10 Maintaining Tips and Tricks for Your Carpets

Although the carpet gets dirty often, it is important that you maintain it properly. This means that appropriate cleaning techniques should be used regularly. This way you will not allow dirt to accumulate and create bigger problems. They are the reason why your carpet soon looks old and dingy. To adopt some useful maintenance tips, keep reading.

1. Clean the stains immediately

If you have children in your home or pets, you probably often face stains. It happens that sometimes we don’t have enough time to dedicate to their elimination or we just leave it for later. It’s important to do it right, and that means the job needs to be done as quickly and gently as possible. That way you won’t ruin its texture. Use paper towels, a soft towel or clean clothes for this purpose. Gently press the carpet into the spot and soak it in if it is liquid. Don’t just smear as you will do twice as much damage. According to, if you see you can’t clean the stains, then the professional carpet cleaning can be the solution.

2. Vacuuming


Of course, the most important thing is to vacuum your carpet regularly. According to beaver maids, not only will you clean more dust, germs, and other impurities this way, but you will also keep it beautiful. It will look new this way for a long time. Keep in mind that dirt contains abrasive qualities. If you are constantly walking on such a carpet, you will destroy it more and more over time. That is why it is good to vacuum the carpet from time to time. It is best to do this at least once a week or more often if there is more traffic.

3. Trimming


Trimming is another way you can keep your carpet always tidy. This is especially necessary with carpets like Berbers, because they always get tangled. The most common cause is children or pets, but there is one rule. Do not try to tear off the intricate part. So you will only do great damage and tear the carpet. It is best to use scissors and simply feel the strength. This will prevent major damage.

4. Baking soda

Baking soda is known to be used to remove stains which means it is always a good choice for your carpet. However, that is not all. With it, you will successfully remove all unpleasant odors. You need to vacuum the carpet, sprinkle baking soda all over the surface and leave it for a while. After that, simply remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner.

5. Deep cleansing


Finally, it is necessary to regularly perform deep cleaning. In addition to vacuuming and daily cleaning, you must occasionally hire a company that provides these services. Our recommendation is to repeat this process every 6 months, and if you have pets and children, you may have to do it every 3 months. This way you will keep away all allergens and deep-rooted impurities. A tip for larger spaces is to consider hiring a company that specializes in commercial cleaning services.

6. Regular Cleaning

While it’s important to vacuum and clean immediately after a stain, it’s even more important to not be reactive all the time. What we mean by this is that you should regularly clean your carpets even if nothing happens to them. Even if the general rule says clean every 6 months, you will do your home a world of good to have it cleaned seasonally. This means you’ll make it much easier to remove debris and dirt that each season brings.

7. Cleaning Spills


Spills are probably the most common way to mess up your new carpet. And unfortunately, spills happen all the time. The kids might spill their juice, and you might spill your wine. What’s even more damning is that we’ve been cleaning spills the wrong way all this time. We’ve grown up thinking that the best way to clean spills is to rub them with a towel. Unfortunately, we’ve been led to believe otherwise.

The reason why rubbing is bad is that every time you do it, you’re actually allowing the liquid to soak into the carpet. With every rub you make, you’re doing a counterproductive job. So instead of rubbing, the best way to deal with carpet spills is to blot the liquid with a cotton towel.

8. Focus On the Areas That See More Traffic

No doubt some parts of the carpet see more frequent traffic than others. For example, if you have a carpet in your hallway, then that’s probably the one to focus on the most. Since we walk on it when we get back home, the hallway carpet absorbs the most debris and dirt. Thus, you should focus more on the hallway carpet rather than the bedroom one. So if the general rule is 6 months, you should probably clean the hallway carpet on a monthly basis.

But even more, specific areas of the carper might be dirtier than others. Simply look at what areas of the carpet you walk onto the most. It’s no secret that the more you use the carpet, the more it wears and tears. So if a particular area of the carpet sees more traffic, then it will eventually start to wear and tear if not cleaned properly.

9. Don’t Walk With Shoes On


It might sound simple enough, but you’d be surprised to see how often people do this. It’s not only dirt that you’re bringing into your house when you don’t take off your shoes, you’re also bringing in germs, bacteria, and all kinds of microorganisms. So one of the easiest things to do is to take off your shoes before stepping on your carpet. This will do the carpet a world of good and save you the trouble of having to clean it every month.

10. Use Mats For Shoes

There is a reason why mats exist. You’re supposed to place it at the entrance of your home and use it to remove dirt, debris, and hopefully, all those tiny germs and bacteria before you step inside. If you don’t have a mat, then you’re not doing the carpet any favors. So get one and save yourself and your carpet from all the problems that come from outside.


In order for your home to always be clean, it is important to clean your furniture and carpets regularly. Since they retain most of the dust, their cleanliness greatly affects your health. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep your carpet clean and beautiful at the same time

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