How to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping – 2024 Guide

Mosquitoes should not disturb you during camping. The bites of mosquitoes and other insects cause discomfort and can be dangerous, especially if you rest with children or somewhere far away from the city. There are many proven and effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes while camping. You can find many useful tips on this topic on the thematic website But we will supplement the information and describe in more detail five ways to get rid of insects during recreation in nature and tourism.

Use Insect Tents


Did you know that there are special tents with a high level of protection against insects? They are protected by a very fine mesh, through the pores of which flies, mosquitoes, and other insects do not penetrate. The strong and fine mesh has over 1200 holes per inch. In such a tent, you can sleep peacefully. These tents can be absolutely transparent with a dense tarpaulin bottom. It allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of nature, but at the same time, to completely protect yourself from insects. Use such equipment to lie on the grass or rest in the woods, near lakes, mountains, or in other areas with vegetation and insects.

Use Mosquito Sprays and Oils

There are many sprays and natural oils against insects. You need to spray or rub these products on exposed skin areas other than the face. Sprays and oils have repellents that scare mosquitoes away. The duration of this method is up to 6-8 hours, after which you need to reapply the product to the skin.

If you are afraid to use liquids with chemicals, then give preference to natural sprays or oils. They include hamamelis, citronella, eucalyptus, a cedar tree, catnip, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree, and much more. The smell of these natural herbs and esters scares mosquitoes away, excluding the negative impact on skin. Use these fluids without harming your child or delicate skin.

In regions with high insect activity, you can also use permethrin sprayed on your clothes.

You may accidentally forget to buy special anti-insect products. In this case, there are several natural recipes. The mixture of rosemary and water acts as an effective repellent without negative effects on your skin and respiratory tract. Also effective are eucalyptus, lavender, catnip. They can be mixed with water and applied to the skin or just rubbed on clothes and open body parts.

Smoke from the Fire Drives Insects Away


Insects are most active at night and dawn. Often, at this time, we build a fire in nature to keep warm or to cook. The smoke drives mosquitoes away. But the ordinary smoke from firewood is not always 100% effective. Especially if the firewood is dry and there is very little smoke. In this case, use dry herbs to chase away flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. The smoke from sage leaves and dry cow pies is the most effective against mosquitoes. Ensure that the burned cow pies and dry grasses are dry enough to burn and give off smoke.

Avoid Deodorants and Perfumes While Camping

Synthetic flavors can not only scare insects away but also attract them. It has been proven that the smell of perfume, deodorant, and cosmetics attracts insects. Some substances have a sweet taste, so mosquitoes, flies, and mosquitoes will gladly fly near you and sit on your body. In nature, do not use cosmetics. If necessary, use products without smell and color.

Don’t Use the Flashlight all the Time


A frequent mistake of tourists is to use a flashlight or lamp for several hours in a row or all night long. It is wrong, as artificial light from lamps and flashlights attracts insects. You have probably noticed that mosquitoes and flies are constantly flying near the street lamps on the facade of your home. Try to use artificial light as little as possible. An alternative is a fire, the smoke from which drives away mosquitoes. At night, use fire to illuminate the camping site, if allowed by the local rules. If not, then use special UV lamps, which on the contrary, scare insects away.

Stay Away from Bogs and Moisture

Mosquitoes and other insects prefer places with high humidity near lakes and swamps. Many of us prefer not just to rest in a tent in the field or somewhere in the woods, but also to choose places closer to water supplies and lakes. In this case, try not to set up a tent near damp marshy areas. The least insects will be in places near ponds with sandy or rocky shores without reeds and muddy bottom. Insects are scared away by the wind, so when choosing a place, take into account the wind direction. It is best if the wind will blow in the direction of the pond from the tent. This way, insects will not fly against the strong wind to the tent. Make sure that there is no debris or unevenness of the landscape near the tent, where it may be wet.

A Few More Useful Tips

Many tourists try to find a way to get rid of mosquitoes during camping using very original means. Often they are ineffective, so we have not described them in this article. We are talking, in particular, about some mobile applications with ultrasound. Though the developers may promise that supposedly activated ultrasound scares insects away, humans will not hear anything because nothing is reproduced in the application.

Another inconvenient method to fight mosquitoes in nature is small traps. As a rule, they are designed for rooms and terraces. In nature, they are ineffective because it is impossible to catch all mosquitoes in the forest, park, or near the lake. Insects are attracted by the smell of the human body and CO2 gas, which we exhale while breathing. Therefore, traps do not deter insects.

Try one or more ways to determine the best for yourself. What do you think are the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes during camping? Have you already used one of the methods described in this article?

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