4 Best Long-Range Electric Scooters To Buy In 2024

Decades ago, we used to consider electric vehicles to be almost science fiction. However, time has quickly shown that such vehicles are part of our present, but also the future. Electric cars have been in use for quite some time – however, they are still very expensive. Therefore, for all those who need to get safely from point A to point B and want to do so with the help of an electric vehicle – there are electric scooters. This type of vehicle can be very practical, especially if you live in a crowded city. Therefore, we are introducing you to the 4 best long-range electric scooters to buy in 2024.

The Popularity Of Electric Scooters

Until recently, many of us thought of electric scooters as children’s toys or some futuristic concept. But those days are behind us, and electric scooters have become a perfectly accepted mode of transportation in urban areas, even for adults. What is the secret to the popularity of electric scooters? Besides being fun and easy to drive – they are also good for the environment. In cities, they have proven to be a great alternative to cars – because they are cheaper, more practical, and not polluting. Even if you are not a fan of small scooters, you have to admit that by driving them – it is possible to get everywhere quickly, even during the busiest traffic. Otherwise, you would spend hours stuck in a car.

What Are Electric Scooters And How Do They Work?

An electric scooter is a two, or sometimes three-wheeled vehicle. It is powered by an electric motor that uses a rechargeable battery. The battery is easy to charge by plugging it into a regular outlet. They usually move at a speed of 8 to 40 km/h. However, some models can go much faster – even up to an incredible 100 km/h. Their autonomy of movement, that is, the maximum distance they can cover with a full battery – is up to 40 km. This, of course, depends on many factors – such as the driver’s weight, driving conditions, tire pressure, etc. Accelerator and brake controls are usually located on the governor. Such scooters are usually simple in their design – so it isn’t necessary to have a special permit to operate them.

Best Long-Range Electric Scooters

What sets these scooters for adults apart from other electric vehicles – is the variety of types. You may opt for an ordinary one with a small electric motor inside the wheels – or you can also opt for some more serious two-wheeler, that doesn’t look different from those with a classic fuel engine. As technology advances and the need for practical and eco-friendly transportation grows – we can see more and more different electric scooters adapted to different types of riders. There is no way to determine which is the absolute best electric scooter – because the choice comes down to what best suits the driver. However, on specialized sites like, you can look at detailed reviews which will help you in choosing what will be best for your needs. To make it easier for you to decide what is the right choice for you, we will try to single out the 4 best long-range electric scooters you can buy in 2024.

1. Xiaomi Mi M365


At first glance, the Xiaomi M365 looks like any other electric scooter. But once you drive it, you’ll see that it doesn’t even look like anything you’ve driven before. The folding mechanism is excellently executed, simple, and practical due to how the steering wheel is attached to the rear bumper – which allows you to easily lift the scooter and carry it when it is folded. At almost 13kg, it’s not easy to carry – but you can still take it up the stairs when needed. This scooter is powered by a 250W motor in the front wheel, releasing a maximum power of 500W – which is enough to reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h and overcome the ascent with a slope of 14 degrees. The maximum range when the battery is charged is about 30km, which is quite enough for everyday needs. Just imagine what it would be like to have to walk so much.

2. Glion Dolly


The Glion Dolly is one of the lightest electric scooters, and when folded, takes up very little space. It also has small wheels that allow you to drag it behind you like a suitcase when folded. Unlike bulky scooters, which are not ideal for public transport, the Glion is small and folds and unfolds in a few seconds, which makes it very practical. It has an exquisite and elegant design. Therefore, you can ride it even in a suit and look decent – and not look as if you stole a child’s toy.

3. Dualtron Ultra v2


In terms of performance, the Dualtron Ultra v2 is one of the best e-scooters available today. This machine reaches speeds of up to 80km/h. Thanks to massive engines on both wheels – it can easily overcome steep climbs. The LG 60V and 32Ah battery provide autonomy of up to 100km – of course, not if you are constantly driving at maximum speed with both wheel drives. Proper care will ensure that the lifespan of this electric scooter will not be shorter than 10 years –  that is, 100,000 km. Although most people find it too expensive – we want to point out that this manufacturer’s scooters are sold in over 30 countries around the world. Therefore, the Dualtron brand is always among the leaders when it comes to premium electric scooters.

4. UberScoot 1600W


The UberScoot scooter is designed for those who need a comfortable scooter – which can overcome slightly more demanding terrain. This scooter with a seat has excellent autonomy compared to scooters with a similar price. The upgraded version with lithium batteries can travel up to 35 km instead of the classic ones. The seat can be removed and the scooter can be folded – so it will be easier for you to transport it by car or to store it. The load capacity of this scooter is as much as 120 kg – and 10 ′′ tires with a large tread will soften the ride over more demanding terrains.


Of course, anyone who plans to buy an electric scooter will have in mind its performance, but above all the price. The fact is, some of these two-wheelers are not cheap at all. However, consider the benefits in the long run – and make the appropriate choice for yourself.

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