Tips to Generate Passive Income of Rs. 5000 Every Month with Personal Loan Referrals

Uncertain financial scenarios may lead to crucial consequences. In circumstances when someone has to consolidate or pay off expensive credit card debt, an instant personal loan comes to your rescue. With this type of loan, you can manage your financial requirements.

A personal loan has multiple advantages – whether it’s your daughter’s marriage, an educational trip abroad, medical needs, urgent cash requirements, home renovation, or medical payments.

IDFC FIRST Bank comes with the best offers concerning personal loans with the MyFIRST Partner App. As a MyFIRST partner, you only need to send the referral program to your friends and family who urgently need personal loans. In return, this app offers a referral bonus. So, get a chance to make a passive income maximum of Rs. 5000 per month.

Tips to Make an Additional Income of Rs. 5000 Every Month with IDFC FIRST Bank’s Refer-and-Earn Program

Tips to Make an Additional Income of Rs. 5000 Every Month with IDFC FIRST Bank’s Refer-and-Earn Program
Source: idfcfirstbank.com

Applying for a personal loan from IDFC FIRST Bank is simple. It offers speedier access to funds and fast approval times. Let your loved ones learn about this personal loan plan and get paid for referrals. With this loan, they can better navigate different life instances, thereby achieving personal goals.

If you want to make a passive income of Rs. 5000 every month, you can sign up with IDFC FIRST Bank as a MyFIRST partner. Here, your dutiful responsibility includes helping others learn about loan policies and other financial instruments.

Once you send the link, the candidate has to click on it to download and install the app. You get your reward after they avail of the loan or other policy.

So, follow these guidelines to carry forward the job like a pro if you want to make a passive income using a personal loan referral program:

Helping People Learn about the Application Process

Suppose you refer the personal loan program to your family member or close people. They first want to get valid information about the application process. In general, the loan applicant has to be an Indian citizen.

Individuals who are 18 years old or above can get personal loans from here. Most importantly, the loan applicant must have a savings account in any Indian bank. You must let the customer know these three things from the beginning.

Giving Insight into the Documentation Process

Giving Insight into the Documentation Process
Source: ebillity.com

Generally, an Indian citizen of 18 years or above with an Indian savings bank account must understand the documentation process.

Documents required for a personal loan application form include ID proof, an Aadhaar card, a passport, salary slips, income proof, an electricity bill, and more. IDFC FIRST bank requires documents in both digital and image formats.


So, to generate a second income and earn extra income, refer personal loan programs to your loved ones or people in need.

But first, you must register with this best referral app to make money using your PAN card and bank details. Sign up and get your ID online. Use this ID to refer personal loans to your near and dear ones.

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