3 Signs That you Need Help With Your Dissertation Writing in 2024

When creating a paper, regardless of whether it is a scientific work, master’s thesis, or a PhD dissertation, it is crucial to stick to the reported topic of the paper, research problems, defined hypotheses, and set research goals and framework. Although the research process is complex and can lead to deviations from the initial views, it is recommended that the final paper contains at least 2/3 of the set elements of the initial content. Also, the research process may lead the author to use research methods that are not listed in the application topic, as well as to omit some of the listed research methods. Therefore, the author, in the research methodology, if the deviations are more significant than the defined content and methodology defined by the application of the topic of the paper, should state the reasons and explain the deviations from the initial content and proposed research methods.

Given that writing a dissertation is a job that requires a lot of effort, and that many have not encountered this type of writing before, some of the following signs often appear telling us that we need help.

Copyright infringement


Writing a dissertation at the end of your studies is not an easy task. Many students try to make it easier for themselves to write a dissertation by copying excerpts from books without the need for citation, and as a result, such work becomes plagiarism. First of all, we must emphasize that plagiarism is a copyright infringement. According to the Law on Copyright and Similar Rights, it is a unique right based on a copyrighted work, from which follow exclusive personal rights (moral copyrights), exclusive property rights (material copyrights), and other copyrights. This law also stipulates that, when quoting parts of published papers, it is necessary to state the source and author of the paper. Experts from the group state that plagiarism can be either a single sentence or a thesis as a whole. Also, those who cite plagiarism as their text and are caught doing so may receive a penalty in the form of obtaining a new dissertation topic.

Problems with style, grammar, and spelling


Style is more important than you think! If you write in boring, bureaucratic language, or in a language full of unnecessarily complicated or archaic expressions, worn-out phrases, and vague statements, many readers will probably give up on the first page because they simply will not have the will to try to reach the meaning behind the strenuous style. Remember that even though you don’t write fiction, you write for an audience. So, write clearly, simply, and precisely, but at the same time, beware of colloquial language because such work seems frivolous.

When writing a text, stay away from complacency and emotional outbursts, which cause ridicule in the reader. Don’t even burden him with the “great torments” you had to do something: the reader is interested in your result, not the difficulties you have faced. In other words: do not divert attention from the topic to your personal relationship to it.

The paper must be grammatically and orthographically written correctly. Systematic errors in, for example, the use of uppercase and lowercase letters, leave an extremely bad impression. If you are unsure of your literacy, work on it – and in the meantime find a good lector.

Lack of concentration


Concentration is the ability to voluntarily direct thoughts in the desired direction. In other words, concentration is needed so that we can follow the instruction, ignore distracting stimuli, focus on the task, and complete it. When people say “I have poor concentration” or “I just can’t concentrate”, in most cases it’s not a lack of concentration but not knowing how to concentrate. There are a few simple tricks to improve concentration. The first thing you need to do is find a quiet place where you will be able to focus on your thoughts and work. Try to separate the essential from the irrelevant and concentrate on the essence. Take a break from time to time and you will notice that you are more productive. According to Premium Dissertation UK, sometimes seems fine to ask for professional help in writing, no matter if you need only some directions in writing concerning your style, or a person who will do a good portion of work for you.

In any case, what each person can do to improve their writing skills is the following:

1. Make a plan. Set goals and make a plan. Goals must be specific, reasonable, achievable, relevant, and limited in time. This will keep you motivated and have a vision of progress in your work.
2. Take care of your good physical condition. Nutrition is more than important, it directly determines your performance, so it should be varied and balanced. This includes taking care of proper hydration of the body. In this case, we are talking primarily about water, not huge amounts of coffee or energy drinks. Of course, do not forget about complete sleep and rest. During the break, take a short walk, run or use the breaks to practice other sports. It would be ideal to write in nature, where there is the possibility of breathing fresh air.
3. Follow the instructions given by the administration of your educational institution. Each school and faculty have own requirements for writing and the form of the thesis. Find out what the size of the thesis should be and what parts it should contain. It is very important to follow the rules of formatting references to the literary sources used. Important: make references immediately, so that later you do not waste time searching for pages and publications from where some information was downloaded.
4. Collaborate with a mentor. The mentor is not only a nice inscription on the title page of the paper, but is your main assistant in its preparation. Together you can explore a particular topic from a whole new angle.
5. Make sure the shape is correct. It is necessary to check whether there are spelling mistakes in the work, as well as technical ones.

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