8 Most Popular men’s sportswear brands You Can Buy online in 2024

Sportswear is a must-have in all wardrobes, especially men’s. The comfortable feeling it provides can’t be compared to any other piece of clothing you have. Although it has always been a symbol of all those who practice sports, these garments also found their special place in closets of people who simply like to feel comfy. Not only while they spend time at home watching a movie, reading or relaxing, but also in a cafe, or sometimes even at work – depending on their workplace. This trend of wearing tracksuits and leggings when we go for a walk, for a sightseeing tour or when go to our friends’ places has been popularized by world-famous stars. That’s why today they are part of everyday outfits and the sportswear industry offers an unlimited selection of comfortable pieces, starting from ordinary T-shirts to perfect sneakers from the world’s best brands.

With the development of online stores and sites where you can shop from the comfort of your home, your favorite trainers and tracksuits have become even more accessible. The most popular brands now allow you to order through their websites – all you have to do is select what you want to buy in a few clicks, put it in the basket, and leave your personal data. Even if you order the wrong size, there’s a possibility of replacement. What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s remember some of the most prominent men’s sportswear brands you can find in companies’ virtual corners anytime – we bet you might have forgotten about some of them!

1. Nike

We can’t help but start this list with this giant, leading company within the athletic clothing industry. With headquarters in America and the most recognizable logo ever, it easily found its way to the market. Throughout its long tradition, Nike has sponsored numerous high-ranking athletes for self-promotion purposes and has thus gained popularity all around the globe.

Good marketing, improved design, and innovation have brought them to the very top, and today they are available to people from all countries. Some of the most popular models that their top designers have delighted customers with are Air Jordan 1, the Tailwind, and the Air Max 1.

2. Adidas


One of Nike’s biggest competitors is Adidas. This German company boasts of some of the most beautiful models ever produced that turned into best sellers. These include Superstar, Stan Smith, Gazelle, and Top Ten.

Adidas has attracted countless customers with unique classics that’ll always be worn and cherished. Throughout its history, it has changed three logos, of which the Trefoil logo stood out and was supported by fashion lovers and hip hop pioneers.

Online shops enabled buyers all around the world to search for their best pieces in one place and compare models and prices. That’s why splendid retailers like JD Sports created super cool offers, which also include coupons like the ones available on Not only do you get to wear your Adidas faves, but you get them with a great discount!

3. Puma


Did you know that the Puma brand was created as a result of a quarrel between two brothers who founded Adidas? That’s right – Rudolf and Adolf Dassler created Adidas first, but after some time their partnership stopped and they split the establishment into two entities, adding Puma to their family. Both companies are German and have achieved enviable success in the market.

It wasn’t difficult for Puma to stand out on the world market thanks to its sneakers with a unique and modern design such as Suede Classic. Models such as the Thunder Spectra and RS-X have gained huge popularity over some competing models.

4. Reebok


The Reebok company was founded in Bolton, England. It’s a global manufacturer and distributor of sports equipment and the official sponsor of various championships, where it got the opportunity to reach people from all over the planet.

The very production began in 1958 but experienced a full expansion 30 years later. Their line of the first athletic footwear designed for women was well received and it was a magnificent entry into the market. Today, Reebok is considered an icon of retro style and unusual attractive designs.

5. New Balance


New Balance is also a favorite among fans of the athletic outfit. This brand was founded in 1906 in Boston, USA and we could say it gained popularity in the blink of an eye and introduced some novelties to which it gave its personal touch.

This label popularized racing equipment and informal clothing thanks to the ‘Made In England’ and ‘Made In The USA’ lines. These lines introduced this label to the male world at the big door. Those with a specific style adored shoes like the 990 and 991. Thanks to quality workmanship, popularization of street style, and other strong features, this equipment is quite well ranked among competitors.

6. Champion


This is another American brand originating from Rochester, New York. the fact is that it doesn’t enjoy the same fame as Nike or Puma, but that doesn’t dispute the top design and quality of sportswear it can offer. The Champion has existed for more than 100 years, and during all that time it hasn’t lost on the uniqueness it has built from the very beginning.

What this company has to offer and what it’s proud of are unique, timeless garments and items, spiced with some retro charm. The street style, which is perfectly accepted, both among world stars and other people, has taken on a new, sensitive shape here. And yes, maybe the Champion doesn’t have a high status in the society like some competitors, but it doesn’t lag behind them with models that testify to the fact that it’s still one of the best companies.

7. Converse


The Converse is a brand without whose models no one can imagine their wardrobe or shoe closet. The famous rubber sneakers with the All-Stars label were supported and accepted first by celebrities and then by the rest of the world.

We can freely say that this brand is a synonym for the culture of wearing sneakers. And, well, if you haven’t worn them, at least you must have noticed their outstanding hoodies, jackets, and other everyday clothes with a star sign, gladly worn by all generations.



ASICS is a Japanese multinational company that produces a wide range of sportswear and footwear. The meaning of this acronym is ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ and it speaks volumes about the concept that supports fitness and wellness that come as a result of a sporty lifestyle.

The ASICS company was founded on September 1, 1949, primarily under the name Onitsuka, after its founder. They started with the production of basketball shoes, and today they also have a wide range of comfortable clothes for men, women, and children.

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