5 Tips for Keeping Equipment in Underground Mines Safe

Have you ever thought about what we, in the modern age, have only thanks to mining? Even some basic products such as toothpaste or orchard fertilizer would not simply be possible without this industry. Our Earth hides many riches, from various metals, and elements to precious and priceless diamonds. The globe with great mineral wealth cannot be poor, and these economies spend a lot of resources on soil testing, to be lucky. However, all this sounds much simpler than it is.

Depending on the type of soil but also the material extracted from the depths of the earth, different technologies are used. However, as much as the mine is equipped with modern technology, safety comes first. The mining industry is quite specific and quite dangerous for the differences that work in mines. Damascus is more or less digitalized, covered with cameras and sensors of various kinds, but also because of all that, accidents happen. Workers in the mines face a variety of challenges including extreme temperatures and difficult air to breathe.

To ensure the safety of both equipment and employees, tests that are conducted almost every day in the mines are very important, as well as previous experience. The following 5 tips will help you to keep equipment in underground mines safe.

1. Making a detailed plan at the very beginning


As with any other, simpler job, planning the entire process is the starting point. Somewhere it is necessary, but when we talk about mine, it is necessary to preserve the safety of the whole process. There is no rush or skipping details here. Not only does the entire project depend on orderly and detailed breading, but the lives of the entire crew are also at stake. There is also equipment that is not cheap and simple at all.

Qualified experts must research the environment in detail and provide information on the characteristics of the rocks and soil being drilled. Only after this information does the drilling and blasting plan turn blue. Digital models and software can also help you in this process. He can present you in detail the various results of what you suggest to him as an ideal solution.

2. Strictly adhere to the standard

Strict compliance with mining regulations is essential here. Frequent safety can also be provided by frequent inspections, which instill a sense of increased responsibility and safety for both the crew and all equipment. If in a business, as far as these rules are concerned, one can “close one eye”, this is out of the question. Strict adherence to safety rules and regular monitoring and completion of checklists in this business is commonplace and this is not discussed. If we follow the prescribed rules, additional security steps will not be necessary.

Every worker must be acquainted in detail with the culture of behavior in the mines, and their feedback can also be of great importance.

3. Mandatory proper maintenance of equipment


Proper and safe equipment is as important as everything else, not only for a quality work result but also for the safety of the project. If you do not check the device and equipment regularly, there is a risk that obsolete and worn parts will lose control during operation. Trust us, in the conditions in the mine, that is the last thing you want to happen to you. To ensure the optimal condition, it is necessary, as we have already said, to regularly check, repair and maintain all the equipment in and around the mine.

It is clear that inside the excavation itself we have a large amount of dust and dirt. It can accumulate on the tool and thus reduce its efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain tools, not just tools. Large equipment, such as drills and excavators, must be inspected regularly. There are also ventilation devices, no less important. Neat, safe and maintained equipment is not only the key to the success of the business but also the safety of workers. Therefore, it would be best, if there is space in the project, to replace obsolete machines with new ones. It is an investment both in faster work and insecurity itself. If you are interested in mining equipment and machinery, or simply want to keep up with innovations in this area, we suggest you visit

4. Optimize visibility in the mine

Working underground is very difficult, and can be hampered by a large amount of dust and the gloomy atmosphere in which you work. Good lighting of the space can reduce possible accidents to a minimum. If visibility is not good, the possibility of making a mistake increases, which can sometimes cost a lot. Especially before the blasting process, brightness is of great importance. In these conditions, it is important to have adequate hand lamps or stationary lamps that can work in mine catches.

In addition, headlights on vehicles and lights on various mining equipment must be regularly maintained and cleaned. In very dark and narrow tunnels, large machines can collide and cause unnecessary accidents if these details are written down.

5. Caution: high temperatures


How much temperature will be inside the mine depends on its depth, which, in turn, depends on what material is extracted from that mine. Some mines go so deep into the earth’s core that temperatures are almost unbearable. Therefore, adequate equipment for workers is necessary, both for extremely low and extremely high temperatures. Regular hydration, as well as regular breaks, can help. Otherwise, they can lead to disorientation of workers or very common diseases due to which workers will not be at their workplace as planned.

In addition to protecting workers when it comes to temperatures, there is adequate equipment. As you’re already aware of- safety comes first. Not every machine can withstand excessively high or low temperatures. We have to take care of that because this type of work does not suffer the slightest mistake. Deep underground, everything that seemed like a small problem to you, can be of great importance here.

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