and even the air could be contaminated even after a vaccine is developed.

There could a long time after the vaccine makes it to you. Because the whole world is waiting for a vaccine. And the availability and demand ratios are going to fluctuate very quickly. Therefore, maximum protection should be your priority.

Also, have in mind that any t-shirt will not do! Your regular t-shirts cannot ventilate the airflow and to provide inner linings that can increase your mobility. Therefore, ditch the tank tops and wear t-shirts that are designed to soak your sweat and keep you dry.

2- Workout shorts


Your workout is not going to be effective unless you wear comfortable apparel. At least we all can agree on that right? With that established, it is also important that you do not go to the same gym trousers you used to wear before COVID.

According to Born Tough, workout shorts are one of the best and most important attire to wear during any type of physical activity whether it is inside a fitness centre or outside it. However, you will also need to wear men’s training leggings underneath the shorts to cover your skin. This will help you achieve maximum performance while keeping you safe.

3- Gloves


Before you think that I am going to only run on a treadmill, I’m not here to lift weights then why should I wear gloves? Let us shed the light on this matter. Even that you are not going to lift weights, you will use your hands and fingers to touch other recruitment or machines.

And touching equipment with bare hands that is full of sweat as the other members of the fitness center just used it, is not going to be an idle choice. Therefore, wear gloves that cover your whole and fingers for your protection. Now breaking your bank for buying an expensive set of gloves is not suggested. Wearing medical latex gloves will do just fine.

4- Masks


Despite all the commotion that is going on nowadays that wearing masks may or may not impact your health or workout performance we will still suggest that you do not go to a gym without wearing a mask. It is expected that most of the gyms and training centres will not let you inside unless you wear a mask, due to strict guidelines issued by the Government and authorities. Therefore, wear a face mask to eliminate any chances of infection.

5- A workout Bag


It is important that after this COVID situation is over you do not rely on the in-house facilities provided by your fitness centre. These facilities include; water, towels, drinks, food, etc. You should consider buying a workout bag in which you can bring your accessories like earbuds, a water bottle, a clean towel, a pair of extra exercise clothes and any other thing you may need to bring with you.

This is important because you do not know if your training centre’s management has used proper disinfectant to clean their equipment or machinery to avoid any infection risks. Therefore, to remain safe bring your accessories.

For more details, please check sites where you can get all the necessary details and info.

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