How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Many pupils and students periodically face this situation – you need to start doing academic assignments, but somehow you don’t want to. There comes a stupor and the strength to take on the work and with them the desire. At such moments there is a need for greater motivation. Motivation is a person’s desire to perform certain actions, without which no goal can be achieved.

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18 effective ways to motivate yourself to learn in school and university

Certain recommendations can have a positive impact and endow a person with the motivation to achieve academic success.

1. Form a specific goal


Set a goal and understand exactly what it will take to achieve it. Filling your head with unnecessary information, which also brings suffering, is equivalent to violence against yourself.

For instance, you have a goal to pass your exams well. Doing well on the exams will get you into a good school and ensure that you get a scholarship to a good school, and will also give you a sense of pride and self-confidence.

2. Small goals

Divide the path of achievement into several small steps. Then the goal won’t seem difficult to achieve and it will be easier to realize it if you do it in several stages, rather than in one huge approach.

3. Make a plan to achieve the goal

You must be clear about the specific actions you need to take to achieve what you want. Set small, specific tasks that you need to do within a certain amount of time.

4. Set a deadline

You are more likely to accomplish the task if it is limited in time. So you’ll know exactly what you need to do in a certain mode, and it’s not worth wasting this time on useless and less important activities.

5. Try to compete


Look at the people around you, there are plenty of them who are doing well in school and succeeding. They are just ordinary people who invest in their learning and get the rewards they deserve. If they do well, you will do just as well, if not better.

6. Set a timer

Allocate a certain amount of time to study, and then take a short break. You will remember how long it will take you to do the tasks and after what interval you can rest. You will see how much time it takes to study and based on that you can make conclusions: whether to increase the number of classes or to allow yourself more rest.

7. Rest

You shouldn’t make a schedule that has no room for rest. Every person vitally needs to relax and our body itself signals when it is time to take a break.

8. Perfect study conditions

Create your ideal study environment based on personal preference. Ask yourself where you find it easier to concentrate and try to recreate that atmosphere. Some people find it easier to study in a quiet environment and silence. Some learn better with music or noise in the background. Some people are motivated by group activities, while others do better alone.

9. Keep a positive attitude


An upbeat mood promotes more effective learning. Memory and focus work for you in such an environment. In a good mood, it is easier for a person to move toward a goal and achieve excellent results.

10. Be guided by your abilities and limits

You don’t have to try to jump over your head. Sometimes your unique perception just won’t allow you to learn advanced math, or it will, but you’ll have to spend 3 times more resources on it than on a subject you understand well.

11. Inspiration

Observe what ways of studying make you feel good. Try to spend more time on things that energize and inspire you.

12. Creating a rhythm

Try to study at the same rhythm. Start and finish at the same time, and work at certain intervals. Such a process develops discipline.

13. Watch a motivational movie


Many films boost mood and confidence. Sometimes the people in the movies who look like us allow us to associate with them. Especially if they are doing the same things you are doing.

14. Encouragement

Think about what you like best. The reward should be pleasant and you should know that you will get it after you fulfill certain conditions.

15. Keep a diary

Keep track of your progress in a diary. Write down there everything about your academic achievements. Things you’ve learned or covered, a good grade, or credit.

16. Visualize

Visualize your goals in maximum detail and understand what you need to strive for.

17. Ignore the less important things


Try not to focus on the things that are not a priority right now. Make your studies your top priority and focus your attention on them. Let the extraneous stuff stay out of your sight for a certain amount of time and don’t distract until the most important goals are achieved.

18. Take care of your health

Get enough sleep, eat right, and exercise so that you always have the energy and motivation to study.

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