8 Garage Door Maintenance Tips that will Save Your Money

Do you want to save money when it comes to your garage and its maintenance, upkeep, or touch-ups? The truth is that men spend a significant amount of time in their garages. Some do it since they spend a ton of hours fixing up their cars or doing repairs while others just run in there to read some books or magazines and to spend some time away from their spouse. Either way it may be you should consider doing some touch-ups and fixing your garage doors. We recommend that you consider the following tips.

8 Garage Door Maintenance Tips that will Save Your Money

1. Limit their use as much as you can


Many homeowners with an attached garage enter and exit their homes through their doors instead of using the main ones. Did you know that in most homes and average households we tend to open our doors 10 times a day? If and where possible, limit this use since you will make a dramatic difference in the long run. Over-using them will result in switching off the springs every 2-1/2 years. Is there a way for you to limit their use? Think twice and commit to the process.

2. Get regular inspections

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t inspect your doors too often, and you don’t see the point of doing the inspection, right? Well, that’s wrong. Most people only react when they spot a major problem (which is when it is already too late). You should be on the lookout for any damages or squeaks every year. Perform an inspection at least twice a year to stay on top of any big or small issues, and double-check your cables, springs, rollers, and hinges. Little by little and you will avoid any major repairs, which will result in you saving cash.

3. Remove dust + clean up


Not a lot of guys take care of their garages, and they’re pretty bad when it comes to their maintenance. The truth is that regular cleaning of the dust and debris will lead to a long-lasting outcome, which will result in some money-saving solutions. Check brackets holding the tracks to the wall and ceiling, but also clean out any vents that you have nearby. Stay away from electricity and any fire hazards, but do touch-ups where necessary. Clean up both sides, not just the one that’s visible to your neighbors.

4. Lubricate it

Keep rollers and other moving parts lubricated. By adding a bit of proper high-quality oil you will get to reduce stress on rollers and the door opener itself. If you notice a squeaking sound chances are that now it is too late to bring back the moisture, and you may need to buy some new improved doors. Lubricants for doors are super affordable + you can find them in any big or small store, allowing you to quickly take matters into your own hands.

5. Look at the balance

Take a close look at the spring balance of the door so it opens and closes smoothly. Does it make a weird sound? An unbalanced garage door makes the opener work harder, shortening its lifespan and making it hard to maintain in the long run. It puts a lot of unnecessary pressure and can result in faulty operating systems. You should see how good the automatic opener is by testing your garage. If your door is not in place and it is not balanced you should call a repair man. Don’t forget to double-inspect it before you make a call.

6. Clean up and paint it

You can preserve your garage doors by cleaning them up a couple of times a week and also when painting them. As you know, heavy sun exposure along with constant wind can lead to its wear-out. You should wash a fiberglass door with an all-purpose cleaner, but also wash wood doors and peel off any dried-off paint before doing new coats of color. Although time-consuming, this step can feel really therapeutic. In the end, it will take you 3-4 hours to do a thorough job.

7. Keep the tracks clean


How many times have you noticed that your tracks were blocked? A lot of people skip checking this out, but the truth is that far too many damages occur due to this little irregularity. Your tracks do play a huge role in your maintenance. Well, you can prevent this damage from occurring by ensuring the tracks are clear at all times. The best part is that it only takes seconds to move anything blocking the tracks, which protects the garage door and your wallet/budget!

8. Door’s sensitivity and hardware is important

Changing seasons and weather will have an impact on our home. The truth is that in different weather conditions plenty of us will notice that dirt can make an impact on the sensors and the sensitivity of our doors. This especially applies to heavy rain and snow. Also, the constant usage of the garage door can force the hardware to loosen, this includes bolts and nuts. Don’t forget to check out any screws and make them safe for long-term use. You can ask for help if you’re not that handy when it comes to these bigger tasks.

Do you need some help with your painting job?

Remember how we said that you should paint and try out a new color to freshen up your doors? Your garage is an extension of your home. It reflects the love and care that you put into maintaining your home. So, why not get the right shade, but also de-stress while painting for a couple of hours? If you need a bit of help along with some tips and tricks on how you can color your doors make sure to check out They will help you prepare everything + you will avoid mess while getting the shade of your dreams, all on a budget!

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