How to Improve Customer Experience for Your eCommerce Website

Are you a buyer yourself? Or do you own a site that sells goods of some kind? Well, eCommerce shopping has changed a lot in the last couple of years, and it had become even more convenient and competitive since it did hit $4.5 trillion this year. It is an enormous industry that won’t change anytime soon, but in fact, it will keep on growing rapidly. Do you want to improve your experience, and give everyone the best solution? Keep on reading and find out all there is to know about eCommerce & the best customer experience.

So, what is eCommerce customer experience?

This is how your customers view your business and how they feel treated after spending some time on your site. Those who are satisfied and happy will continue buying from you and will come back to you over & over again. This is why you should make sure that you provide them with proper experience & care, as well as an amazing approach that is friendly, as well as different when compared to other competitors.

How to Improve Customer Experience for Your eCommerce Website: top 9 ways

1. Employee experience


World leaders when it comes to customer experience know that they have to stand out from the rest. Some of the biggest companies have employees that work harder than the rest and are 60% even more engaged & efficient. Ask yourself the following set of questions:

  • Is the website appealing & different from the rest?
  • Can you sell products easily?
  • Is it easy to read & is it informative?
  • Can you easily modify its content?
  • How good is the customer service?

Once you get real & unbiased answers from others you will be one step closer to a successful business.

2. Go for a site that is easy to navigate

Something that is easy to navigate & read will suit everyone, especially people who don’t shop online as frequently. Make sure that your store is in proper order, and that it is easy to organize through size, colors, prints – depends a lot on your selling product. You should know that your audience is:

  • Aware of what they want
  • Some are just browsing

Try to captivate everyone’s attention and your business will flourish. Do not let them feel neglected just because they are browsing.

3. Handy & practical checkout process


Creating an easy checkout process will help everyone navigate & move through it a lot quicker. You can easily reduce the number of abandoned carts you see that are on your site. Make sure that you place the cart somewhere visible, and also offer different payment methods that will suit every customer. The most popular one is PayPal, but you can go for whatever is popular in your country, as well as easy to use.

4. Provide product support

Since many consumers are purchasing your products online, they are also probably trying to get noticed and are struggling with your customer support options. Well, you should have different channels such as live chats, support pages, as well as forums that your customers can use to get their needed answers. Do you have 24/7 live assistance, or do you handle your inquiries through chat?

5. Get a mobile app


Did you know that nowadays most people prefer to shop on their phones? In fact, over 50% of sales is done through mobile apps. Are you capturing everyone’s attention, and are you trying to get noticed by different consumers? Is your app friendly for Android and iOs users? Can it load on every browser? Make sure that your page is practical, quick & easy, as well as that it can load fast so that you don’t lose your reader’s attention.

6. Use educational content

Are you trying to connect with your audience and your consumers? One way to use it is with the customer acquisition tool feature that will help you understand & build your audience and their trust. Is your brand original, as well as trustworthy? You can also go for videos that will make it more approachable and easy to navigate, as well as more welcoming. Stick to some tutorials, try-on videos, or demos.

7. Get a clear returns policy


This is something that a lot of customers wish to see and use on their site the right way. Online shopping can be stressful in itself, but you should give it time to fully adjust & understand the process. Are you able to issue out a refund, what is your return policy like, as well as shopping time & costs? Take everything into consideration.

8. Add & read customer reviews

Make sure that your approach is authentic & unique, and try to fully understand all the wishes when it comes to your buyers. The best way to do so is by reading their reviews and truly listening to their needs. Are they overall happy, or is there something that they would love to change? Let them leave a sincere review and always look into it, or hire some members that will look into each positive & negative review.

9. Hire seasonal staff


The e-commerce calendar is full of different & fun activities, as well as holidays & occasions such as Black Friday, NYE, Christmas, etc. This is where you might want to hire some seasonal staff, and also offer great deals while providing discounts and letting your buyers navigate the site with their needs, as well as their preferred essentials.

Know where to look

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