Hire an Out of State Moving Company or DIY – 2024 Guide

Moving is an overwhelming process. Even if you forget about the actual furniture that needs to be moved, it’s still a stressful and emotional process. Leaving your home and moving to a new one is a major change in life and it doesn’t help that there’s some heavy lifting involved. With all those changes, it’s not uncommon for people to skip out on hiring a professional moving company and just doing it themselves. However, is that really the better decision between the two?

We get it, hiring a moving company can be expensive and you may not have the necessary budget or you may have some doubts about the reliability of professional movers, but, DIY-ing the move isn’t going to be cheap or easy, either. On top of all that, you’ll have to make a few calls to a few people and possibly put them in an uncomfortable situation, because, let’s face it, nobody wants to carry a couch down two or three flights of stairs. On the other hand, you can’t just say no to your friend in need.

Since it’s obvious this is not an easy choice to make, we’ve decided to help you out. We’d assume that after packing so much stuff and labelling all the boxes, thinking straight and making the right decision might not be that easy. With that in mind, we’ll present you with both options in this article, so you can compare the two and see which one of these fits your needs better.

Hiring A Moving Company – Yes Or No?


Let us start with the moving company first. One of the greatest things about hiring a professional moving company is the fact that the only thing you’ll be lifting is yourself off of the couch when the movers come. By hiring a reputable, professional moving company, you can forget about carrying that heavy oak dresser down the stairs. Another thing you won’t have to worry about is scratching the walls or floors in case something goes wrong. These guys are good at what they do, that’s why you’re paying them. To sum it all up – there will be no lifting, no uncomfortable calls to your buddies or worrying about dinging the wall or pulling a muscle. The only thing you have to worry about is which beer to get for a moving in party.

Next up on the list of benefits of professional movers is the reliability and efficiency. Let’s say you’ve decided to hire a moving company and naturally you’ve hired a reliable, reputable one such as

In that case, you don’t have to worry about anyone cancelling last minute or thinking about in what order you’re going to stack in boxes in a truck and so on. A professional crew will be there on time, they’ll know what to do and on top of all that, they’ll be under contract, so there will no unexpected problems arising. Considering they’ve done this numerous times, you can be sure they’ll be as fast and efficient as possible.


Generally speaking, hiring a professional company is far less stressful than doing it yourself – especially if you’re moving out of state. If you’re just moving down the block, you may not need a professional crew, however, if your new home is miles away, save yourself from stressing out about every minor detail and hire a crew.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to hiring professionals. First of all, once the deal is etched in stone – that’s it. Unless you’re willing to pay penalties or fees for cancelling or rescheduling, the move will have to be done on the planned day. This means you lose a lot of flexibility as far as the schedule goes if you hire a crew.

Additionally, hiring a professional moving crew will set you back a couple of hundred, possibly thousands of dollars. That’s by no means a small amount of money. If you’re someone with an average salary, this could be an issue you may not be able to overcome.

Finally, you might be a little bit nervous to leave a stranger with your precious personal belongings. That’s why it’s important to do thorough research on the company you’re about to hire, read a few reviews and check ratings.

Do It Yourself (With A Few Other People) – Yes Or No?


The other option when it comes to moving is to do it yourself. To be fair, you won’t be able to do it just by yourself, unless you’re the Hulk. We’re going to assume you’re not a super-strong, green, rage-monster that can carry an entire bed down the stairs while simultaneously reading your Twitter feed. Jokes aside, but, you’re going to need help. You’ll need at least one more person to help you out, but, if you can, find at least four or five.

Now, what are the advantages of DIY-ing the move? Well, first of all, your schedule is absolutely flexible. Now, this might also be a drawback, but let’s look at the positives now. If the weather is bad – you can postpone it. If anything unpredictable happens – you can postpone it. Whatever happens, you’re in total control on how you’re going to proceed.


The next best thing after absolute control is the cost of a DIY move. Although it’s by no means non-existent, it will probably be cheaper than hiring a professional crew. Now, if you’re moving far away, to another state, for example, you’re probably going to end up spending the same or even more when it’s all said and done.

However, the money you save by calling your friends to help out can easily go towards your medical bill if you end up pulling a muscle or injuring yourself, or even worse, someone else. Be prepared for some heavy lifting. Even if you’re a seasoned athlete, this will be hard. Going up and down the stairs, pivoting furniture, lifting, carrying, trying not to damage anything – this is just a preview of what’s waiting for you if you do decide to DIY it.

When it’s all said and done, it’s entirely up to you. Both of these are viable options. If you don’t mind heavy lifting, renting moving trucks and planning everything – do it yourself. If you’d rather sip a beer and relax on the couch – hire a professional crew. Hopefully, this article will help you decide between the two.

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