How Many People Are On a Soccer Team

People around the world are different in many different ways. For instance, people from the west have a different mentality and culture from people in the east. Despite that, we all listen to different music, eat different food, etc. These small differences make the planet Earth a beautiful living place. The only important thing here is to respect the culture and tradition of others.

Yet, it would be unfair to say that there are no things that connect us all. These similarities confirm that we are all human beings. One of the things that connect us all is a passion for sports. More precisely, in all parts of the world, soccer is one of the popular sports.

There is one fact that confirms how soccer popular is. It is the only sport in the world that has two different names. In North America, people call it soccer. However, outside of that area, people name it football. Almost every country has a couple of clubs that are direct rivals. The most passionate fans will not agree to hang out with people that support the direct competitor of their favorite club.

Passionate and loud fans are something that makes football the second most important thing in life. That is the reason why we would like to analyze the game in detail. We are sure you already know many things we will talk about here. However, for those that are not familiar with soccer, we prepared a list of essential things you should know about that sport. Let’s find them out together.

How Many Players Each Soccer Team Has?


We will start from the very beginning. Each team has eleven players on the pitch including one goalkeeper. When we talk about players on the bench, numbers are different from one place to another. In most cases, teams can register 25 or 26 players for the season. However, in some cases, that number can be even bigger. A good example of that is Turkey where the clubs can report maximally 28 players. The bad news for the clubs is that you can’t unregister a player. That is the reason why soccer clubs carefully register players before the season starts.
On the other hand, you can submit only 23 players for a team. In most cases, only 18 of them will get the opportunity to participate in the match. Despite starting eleven, there will also be seven players on the bench. Of course, the number of substitutions that a team can make is five. However, during the pandemic, that number has been expanded to five. Premier League is the only competition that uses the usual rule.

How Many Countries Play Soccer?


Here comes one of the most interesting facts about football. Currently, more than 250 million people in the world play football. In 200 countries, you will find soccer players that try to reach some of the biggest goals. The biggest popularity of all is visible in Europe, South and Central America, and Africa. However, it would be unfair to neglect its influence on the citizens of Asia and North America.

The Size of the Soccer Pitch


You will rarely hear people saying that players play the game on the rectangular field. People around you will more often use the phrase “soccer pitch”. On each side of the pitch, there is a goal in the end. When we talk about the size of the international adult pitches, the rules are strict. They are between 110 and 120 yards long around between 70 and 80 yards wide. Most of the pitches come with a grass surface. In rare cases, you will manage to find those that are made of Artificial surfaces. However, the number of stadiums that have that type of rectangular field is small.

Soccer Leagues Usually Don’t Have Post-Season Play-Offs

Post-season play-offs are more usual for the sports inside Canada and the United States. On the other hand, most of the European and South American leagues do not have that rule. If the league has 18 teams, they need to play 36 rounds in total. The team that collects the most points after the last game of the league wins the trophy.

The way how teams get the points is the same in all parts of the world. For winning a game, the team gets three points. If the teams play draw, both teams are going to get one point. Logically, the losing team does not get the points.

In the soccer leagues around the world, negative points do not exist in that case. However, that doesn’t mean the team can’t get them. In most cases, they get negative points as some sort of punishment.

Still, there are some excuses when we talk about play-offs. A good example of that is the English Premier League. The teams from the second division play the playoff. However, the first two teams from the second division directly go to the Premier League. Teams from sixth to third place play play-off, and the winner goes to the Premier League as well.

What Is VAR Technology?


All types of sports are actively going through some sort of improvement. The last one we had in soccer is VAR technology. VAR stands for Video Assistant Referees. Television replays are a normal thing for many years. However, these videos were not available to the referees. If a referee makes a mistake, people that watch the game on their TV would easily notice that. However, thanks to VAR technology, referees can now check the replays on the pitch. If they notice the mistake has been made, they can change their decision.

Another improvement we would have to mention here is goalline technology. In some cases, it is hard to see if the ball crossed the goal line or not. Thanks to that technology, the referee gets the signal that the entire ball went over the goal line. Because of that, making that type of mistake is no longer possible.

Final Thought

Soccer fans usually have the desire to test their luck and gambling skills as well. Following the results of different games is an available option for everyone. Next time you bet, we recommend you visit this site and follow the results of your favorite teams. Logically, the only condition is to have a stable Wi-Fi connection. However, we are sure that is not a big problem for people.

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