Can a Gaming VPN Improve Your Ping? [2024 – Guide]

Do you have a gaming VPN? If not, then it might be time to get one. A good IP address can help improve your ping in games. Ping is a term that refers to the delay between when you enter the action and when the server recognizes it. For example, if you are playing Call of Duty with 200ms latency, your opponent will see your move on their screen before you do.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss low ping advantages and why a dedicated IP Address for games doesn’t help you.If you want to know how to find your current ip address then visit howtofindyouripaddress.com.

Let’s discuss ping

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The (CMD)command-line ping software, which is known as tracert, displays the (RTT)round-trip time for requests sent from your PC to an (Internet Protocol) IP address online. Pings are used to determine connections in gaming. The time it takes to go from one computer to another, also known as (RTT) round-trip time or ping, is calculated in (ms) milliseconds. Ping is a measure of the amount of lag you’ll encounter when playing.

The typical ping time is around 50 milliseconds, while a quick ping is under 50ms. A time of 50 to 150 milliseconds is the average ping time. Anything above is considered a high ping, with the consequence that gameplay will suffer from lag or latency.

What is high ping time?

High ping times may be caused by an inadequate (ISP) internet service provider. You’ll want a rapid download and upload speed to avoid delays in games. Although your ISP may experience periodic latency spikes, it’s equally essential for them to provide a constant level of service. Ping fluctuations can be extremely inconvenient.

Peers attempting to connect may be blocked, slowed, or even destroyed by ISPs, institutions, & businesses. Blockings and throttlings of p2p internet traffic flow are most of the time used to fight file-sharing or simply prevent individuals from enjoying games on a network. The ping timings will be affected as a result of this.

The physical location of your computer also has an influence on ping timings. If you’re connecting to an Asian server from a far-off place like the United States, for instance, requires a significant ping time.

The online gaming server, especially if it’s getting more traffic flow than expected, can be the source of a high ping time.

VPN for improving ping?

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In certain circumstances, a VPN can help you decrease your ping. To begin, if the higher ping is due to a network choke point connecting your computer including the online gaming server, you may use a Virtual private network to route around it via a different path. You may use a Virtual private network (VPN) to connect via Chicago instead of Las Vegas if there’s an internet outage that affects Los Angeles. This effectively avoids the problem since you’ve connected through New York rather than Los Angeles.

Second, by utilizing a VPN, your connection is encrypted, preventing your school or ISP from seeing what you’re doing with it. This can help ping times if there is blocking or throttling.

Third, a VPN may be utilized to connect to a server of your choosing across the world. This might allow you to access additional online gaming servers that aren’t as overcrowded.

Best low Ping VPNs

Below are some VPNs which can help you obtain low ping times.


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ExpressVPN enables you to easily secure your internet activities using tunneling services that preserve your online presence while also providing increased security and anonymity.

You may access this type of software from any place on Earth, allowing you to pick a network regardless of the local area network (LAN).

Furthermore, in just a few clicks, you can mask your IP address or encrypt your network so that no one knows what you’re doing. Another wonderful feature to look into is content without border limitations. You may access and navigate the internet freely, regardless of where the material comes from.


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Our top choice is one of the finest overall VPNs on the market, owing to its cutting-edge security and privacy features, which allow you to do banking transactions or purchase things securely.

When you connect to NordVPN, it’s your own business since the firm offers and guarantees a no-log policy that prevents them from monitoring, collecting, or sharing your personal information.

It’s now accessible on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and television sets with built-in Chromecast support. You may link up to six devices to a single account, including smart TVs and routers.

Quick Connect is another handy feature that enables you to access the nearest VPN server quickly.


You’re at a disadvantage against opponents with a better ping time if you have a long latency when playing online games. Weak internet connections are the main cause of higher ping time, clogged servers, and far ranges between gaming servers.

When your (internet service provider)ISP or institution is restricting peer-to-peer connections, a VPN might enhance ping time. It can further assist in the event of online server outages. If you believe a VPN may help you reduce the high ping time, go for a free VPN and see if it works for you.

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