Factors to Consider When Buying LED Street Lights in 2024

Street lights are lights installed on a pole at different intervals on the roads, highway, or streets. They are a fundamental tool in our communities on matters of security, accidents, and road safety. LED Street light is preferred by many because of its functionality, and the fact that they are also environmentally friendly.

Brightlightz are among the top brands with an amazing variety of LED Lights.

LED Street light contains a LED (light-emitting diode) and comprises a resistor, capacitor, MOS tube, and basic composition. This allows it to operate at high capacity in open-air LED lighting.

Led street lights have proven over the years that it has a better visual experience and has a longer lifespan of at least 80,000hours. It is also energy efficient with high luminous efficiency.

Before purchasing LED street lights, here are a few factors you may consider for you to make an informed decision.

1. The Power supply.


The power supply is very crucial for the bulbs light up. The power supply should withstand environmental factors such as rain, dust, and lightning strikes. Before installing the LED street lighting, first, check the amount of voltage available from the power source. The voltage should be enough for the bulbs to light up as low voltage means the bulbs will barely light up. The street light bulb voltage should match with the power supply. It will be a waste of resources to purchase powerful LED lamps, and then they don’t match up with the supply.

2. Design and construction.

The LED Street lights should be built in a way that they will be able to withstand the environmental factors. That determines if it’s the right product or not and whether it will be functional to meet its required use. The street light should comprise of various things that allow them to function correctly, such as:

  • Thick and tough glass-to offer adequate protection.
  • Powder coating-protects against various elements of weather such as rain, wind, and dust.
  • Ip65 waterproof level-protection from any forces of water
  • Aluminum coating-it avoids rusting.

3. Level of Lumens.


Lumen is described as the brightness that is emitted by a bulb. The location you are installing the street lights should guide you on the level of the lumen that you should choose. For you to light up a very dark area, you should select a bulb that has high lumens. This will brighten the space and provide clear visibility.

Put consideration of the distribution of street lights as they also determine the luminosity of the lamps. Where the street lights are scattered, consider putting bulbs with high lumens, whereas when they are distributed evenly in one area, you should consider bulbs with low lumens.

4. Pole height.

Before purchasing any LED street lights, first, identify the height of the pole. The size of the pole will help determine the wattage for a bulb that will be most suitable. Different watts will be appropriate for other height poles. For poles whose height falls between 15-20ft, consider bulbs with 30-50watts, while those that fall between 12-15ft consider bulbs with 15-30watts. This will allow for the area to be adequately bright, considering the height of the poles.

Consider the wattage of the bulb when you have fully identified the height of the pole for adequate distribution of light.

5. Shape and direction.


LED street lights light up in one direction. Before purchasing a bulb, check the shape and design carefully as you cannot change the direction of light once it is installed. The direction of light is essential for the street light to be functional.

Once installed poorly, it will result in loss of money a thus, you should choose wisely before purchasing.

6. Rated life.

The lifespan of a bulb is crucial in your decision to purchase the bulb. The rated life of a bulb is described as how long the bulb will operate before losing its initial brightness. If it is of good quality, it should have served at least 50,000 hours for you to enjoy value for your money.

Consider choosing LED street lights as they have proven to have a longer lifespan compared to other conventional street lights.

7. LED color of LED Street light.


The choice of color of the LED Street lights is out of personal preferences. The lights are available in the stores in a wide range of colors. The most common color is mainly warm white, cool white, and bright white. How bright the colors are is determined by the temperatures. However, bright colors use high wattage, resulting in increased energy bills.

However, many street lights are always in white, and thus one can choose a street light in the color of your choice to make a unique statement on the street.

Street lighting is essential for outdoor purposes. It requires quality and a great choice of LED lighting for our outdoors to be bright and our roads to be safe. Research has proven that they are of great quality and a lot more cost-efficient. Installing LED street lights will offer you a lot of benefits. These benefits may include:

  • Longer lifespan compared to other lighting options.
  • Energy-efficient, which results in low maintenance costs
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Instant turn on or off-doesn’t take time to warm up.
  • High color rendering index (CRI)
  • High light yield even during cold temperatures.


When switching to LED street lighting, can make a big difference in terms of costs and customer service experience. Through the years, people have identified themselves with the led lighting fixtures.
Led street lights are the most suitable, yet they can be the most expensive than other lighting options. In the initial cost, the budget may seem a lot higher, but after comparing it with other lighting options, LED has proven to be energy-efficient, durable, and has a longer lifespan.

The factors discussed above will assist you in making an informed decision when choosing LED street lighting.

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