11 Reasons Why Investing And Living In Sweden Is So Popular

The moment we hear the term Sweden, we remember the innumerable Noble prize winners in the fields of chemistry and physics. The Swedish universities conduct amazing research work and are known for their premium quality education offered at a reasonable price.

An organization named WPO conducted the Global Innovation Index in 2015. According to it, Sweden happened to be the third innovative country globally. So, several people favor investing and living in Sweden. It is important to know the reasons behind this popularity.

Websites like provide a list of reasons behind the popularity of Sweden. So, let us understand a few more reasons that make people keen to invest and live here.

1. Innovative Place


Most of the growing organizations seek innovation. Sweven is the native country from where globally reputed brands like Ericsson and AstraZeneca have emerged. The business environment of Sweden favors direct foreign investments. The level of corruption happens to be non-existent.

The infrastructure is world-class. The environment is conducive to business. This innovative country can share skilled labor. Millions of smaller business people and entrepreneurs are looking out for a strong market with a host of retirement benefits. They also choose Sweden over others because it provides free access to the European Union.

Even people from countries like Russia, Estonia, and Lithuania want to do business in Sweden. Very little bureaucracy is present there. The technology hub is competent and dynamic.

2. Impressive Support System For Adults And Children

The Swedish universities are free for citizens of Sweden and Switzerland. Students from other universities need to pay if they study at any Swedish university. The universities are at liberty to set their fee structure.

Taxpayers mostly fund the healthcare system in Sweden. However, it is not free of cost. People need to pay a certain amount to avail of healthcare benefits. Yet, it is comparatively cheaper. Family life is given priority over others. They have a social support system that ensures proper care is taken of all the citizens.

3. Punctuality

The concept of “Time is money” is ingrained in the Swedish culture. Meetings begin punctually, and even the CEO makes it a point to reach the boardroom on time. Even friendly gatherings are expected to be friendly.

4. Gender Equality


Many Swedish shopping malls witness fathers pushing the prams of babies, changing nappies, and feeding them their formula. Both the parents get paternity leave for 480 days.

5. Bilingual Country

Several people spend years in Sweden without learning a word of the vernacular. It is a good idea to opt for a Swedish course to have a basic understanding. However, the Swedish government has introduced English as a second language in schools.

So, the natives are fluent in English. Hence, people love to settle down in this country where English is so widely accepted. Business transactions are also held in English here.

6. Liberal And Business-friendly Approach

The Swedish economy has a liberal and business-friendly approach to trade. This sophisticated environment for business welcomes international partnerships.

7. Strong Workforce Providing Premium-Quality And Efficient Services


The workforce of Sweden is educated and hardworking. They adopt a problem-solving approach to life in general. The workers are empowered, and the result is impressive. The Swedish economy has been globally ranked as the most networked economy in the world.

The Swedish people are quite progressive, and almost everything is automated there. As a result, productivity is at an all-time high across Sweden. Child care is free for the Swedish people. They are friendly and cooperative by nature. Such natural cooperation helps any business to prosper.

8. Stable And Sustainable Financial System

The public finance of Sweden is strong. The economy is performing well and is slowly prospering. Sweden is a developed country, and it is politically stable. The banking system is impressive and good.

The internet framework’s extensive infrastructure contributes to making the country one of the most business-friendly across the globe. This way, the Swedish organizations have integrated a sustainable approach to business. For that, they are developing suitable strategies. The promise of Swedish people has become something of a byword. If they make a promise, it is sure to be fulfilled.

9. Leads The Largest Market Of The World

Several different consumers access the market through Sweden. The market comprising Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland constitutes one of the world’s largest economies. Several MNCs are present in Sweden. They have successfully created the most important domestic market.

The ambiance is suitable for fostering dynamic and competent young leaders. If a goal is set for the Swedes, they will leave no stone unturned to achieve it.

10. Welcome Positive Change


Sweden has welcomed foreign trade with open arms. For that, they have always welcomed innovative ideas and foreigners. Brands of international repute, such as Coca-Cola and Samsung, use Sweden as a testing ground for their inventions.

They are quite flexible and easily adapt to any change. Swedish people are open-minded, friendly, and understanding of nature. Their liberal-minded attitude towards life, in general, has contributed positively to business.

11. Interest In Digitization

The Swedish people have a keen interest in digitization. It is fuelled by its innovation using new ideas and new technology. They welcome positive change with open hands.

As a result, various companies such as Skype and Spotify have grown in Sweden by leaps and bounds and have left a revolutionary impact globally.

Digitization has taken the world by storm. The 21st century has made technology accessible to all corners of the world. So, a progressive and adaptable country like Sweden has gladly incorporated the changes. Digitization has contributed positively to the overall progress of a country.


To sum it up, the cheap cost of labor and healthcare, premium quality education at minimal cost has made Sweden a desirable country. It has become a popular destination to invest in and live in. Even the top MNCs consider Sweden to be their prime destination and have formed their branches here.

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