6 Misconceptions People Have About Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

A deficiency of oxygen can cause several health problems and even death. Hyperbaric therapy is an effective method to fulfill oxygen needs in the human body. Within an enclosed chamber, pure oxygen is filled with extreme pressure so that a patient can breathe it in abundance.

This treatment is effective enough to treat respiratory problems, skin aging, etc. It is a common technique used in many countries. But many people have doubts regarding the efficiency of the chambers and this therapy. They may have misconceptions in their mind which are preventing them from opting for this technique.

Without consulting any expert, it is hard to say anything about it. Before going ahead, it is necessary to acquire a complete knowledge about this treatment. Proper guidance will help you make better decisions while choosing an appropriate therapy to treat oxygen deficiency. Consider some misconceptions that you must forget about.

1. Oxygen Chambers can be used in Homes by Anyone


You may think it is an easy treatment to treat problems caused by oxygen deficiency. But it is not the same case. You cannot buy and use the chamber at home without any guidance or experience. Indeed, you can get equipment that is easy to install at home and help anyone experiencing health issues.

But it requires enough knowledge and experience to operate the chamber. Without experience, you can make mistakes that can be life-threatening for the patient. You must be expert enough to handle the pressure of oxygen within the sealed chamber. Before investing your money, you must go through complete details about the device from

2. The pressure of Releasing Oxygen is Fixed

In the enclosed chamber, the oxygen is released at a specific pressure. This pressure is different for every patient as per their health condition. Many people think they can operate the device by keeping the pressure the same for an hour. But pressure needs to be changed to get better results.

If you keep it lower than required, you may not get the desired results. But if you keep the pressure high, it may cause death. With experience, you can determine the patient’s exact pressure to treat his health issues. You must ensure that the patient is safe inside the chamber.

3. Too Much Oxygen is Good for Health


Indeed, a patient gets more oxygen at an absolute pressure in the chamber. If the pressure is beyond the limit, there is a risk of complications. In severe cases, oxygen poisoning or toxicity can happen. Anyone suffering from ear infections can also get worse, as this therapy can ultimately damage ears.

The pressure inside the chamber must be bearable enough for the body. Pressure handling is a challenging task, and hence, it requires enough experience. Professionals and expert technicians perform this treatment. The level of oxygen is well-managed before releasing into the chamber.

4. Chamber Quality is Not Necessary

It is crucial to check the material and quality of the chamber before taking the treatment. The chamber must be FDA approved because only the approved one can be used for medical purposes.

If you are using the equipment without checking the quality and medical approval, you cannot expect to have better treatment. You might have heard of different terms for chambers, like mild or soft. Such equipment cannot withstand oxygen pressure.

Any kind of power disruption can lead to the deflation of the chamber, which can also cause suffocation. It is necessary to know more about oxygen as it is flammable and can explode if it comes in contact with fire. You must know how to operate it safely to keep the patient protected.

5. Therapy is Perfect for Treating Cancer


Research is taking place to determine whether exposure to an excess of oxygen is good for cancer patients or not. But many people believe it helps cure cancer by relieving some of its symptoms. It is a myth you must forget because this treatment is ineffective in treating cancer.

You might have heard of this myth because it can help in soothing the pain and fasten cancer therapy. Lack of oxygen can slow down cancer therapies, affecting healing. If any patient is taking treatment for cancer, hyperbaric therapy works well to increase the healing power.

It helps boost the immune system and helps cancer treatment respond well. You cannot rely entirely on oxygen therapy to get complete relief from such a health issue. Promising anyone regarding hyperbaric treatment as an effective way of treating cancer is inappropriate.

6. Therapy can Treat Cerebral Palsy

Hyperbaric therapy improves brain functionality by regenerating the damaged cells. Many people relate this theory with cerebral palsy and think this therapy can be effective. But again, it is a misconception you need to clear in your mind. As per research, this therapy is not conducted on cerebral palsy patients because it can be very dangerous for their life.

It is hard to know how their body will respond to this treatment. It is better to consult a doctor before performing it on your child. Professionals can help you by providing more information and considering this treatment if required. But you must not follow this misconception blindly without acquiring enough information about it.

Final Thoughts

You might have many misconceptions regarding hyperbaric treatment. You must forget all the mentioned myths and try to figure out more details about this therapy. Undoubtedly, it is a safe and effective treatment if performed by professionals.

Having doubts in your mind can make you believe unnecessary things. It is better to consult a doctor before taking this therapy. It needs to be done by an expert who knows how to manage the pressure.

As per your health concerns, the pressure of oxygen may vary, and only a professional can help you get the right treatment that your body needs. Before making any decision, it is better to acquire knowledge or consult a professional regarding the treatment details.

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