How To Grow Feminized Seeds Outdoors: Things You Need To Know For A Successful Growth

The market is flooded with high-quality feminised seeds that are easy to grow. These seeds are also easier on the pockets when it comes to harvesting. The result is obtaining high-quality products used for making drugs or other purposes.

If you are on a quest to find ways to feminise seeds outdoors, this blog will help you figure it out. If it is your first time, be assured that growing feminised seeds can be mastered by practice. Cannabis is a hardy plant that adapts to almost every temperature, from extreme cold to dry.

Suppose you are planning to grow cannabis because you want to get rid of cachexia and stress and are having a hard time finding it. So if you have taken the DIY path, you can get your hands on zushi strain products from reputed pharmaceuticals. It will abound if you can find no cure for your health issues.

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If you are starting from scratch, like germinating the seeds, remember that the seeds are inactive. The activation of the seeds requires 24 hours to 7 days. When they become saplings, you can plant them.

However, if you are looking for tips to grow feminised seeds outdoors, here is your guide:

  • Invest in smart pots or white pots to grow the seeds. It ensures that the roots are kept cooler, and they get more feeding space.
  • Ensure that the plant is not exposed to extreme heat. Heat causes the plants to feed on the nutrients present in the leaves and causes discoloration and other weird symptoms on the leaves.
  • When choosing the flowering pots to grow the feminised seeds, consider the area you have for growing them. Do not overcrowd the pots, as they will need an ample amount of space to grow.
  • If your plants face pest attacks, which are very natural, ensure that you do not use harsh chemicals. Natural pest-repellent will be a better option than neem oil or organic pesticides and fungicides.
  • Water cannabis can be a tricky job. Before water, the plants check the PH level of the water. Checking EC levels will also contribute to a healthy growing plant.
  • If you need to add nutrients to the pants, choose liquid manure. The liquid gets absorbed quickly. It is suggested that plants grow in pots.
  • If the seeds are planted in the ground, you can use powder fertilisers.
  • Water the plants regularly in the summertime or a hot and humid place. If required, you can also increase the frequency of watering. Check the soil to know when you should water.
Source: cannabisnow.com


Don’t worry about not getting desired results on the first go. Growing any plant is hard. Despite maintaining all the favourable conditions, some individual features affect the growth and health of the plants. With time you can master the process of growing feminising seeds. If you know someone who is also involved in growing cannabis, you may ask them, or you can come to Google!

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