4 Maintenance Tips for your Rabbit Hutch

Proper attention and cleanliness are very crucial in keeping your pets happy. Having a pet means you have to take care of all their daily activities including providing them food and water, playing with them, ensuring clean surroundings and much more.

Like other pets, rabbits also like to live in clean surroundings. It keeps them healthy and avoids any harmful bacteria and germs that can make them sick. So, if you have rabbits ensure that you are cleaning them as well their hutch regularly.

In this article, you will get insights into some useful maintenance tips for your rabbit hutch to keep it tidy and provide them with a healthy environment.

Important maintenance tips for your rabbit hutch

1. Get loaded with sanitization materials


Maintenance of your rabbit hutch will require several sanitization equipment and materials that you must stock in your house before cleaning. Without proper equipment and sanitation materials, you might spread bacteria and germs in your house as well.

These sanitization supplies must be exclusively used for cleaning your rabbit hutch. This will allow you to use them for a longer period. Some much needed equipment and materials you need for sanitization include gloves, light disinfectants, cleaning brush, sponge or part of spare cotton cloth, haystack and grass, shovel to pick faeces and other leftovers.

You might require more materials based on the size of your rabbit hutch and the number of bunnies you have. Once you are done cleaning don’t forget to wash the equipment. Also, ensure that you are disposing of the waste materials and leftovers properly as they can spread bacteria and might cause diseases.

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2. Daily cleaning is mandatory


Proper maintenance and daily cleaning are mandatory to provide your rabbit with safe and clean surroundings. You must take responsibility and ensure that your rabbit hutch looks clean and fresh. This will lead to a healthy impact on their growth.

Like most pets, bunnies also like to live in clean surroundings, so you must make an everyday cleaning routine to keep your bunnies happy and healthy. Cleaning and maintenance of the hutch can be a daunting task but once you get the hang of it, cleaning it will be much easier and will take less time.

Daily cleaning activities must include removing the leftovers from the food container and washing them properly before serving another meal. Up next, wash the water container and replace it with fresh water. Lastly, clean the litter pan and ensure that there are no faeces and urine left.

3. Weekly cleaning is much needed


Daily cleaning is mandatory but weekly cleaning is much needed for the overall maintenance of your rabbit hutch. Weekly cleaning ensures deep cleansing of the rabbit house. This also lowers the chances of health issues and provides a clean environment for your bunnies.

Weekly cleaning can take longer to ensure that you have enough free time. First, take your bunnies out of their hutch and then you can start tidying up the place. Take out everything from the hutch including food and water containers, play toys, litter pan, etc.

Start with washing the containers properly with warm soap water, disinfect the play toys with light disinfectants. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can be harmful to the bunnies. A vinegar solution can be effective for disinfecting the bunny house. Clean the entire hutch including the sides from top to bottom with a vinegar solution or light disinfectant. Ensure that you have cleaned the dust and dirt accumulation on the hutch.

Furthermore, ensure that there are no leftovers, water spills, faeces or urine on the base, clean all the sides and corners with disinfectants. This will prevent any disease caused by bacteria and germs. Also, don’t forget to deep clean the bedding place and litter pan.

Change the entire bedding place with a new haystack and grass. There are various materials that can be used for bedding. Ensure the bedding area is covered with absorbent materials that it feels comfortable and warm. Now dispose of everything in the litter pan and clean it properly with warm water and soap. Install it again with new materials used in the litter pan.

Lastly, rinse everything properly with hot water and keep them out in the sun for an hour. Keeping it in the sun will kill the remaining bacteria, will soak the extra water and evaporate the chemicals used in cleaning. It will also make the hutch warm for your bunnies. Once it’s done, put everything back in its place and put the bunnies back in their hutch.

4. Check for loose ends or sharp metal openings


A rabbit hutch is usually made of metal and wood. There are chances of loose ends or sharp metal openings that can hurt your rabbit while moving around. Hence, once a month you should check if the hutch doesn’t have any loose ends or sharp metal openings.

Also, ensure that the screws are tightened up properly. Paint the exterior of the hutch once a year to prevent rust and to save extra expenses on repairs. Rabbits typically have the habit of biting things so choose the play toys wisely and ensure that the play toys don’t have any small parts that can choke your rabbit.

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The Bottom-line

Taking care of your pets is not easy. It’s a big responsibility on your shoulders. Just like daily food and water, regular cleaning and timely maintenance of your rabbit hutch are much needed to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene.

Daily cleaning will take 5-10 minutes whereas weekly cleaning is a much more daunting task and might take an hour. These are some useful maintenance tips for your bunny house that you must follow for quick and easy cleaning.

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