What Is the Mission of a Wedding Photographer?

Is it true that she is her mission, role, why you can’t do without a wedding photographer?

I have a life mission, a mantra, “to photograph the emotions of life,” but it is a vague idea of what I can do for you. It’s almost a philosophical approach to my job.

According to me, I want to explain to you more concretely what a good wedding photographer can bring you.

Advise you to spend the most beautiful of wedding days


Wedding photographers make a huge living from marriage: one, every weekend.

In addition, they are closer to the action. On the day of your union, it is the provider that you will see the most. Everyone else in your marriage is working in the shadows. But the photographer is with you, all day. During preparations, religious, secular ceremonies. During the reception. He is at the table with you during the meal and among you on the dance floor. He went through a lot of complicated situations and moments during his experience.

It is, therefore, his role in advising you to accompany you to prepare the most beautiful of days. You can get in touch with us for more information.

The mission of a wedding photographer is to reassure you.

Marriage is a huge source of stress. And a true professional will know how to reassure you. He will guide you during the realization of a couple of photos. He will know how to reassure you about your “images.”
For example, I like to do a couple of photoshoots before each wedding. This is called an engagement, or engagement, photoshoot.

This lets you discover and understand how a photoshoot goes before your wedding.
It takes that stress out of you before D-Day.

It reassures you. You see how beautiful you can be.

It is a witness of the most beautiful moments.


There are several approaches to wedding photography. Some stage situations from scratch, to create incredible photos. They are just amazing. Without ever denigrating his work (I would like to reach his talent level one day), this is not what I want to offer you.

In my vision of wedding photography, it is important to witness moments as naturally as possible. A wedding report is an accurate capture of what happened. I don’t want to situate events. I don’t want you to pose.
I like the term photojournalism. It is to photograph what is happening. As faithfully as possible. Without interfering. This is why, for example, I make all my reports in natural light, without flash (except during the evening). That I try to be the most discreet, to blend in with your marriage. I no longer want to be a photographer but become a guest. Discretion is a very important quality to me. It’s a talent that I exercise every weekend with you. Be a ninja, invisible in the middle of your guests. This is what allows me to capture the emotions of your life. Laughter, the bond that unites you. I love this moment when, during the cocktail, I am a few centimeters from you, and you have forgotten my presence.

It’s up to the bride and groom to find the best wedding photographer. The one who adheres to their visions. To have the most beautiful wedding reportage. The one they will like the most.

Be an important player in marriage

I just told you that I didn’t want to interfere. But I also want you to have the best of days. That’s why sometimes I like to take matters into my own hands by offering you to experience unique moments. During the first look, for example. But I want to do it as naturally as possible. May it perfectly match your character and your desires. I also like to take things in hand during the obligatory passage of group photos. This moment does not turn into an endless ordeal.

He must take beautiful photos


Yes, after all, that’s kind of what we ask him. Take beautiful photos. But all professional photographers should deliver technically good photos to you. The mission of a wedding photographer is to go for unique photos. More artistic photos. Different photos. Pictures that only a professional could take. Not because they are not within reach of amateurs.

But because by spending our weekends in churches, estates, town halls, so as not to fall into the boat, I try to surpass myself. I’m looking for different angles. Frames that are out of the ordinary. I do this job out of passion, and I don’t want to lose my drive, the fun. So I like to look for different points of view, to offer you unique photos. This is where the talent of a photographer is measured. This is why a professional photographer makes perfect sense.

The job of selecting and retouching your photos is as important as anything else. Do you want to receive 4500 photos on a simple USB key, or 400 photos, carefully selected, to magnify and sublimate by a subtle image processing and printed on archival paper, with a magnificent box?

Know your equipment

Its material comes into play, not that a better SLR makes it possible to take a better picture. A current smartphone would make the greatest photographers mad with jealousy. But to take beautiful shots, practice allows me to know my camera by heart and no longer focus on the technique. With my mind free from these constraints, I can focus on the most important: the present moment and your emotions.

And get away from a cliché that lasts. A professional cannot be recognized by the amount of gear he carries around or the price of his devices. For a very long time, I took my photos with cameras that were 10 years old. But I knew them by heart. I knew exactly how they were going to behave. And it was perfectly suited to the style of photos I wanted. Nikon stopped servicing these models, so I had to make up my mind to replace them to ensure I didn’t suffer from technical failure.

The mission of the wedding photographer: the creation of your photographic heritage


The most important, that which is at the base of all. Build up a photographic heritage. By photographing these moments, what I seek above all is to help you never forget them. This is the photo. Freeze for a moment for eternity. Photo reports allow you to relive the most moments of your life.

This is all the mission of a wedding photographer. Calling on an image professional cannot be improvised. You must take the time to select the one who will best support you. We are all different. All photographers share a different vision, an approach to wedding reporting. You need to find the one who can best understand you. But how do you know when you’ve found the right one? I reassure you that deep down, you will know it when it is done.

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