How Does Cloud Mining Work?

This type of mining is preferable for people that lack technical knowledge and experience. Investing in hardware and spending money on electricity and maintenance can be very time-consuming and difficult to manage. So, doing everything on the internet was some kind of revolution in the crypto universe.

It doesn’t only benefit the people that don’t want to work with hardware to get coins but also the miners because they get paid to do it for others. Each company has a monthly fee or one-time fee that you have to pay in order to use their service. The service will depend on them so there is probably an option that fits your needs.

What Is Cloud Mining?


It’s a process where you generate cryptocurrencies by renting computing power from a service provider. A farm is a place where all the hardware is placed and used for collecting coins. Every person that signs up for a deal will be a part of this farm and have their own percentage based on the hash power they bought.

You don’t need to worry about the energy bills, heat, or noise that equipment makes. When you find the provider you like, your only job is to choose which plan you want and for how long. Some of them have additional services that you can use for analysis.

This hash power can be presented as MH/s or GH/s which is mega or gigahashes depending on the plan. Those who provide long-term options usually have a better price but with constant changes, it’s much smarter to have a shorter contract. Find out on about the best cloud mining providers more here

How does It work?

Leasing hash power and host mining are the two types you can choose from. Hosts are farms that will keep the hardware for you, which you paid for or leased. They will take care of it including maintenance, electricity bills, and everything that comes with owning a rig. They will take a portion for their services and the rest is up to you.

On the other hand, you don’t need to pay for the equipment instead, only lease the hash power from their rig. You will share the profits with everyone that has chipped in. Of course, your portion will depend on how much you’ve invested.

What Are Mining Pools?


The goal is to generate a block from the cryptocurrency blockchain which is done by solving complex cryptographic problems. The pool includes all participants that gathered their resources to increase the probability of generating a block. When they succeed, they will get a portion of the coin based on the processing power they provided.

Why’s there a Need for Cloud Mining?

There are still many people praising mining as the primary source of gathering cryptocurrencies and they are right because without them nothing would be possible. Cloud processes won’t be possible also if we don’t have these farms and equipment that will work for thousands of clients some websites have.

Another reason why there is a demand is that the rewards are much smaller compared to the difficulty of making a block. For example, in the beginning, we were able to gather 50 bitcoins per block and now it’s only 6. Many rigs are thrown away and only the biggest optimists kept going.

There is a problem most of the coins need to think about and that’s the limited number that can be mined. The number is 21 million for bitcoin which brings some kind of panic to the community but also new innovations. There’s no doubt that there will be something new in the near future.

Compared to traditional ways, companies are now offering special deals if you become one of their valuable partners which usually include bigger investors. These generous payouts are much better than having a rig at home. They use these methods to market their service but some people get to benefit.

Cloud vs. Hardware


The easiest way to understand it is to look at cloud miners only as investors and the only thing they guarantee is money. Companies that offer these services have rigs that are used by the clients through renting or buying hashing power. In most cases, they will invest in top-tier hardware so you won’t have any issues with replacing equipment as many small miners have.

This becomes a very expensive process so they need to have many investors in order to keep it going. Owning a rig means that you are prone to hardware mining. You still have the option to join a pool and contribute with your computing power and have a share. This is probably the best option if you are looking to get one coin as much as possible.

Are There Risks?

The risks depend on which aspect you are looking at cloud mining. If you are a customer of these services and only need to invest, you have the smallest risk and only one issue you need to focus on. You will need to know how efficient the company that mines are for you and if there have scamming background. Profitability is doubtable for every single user no matter if they have the equipment or just invest.

They won’t guarantee that you make profits with them but many risks are associated when you have your own rig and earnings. Fraudulent behavior is the biggest concern so always visit review websites before making a purchase. They will describe the advantages and disadvantages in detail and help you avoid this issue.

There are a few things you should remember which won’t change ever. You won’t be able to get an unlimited amount of hashing power from any company. If you find a company that offers this service, just avoid it. Another thing is that equipment is replaceable which means that at a certain point you will need to reinvest.

Always read the contracts carefully because they might set a limit to the exchange rate. This happens when the coin reaches a certain level. No matter what you choose to do, the most important thing is to do your research and use as many tools as you can that will help you invest properly.

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