Why Do Mature Women Are More Interesting in Hookup Sites?

Newly single mature women are finding the dating world vastly different from when they were in their 20s. In the 1950s and 1960s, casual dating was a fairly new concept. Young people only dated if they intended to marry. However, people coined the term “going steady” to refer to couples dating exclusively without thinking of marriage.

Today, mature women, thrust into the cyberworld, are also looking for casual encounters. They are 50 years and over, married, and have kids. They are looking for spending some joyful time, not a long-term relationship. But not all of the hookup sites can be useful for women, here’s a list of good ones.

So, why are mature women more interested in hookup sites?

Read on.

Casual Encounters Are Straightforward


As earlier said, mature women have been there and done that. They have gone on blind dates, got married, and had kids. All they are looking for now is a casual encounter on hookup sites such as Adult Friend Finder.

This is because casual encounters are simple and straightforward. Mature women are not looking for someone to take care of them. They are capable of doing a fine job. They have tasted professional success.

All they want is to meet someone they can have fun with. Someone they can go to late nights out dancing followed by cozy nights. When a woman hits 50 years, she becomes more powerful and riveting like an experienced flamenco dancer.

She knows what she wants and how to ask for it. She also knows each moment counts and is ready to savor the delicious drop of life. In a 2019 survey, researchers found that a quarter of women in their 50s were more adventurous in their sex life thanks to hookup sites.

Hookup Sites Make It Easy to Meet People

Finding someone to connect with and go on dates is easy, thanks to dating apps. However, finding someone for hookup was not always that easy until the introduction of hookup sites and apps. Today, the hookup culture is now an accepted style of human connection.

Gone are the days when it was taboo to search for people you could have a threesome or more. Today, dedicated hookup apps and sites have become a horny person’s vessel for instant gratification.

Just open the app or site, search for hookups, and the site will present you with thousands of results. The cool thing about these hookup sites and apps is that they allow you to customize or filter your search results. This allows you to learn more about a person and even find someone with similar fetishes.

With hookup sites and apps, you get to skip the 10-minute questionnaire about romance. They also provide a full view of someone’s profile, making it easy to find a hookup by the weekend. And you don’t have to pay a cent. The sites and apps have a free version.

Hookup Sites Widen Your Social Circle


Besides making it easier for mature women to meet other single people, they widen their social circle. Basically, they provide a way for mature women to meet other people while their peers are all coupled up.

For women in their 50s and over, social circles are usually constrained to their partner’s circles. They are also constrained to their neighbors, work, and family. Once the woman becomes divorced or widowed, the social circle starts to shrink. As such, if someone in your social circle was also widowed or divorced, you will never know if they are interested in dating or hookup.

With hookup sites, it is clear whether someone is interested or not. Also, it widens your social circle. Now, you are not constrained to your shrinking social circle. You get to meet people from all walks of life. You can meet young people in their 20s and 30s or even mature men in their 50s or over.

Hookup Sites Cater To All Interests


With dating sites, you get to meet someone with the objective of dating and getting married in the future. But if you’re looking for an extra person or two in the bedroom, look no further than Adult Friend Finder.

As one of the best hookup sites, Adult Friend Finder has a whole community of people eager to try something new. People are looking for others to join in a fun threesome or more. You can also find whatever you desire – erotic kinks, vanilla, bisexual and more.

In the US, Adult Friend Finder has more than 64 million users. Of these, 50% are active users who use the site at least once a week. As a mature woman, you can establish a hookup in their chat rooms, send a private message or have a video chat.

Unlike dating sites that match people based on your profile and interests. Adult Friend Finder matches people based on their fantasies. They do so using advanced search algorithms to suggest potential matches.
Other hookup sites that cater to all interests include:

  • Ashley Madison
  • No Strings Attached
  • Hinge
  • Her
  • Doublelist and more

The sites are free to register, but they do have paid membership. So if you’re ready for an adventure, these hookup sites will have you covered in a flash. For more, visit this resource.

Final Thoughts

Before you meet face to face, have a good old video chat first. Get a glimpse of your potential hookup before you meet for the first time. This reduces the catfishing risk, and you will also know who to look for when you arrive at your meeting point. Before you go private, go public.

It can be a coffee shop, restaurant, or a bar. If unsure, you can always ask a friend to lurk anonymously at a nearby table, ready to spring into action. Some bars actually have a secret drink order for first encounters. For example, asking for Angel Shot at certain establishments cues the bartender that something is wrong.

It’s always good to let someone close to you know where you are since there’s a stranger in the mix. While you don’t have to share all the facts, always tell a friend.

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