How Long Does A Lender Need for Mortgage Application Approval? – 2023 Guide

The property purchasing process is not quick and easy. You have to deal with too much paperwork, research, contracts, deals, and more. There is always a rush of shifting from your old house to the new one. No one wants to handle the issues that you get during the application for the mortgage.

You must wait until your lender approves the application. You can easily get a loan and shift to a new place. But many people wonder when they will get approval from a property lender. It is hard for many individuals to wait for a few weeks and drop the idea of getting a loan.

This write-up will discuss the time a lender requires for mortgage approval. Once approved, your loan application will pass, and you will soon shift to a new place. It is a common concern for many buyers who must relocate to their house as quickly as possible.

Application Process for the Mortgage


If you need to purchase a new house without any money, you can easily think of applying for a loan. The mortgage loan process involves gathering essential documents, statements of your bank, etc. The lender also checks and verifies all the submitted documents and ensures you have a good score for credit.

Your mortgage application will be considered if your score is good and you earn nicely. If you want to enhance the process’s speed, then you must consider the principle’s agreement. Once you get approval for the application, you will easily get a loan and can shift to your new house. But you will take a mortgage of some amount, and the rest, you must pay the down payment.

How Much Time is Needed for Completing Valuation?

Whenever you apply for a loan, your lender needs time to verify and approve your request. There is a possibility that the lender requests to do the valuation to the surveyor and ensure that the purchased apartment is worth it. After that, the surveyor will interact with the property agent for inspection.

If no issues are detected, the lender will also accept the mortgage request and help you purchase the house. This process can easily take a few weeks to accomplish, and you must have enough patience to wait for some time to get the outcome.

How Much Time is Required After Valuation to Get an Offer?


When the surveyor submits the valuation report, the house’s lender will check all the submitted documents and share his final decision. It depends on your lender whether to provide approval. The property lender will share the offer via email, which takes at least 20 days to get.

Therefore, you must know that it is not a quick process and wait for some time to achieve an amazing offer. Anyone who is confused about the home loan application must get help from Portland mortgage lenders by visiting

How Much Time is Needed for Exchanging Contracts?

When the solicitor gets an offer given by the home lender, the contracts will be exchanged within two months. During the application of a loan, the solicitor is responsible for the process of conveyancing.

Many tasks must be done like market research, checking with the local authority, confirming the property price, etc. Sometimes, the local authorities take most of their time to exchange contracts.

The solicitor asks several queries to the seller regarding the house and confirms whether the house buyer can get a loan or not. There is a possibility that the solicitor can call you for the meeting to clear all your doubts. When everything is fine, the application process will proceed.

How Much Time is Needed for Process Completion?


Before you know the completion time, you must know the date. It is a date when you will shift to a better place. After exchanging all the contracts, the solicitor will proceed with the loan and finalize the deal.

You can move to a new home and live there. You have to wait for at least one week for the completion date. The formalities lie between the buyer and the seller. Once the loan is approved and all the funds are cleared, a new chapter will begin in your life.

What Happens to Get a Loan if the Score for Credit is Not Good?


You can easily get a loan to purchase your dream house even with a terrible credit score. There are chances of complications, and you need to deal with them. The procedure can be tricky, and it may take more time.

The lender will also check the credit issue severity and what will be the duration of the issues. You are eligible for applying for a loan only when you get rid of those issues. If you can deposit a more significant amount, you can easily get a loan with a terrible score.

It is necessary to submit documents like payslips to prove that you can easily afford to pay monthly installments. After considering your previous debts, you can easily get a loan that can be relatively less than you expect. One can prefer to give a larger down payment and get a deal.

You can ask for help from a property broker to sort out such issues and help you get a new home. If we talk about the time of mortgage approval, you have to wait for a few months. The procedure is not easy, and it is essential to have enough patience to deal with it.

The Bottom Line

Many people have concerns about whether the verification and approval process of a loan takes years or not. If your score for credit is good enough, you can expect approval within two to three months. But if your score is terrible, you must wait over three months. Applying, verifying, and finalizing the loan approval is quite time-consuming.

It is necessary to deal with patience to get approval. You must submit all the documents, fill out the application form appropriately and maintain your score. The procedure can also speed up if you are in a hurry to move to a new home.

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