The Best Ideas for Mobile Apps That Haven’t Been Made Yet – 2024 Guide

Welcome to the new time of living! Experience all the benefits offered by the modernized way of life and make your life easier. Welcome with open arms all the changes and reliefs that the new digital age in which we live offers us. Our ancestors did not have this opportunity, but here we have it now and that is why we should accept it as best we can. Computerization and digitalization mean easier and more practical living, unlike before when people had to organize and do things in a synchronized way to get a whole that would result in a successful completion of the task.

Today, computers, robotic operating systems in the home and in production and service facilities, machines, but also mobile phones have come to our aid, which in recent years have more and more advanced capabilities. So in recent years, from a regular phone that was only used to send an SMS message and a phone call, we got a small super powerful device that finds its purpose in every situation. So cell phones have grown into smartphones. Why smartphones you wonder? Smartphones because they smartly with the help of their operating system that allows the use of smart applications in an interesting and unified way improve and facilitate the way of life and functioning of people.

As the years go by, smartphones become more and more available to people in their lives. When we say that smartphones are available, we mean the help they offer them in their life and daily functioning. So we can proudly say that we are witnessing an accelerated digital development in which perhaps at the moment mobile apps have the primacy, ie the first place with which they lead in the help and relief they give to people. With their help today we can know what the weather will be like hour by hour, we can know exactly when the sun starts to set, whether we are safe and whether there may have been a positive person on Covid-19 around us, what the road traffic is like and many other possibilities that if we list them all there will not be enough space. But we would also like to point out that there are many other super cool things that have not yet been invented, and can contribute to easier living in the years to come. We will talk about that today and we hope to keep your attention. Here are the best ideas for mobile applications that do not yet exist.

1. Covid-19 help


Call a medical team or call a medical professional while you are in hospital – the world is currently facing the biggest pandemic ever to happen to humanity in almost a year. So many people have already been infected and cured of this virus, which we are very happy about, but based on their experiences we are aware that we are not ready enough for those who are already infected with the virus. So we are witnessing many stories that their condition was not sufficiently monitored by the medics while they were in the hospital or they could not call a medical team to come to their home. Here’s an idea, let’s create a new smart channel that will be a relief for both the patient and the medical staff. Let’s create an application that will have a module “patient at home” and “patient in hospital”. Through these modules, patients will be able to call for help at home, giving an assessment of their condition (critical, deteriorating, good to changeable) so that a call can reach the medical services that will receive the calls through this channel, and will locate them. according to the location used by the application. Those patients who are in hospital rooms will have other options, such as I can not breathe, I have a worsening cough, I need medical assistance, I need food/drink, and the like. This will make the work much easier and the whole staff will be more coordinated, and thus will work without pressure, say from Bright Brains Information Technology who through their IT solutions and experience offer help to bring every idea to a quality application. Let’s make this crisis easier and easier together.

2. Be my shopper


Go and buy everything an elderly person needs – since the pandemic is still going on and the elderly have to be home because they are at risk, in which case a shopping system is needed that will help them too. The whole idea of ​​the story is this: there needs to be an application on which they will make the shopping list and assign it to one of the available shoppers who have previously signed up for the app as available shoppers. The other option would be to make the list and transfer it by phone to some of the telephone service staff who would later hand it over to one of the shoppers using the app. This will make life easier for the elderly and will open the possibility for the younger ones to earn some tips if they do their job well.

3. Make someone happy


Аn app that will make someone’s birthday or someone’s day happier – we are sure you had a desire to surprise someone someday or just make them happier. It can be a great opportunity if the following application is created – Make someone happy. It is necessary to make an application where everyone can log in with their name, date of birth, and place of origin, and by placing the badge “always here for surprises” will wait for an unknown performer to surprise that person. There would be a section in which the received surprises will be published with pictures, videos, and text, so this solution would have the potential to grow into some kind of happy social network in the future. It is especially good during a pandemic when people are at home, so if you are a creator feel free to take this idea and bring it to reality.

These are just a few of the millions of ideas that exist at the moment that no one has worked on turning into a smartphone app. Why not that? Take any of the ideas or come up with something of your own and turn it into reality, because every idea is an opportunity, and an opportunity is a relief in life that we all seek.

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