Liposuction Trends In Both Men And Women – Popular Areas Treated in 2024

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect body’, but all of us want to look our best. A well-toned body is a confidence-booster. Routine workouts and healthy diet plans are important to help us reach the ideal weight. However, at times no amount of fitness regime helps us get rid of unwanted accumulations of body fat.

Issues with fat pockets:


Though a healthy lifestyle can aid in our weight loss goals, we have a hard time eliminating flab. It is trickier for women to lose weight and flab compared to men since a woman’s body stores about 6 to 10% more fat. The difference in fat metabolism rate further contributes to losing weight being easier for men.

Men have more accumulated fat in their belly region while women have more accumulated fat in thighs and hips, and this flab can prove resistant to diets and exercise. Since the desire to look great has engulfed many, both men and women alike are seeking liposuction to eliminate undesired bulges.

Liposuction for men and women:


Liposuction has been around since 1920, and it was only after 1980 it started gaining more spotlight. No more are liposuctions reserved for only women. Lately, more men are seeking this cosmetic procedure to regain their youthful appearance. The techniques used earlier resulted in more blood loss and scarring, so it made many people feel concerned about the cosmetic procedure.

The recent medical advancements have cut down the risk of complications, which contributes to the phenomenal popularity of liposuction. If you are interested in having liposuction, reach out to clinics that offer safe and modern liposuction solutions like Infini Liposuction. Visit and check out the top-notch services they offer.

They are one of the leading clinics in Scottsdale with an experienced medical team. They’ll examine you and walk you through the process. Depending on your requirements, they may combine a few modern techniques and deliver the best possible results.

Reasons to opt for modern liposuction procedures:

  • Versatility: The procedure can be done in various parts of the body to suction out the fat. It isn’t focused on treating one specific part, along with things like Brazilian Butt Lift or Tummy Tuck. You can talk to your doctor if you are looking to remove fat from more than one area.
  • Firmer skin: The resulting skin from the procedure won’t appear saggy or deflated. When administering local anesthesia a specialized solution is injected along with it, which significantly reduces the risk of scarring and results in firmer skin.
  • Effective elimination of flab: The struggle to get rid of flab is real for some. As you age, it only gets more difficult as your metabolism slows down. This procedure permanently removes fat cells in a treated area, thereby preventing fat re-growth. However, fat from other areas can traverse here, which can be avoided through routine workout.
  • Fast results: The older techniques took about 8 months to exhibit the entire results of the procedure. Due to the advancements, you can see results anywhere between 1 and 3 months depending on your body’s healing rate. You can also get back to your regular fitness routine 6 weeks post-procedure.
  • Fast recovery: Patients can resume their usual work in 1 to 3 days after the procedure. When it comes to physical activities they are advised to kick start it slowly with gentle walking after a month of the procedure and gradually increase the intensity.
  • Long-term results: In traditional techniques, the patient needed to follow other maintenance treatments frequently to maintain their toned body. It isn’t always possible with our busy lifestyle. The modern technique requires a person to continue their own healthy and active lifestyle to maintain a toned body.
  • Safe: A lot of complications that occurred with older techniques arose due to the usage of general anesthesia. Modern techniques make use of local anesthesia resulting in fewer complications.

Popular areas treated with liposuction:

Men and women, even those in their ideal body weight may have to deal with flabby skin. This versatile procedure can be performed on many parts including, the arms, abdomen, waist, buttocks, along with the chin, etc. Check out the popular treatment areas for both men and women:



Male fat gets deposited differently. It is encased inside a fibrous tissue making the procedure more difficult. However, their thicker skin makes them better candidates for the procedure. Liposuction demands firm skin with good elasticity. The area beneath the fat deposits is firm in men guarantying effective and long-lasting results. Focus areas include:

  • Chest: It is possible to highlight muscles and accentuate muscle definition. Moobs contain fibrous tissues that can get suctioned out.
  • Abdomen: To remove the superficial and deep fat from the stomach area, abdominal etching gets done to give you a ripped and toned appearance.
  • Neck: Fat removal in the neck results in prominent cheekbones
  • Love handles: Fat deposits in the waist can be eliminated, along with improving the contours.



There are more focus areas for women. Men usually don’t opt for liposuction in the thighs and hips while it is popular among women. While men are eyeing more increased muscle definition, women target a fit and slim body. The focus areas include:

  • Waist: Bulges would make a person feel less-confident when wearing certain clothes. The waist region has optimal skin elasticity and the procedure results in a trimmer waistline.
  • Breast: A common complaint is excess fat on the sides causing bra-bulge, which can get treated with liposuction.
  • Upper arm: Aging triggers more fat deposits in the upper arm, which can resistant to exercises. The procedure eliminates the jiggly layer of fat and tightens the area.
  • Upper and lower abdomen: Both areas are treated as two different regions. Fat removal can be done in both regions to get a toned abdomen.
  • Thighs: Those who don’t want their inner thighs touching each other and want to sport a thigh gap can have their inner thigh fat suctioned.

Bid adieu to those embarrassing flabby parts. Liposuction is here to give the perfect finishing touch to your body. Ensure to choose a reliable and experienced skilled cosmetic surgeon for getting the best results?

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