Live/in Game Betting Strategies That Every Gambler Needs to Know

Gambling is easily one of the most fun ways to make money. There have been legendary tales of individuals bankrupting casinos to the point of being banned, and there are also the wary tales of people that go broke because of the greed that brought about their downfall. Nevertheless, gambling is an activity that lures the rich as well as the ones that aren’t that well off, all working with the promises of winning sums of money based on mathematical probability. Gambling and betting are similar, but the nature of doing both can differ.

Gambling is the activity of placing money on the happening of an event to win. Betting is also the same activity with a slight difference. Gambling can sometimes involve blind wagering of money, whereas betting is more of a calculated risk based on rational deductions and reasoning. A strategy is defined as “a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.” Strategizing can be very important as it not only helps you achieve a task but helps you complete that task during uncertain conditions where disadvantageous circumstances can present themselves.

Where can you start

If you’re a gambler who wages money often and loves the activity or is a first-timer trying to understand the game to better your odds, is a website that helps you by providing strategies that will help you while you gamble. They have a ‘Betting guide’ that has three different articles related to betting. The first article highlights the mistakes first-timers make while betting. It highlights the errors and provides solutions to those mistakes and things one can do to avoid them in the future. The second article outlines the ‘Point spread’ betting system, a concise guide for first-time gamblers. The final report highlights the value odds that appear in betting. This is also a short and practical guide for beginners to understand the game better.

The Odds

If you were to place a bet without understanding the types of odds, it is the equivalent of walking into a dark room with a treasure chest and hoping to find it. Most often than not, you will fail. The difference in gambling is that repeated tries after failure without changing one’s mistakes will lead to more loss. Hence it is essential to understand the concept of odds and the types of odds that follow in it. A straightforward concept to understand, odds are the likelihood of a particular event coming to life. The higher the odds while you bet, the higher the probability of winning your sum of money. Now, there are three main types of odds, and they are as follows:

Fractional odds


Fractional odds are the measure of probability using fractions. Fractions are represented by /. An example of a fractional odd can be 6/1 or 6-1. This is also called a six to one odds. This means you have six times the likeliness of winning for betting a dollar or any currency you happen to carry. Fractional odds are also called UK odds (the UK as in the United Kingdom ). This is because these odds are used in Britain and Ireland while gambling.

Decimal odds


Decimal odds are considered to be the most popular and liked system of odds in the world of gambling. This is due to its ease of use and simplicity to understand. Gamblers worldwide prefer these odds as they are easily convertible to probabilities compared to the other types of odds. Decimal odds help you identify the higher and lower odds almost immediately, which tends to rely on a more intuitive approach. Represented by a point, the figures are represented as a part of 1. For instance, if your odds of winning a particular event were 0.5, that means you have half a chance or as in a 50% chance of winning the wager.

Moneyline odds

All martial arts fans who watch combat sports have definitely heard or seen this type of odds before. Moneyline odds or American odds are the odds used in the US for betting and gambling activities. Combat sports such as boxing have a wager or a bet between two fighters. There is a concept of the favorite and the underdog. The favorite is the fighter with the highest odds or the one who is most likely to win, and the underdog is the fighter with the lower odds or the one with a higher chance of losing. Wagering on the favorite is indicated by a negative sign, and wagering on the underdog is characterized by a positive sign. The positives and negatives show you how much money you win for every $100 you bet.

3 In game betting strategies every beginner could use


The martingale strategy

This strat system is easy and theoretically proven to provide a profit almost on every bet. Although theory and practicality don’t always go the intended way, it is entirely harmless to bet a small sum of money using this strategy for beginners. You are very likely to win back your money by doubling down on bets after losing only as long as you have adequate funds to reach a certain distance. It is a highly effective way to earn easy and short-term profits.

Baccarat’s Banker hand

Beginner or not, all gamblers know the concept of betting hands. It is common knowledge that the banker also has a hand in the game. This particular strategy called Baccarat’s banker hand involves making a bet on the banker’s hand every time to ensure that you have the highest odds of winning.

The Labouchere

This system is also called the cancellation system. The Labouchere is a negative progression betting strategy system similar to the martingale but is less risky. The first step is to take the table’s minimum bet. The next step consists of you deciding how many units you want to win. Then determine a string of numbers adding to the total number. Add the first and last number in your desired sequence to choose your bet. You then cross off both these numbers after a win.

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