How Long Does HGH Therapy Take to Work

As you’re already well aware, hormones play one of the most important roles in each of our body functions. This means that they impact our general health, feelings, and, of course, our growth. So, if your body doesn’t produce enough of the hormones responsible for growth, you might need to opt for growth hormone injections, also commonly referred to as HGH injections.

But, what are these injections? How will they impact your body and how long will it be before the therapy starts working? Fortunately for all individuals that are wondering the same thing, our article can help! Before taking a look at the timetable you’re interested in, let’s first learn what HGH injections are:

HGH Injections: Explained


The very first thing that you should know is that there are a couple of glands that are responsible for producing hormones in your body, however, the pituitary gland is considered to be the master one, meaning that it has the ability to control other, hormone-producing glands, including the one that triggers growth. The human growth hormone also known as HGH can impact your height, but it can also help you build bone and muscle mass and it’s quite important when it comes to your body development.

In adults, the lack of HGH occurs because of damage to the pituitary gland, which in some situations can be permanent. Other causes can include head trauma, infections, as well as radiation therapy. The lack of it can also cause other conditions including depression, increased risk of cardiovascular illnesses, weakness in muscles, and the ability to concentrate. Because of this, a lot of individuals opt for taking these injections. But, how long will it be until you notice the results?

How Long Will it Take For The Therapy to Work?

Most adults find it difficult when their bodies start aging as they grow older, which is why most of them search for different methods to enhance their appearance, and more significantly, their overall health. Because of this, most opt for taking HGH therapy. If you’re considering doing the same thing, you must be interested in learning when you’ll see the results. Here is a list of changes you may notice within the first 6 months of taking these injections:

1. Results After 2-3 Weeks

Keep in mind, the changes you see or don’t see in the first couple of weeks of taking the injections will heavily depend on your age. However, even if you don’t see the changes right away, you don’t need to worry, your body just might need a bit more time for processing. Some of the factors that could be responsible for the delay are the state of your health, age, your medical history, as well as the dose of the prescription you got.

Now, one of the most important things that you need to ensure, as well as do is to take the dosage that was prescribed by your physician. This means that you shouldn’t take more just so you could speed up the entire process, mostly because you could end up getting negative results, or even worse, your body might not be capable of breaking the hormone down, which means that you could damage your health.


2. Results After One Month

After a month has passed, you should be seeing some changes including improved potency and endurance – meaning that it’ll be easier for you to stay active – your concentration will also be improved, thus, you’ll be more productive, and your mood will also be better! Basically, the initial sign that the therapy is functioning is if you have the stimulation to go on with the therapy, which will lead to other changes as well.

3. Results After Two Months

One of the most important benefits of hgh therapy comes after 2 months of taking it and during this time, you’ll witness your appearance changing. According to the experts from, your bone and muscle tone will improve, which will give you a better appearance. Also, you’ll begin noticing that you’re losing weight, which is the outcome of the therapy speeding up your metabolism. Besides your looks, your sight might be getting better, which most people find extremely beneficial.

4. Results After Three Months

This is the period when you’ll notice most changes. For starters, the consistency of your hair will enhance and if you visit your physician, don’t be surprised if they tell you that your bones are stronger and less fragile, meaning that your joints will feel less painful. For females, you’ll see that HGH therapy will stop the symptoms of PMS and if you’re going through menopause, you’ll definitely feel emotionally more stable.


5. Results After Four Months

All the results and changes we’ve previously mentioned will be amplified in the four-month mark, meaning that your hair, skin, strength, emotional state, and stamina will be improved. Not, don’t worry, if you cannot recognize yourself when you look at the mirror, this is a good sign, and it basically means that the treatment is working! Also, this is the period when your metabolism will function like it did when you were twenty, so, expect to have a lot of energy and will to spend.

6. Results After Five Months

By now, everything that we’ve talked about – from your bones to your skin – has enhanced, however, the therapy doesn’t stop there! During month 5 of the therapy, you’ll see that the discolored areas on your skin are less visible, your hair will be shinier than ever, and your skin will be tighter. At this moment, you’ll mostly be extremely satisfied will your looks, but you shouldn’t stop there, there are more benefits that you could gain.


7. Results After Five Months

Six months into your therapy, you can expect to see the most satisfactory results. For instance, your insomnia or restless leg syndrome might go away, you’ll be able to rest better and for longer, and your cardiovascular system will be improved! Your stamina, endurance, and vitality levels will skyrocket, and since your metabolism will be faster, you can work on losing weight! This means that your body will change in every single way possible.


As you can see from our article, it’ll take anywhere from two-three weeks to 6 months for you to see the progress and changes that come with taking HGH injections. Of course, the outcome will depend on a wide range of factors, nonetheless, if you remain persistent, you’ll definitely feel and look better than ever before!

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