What to Look for New Laundry Machines in 2024

Laundry machines or commonly known as washing machines, are essential in our lives. It incredibly speeds your seemingly tiring and heavy laundry. Thanks to the unending research of various companies, right now, washing machines are super power efficient.

Some people find doing their own laundry therapeutic. They don’t rely much on commercial laundry shops or any laundry service because they just feel joy and enthusiasm doing their laundry. Perhaps, are you one of them? This article is perfect for you!

As time progresses, there are several brands and different models in the market. Consequently, it led to confusion on what kind of washing machine needed to be purchased. Worry not, because listed below are the factors that need to be considered when looking for new laundry machines.

1. When to Change your Old Washing Machine?


Why is this important? Well, you might prematurely buy a new washing machine. If your washing machine is not old and you saw a new and shiny model in the mall, then there is no need to change at all due to practical reasons. Before discussing all the technicalities that we need to look at in a washing machine, you must learn this first. You don’t want any impractical decisions in your household, right?

Due to technological advancement, a new model washing machine is appealing because it is more energy-efficient than new models. Even if we dig deep into the math, buying a new washing machine will save you a significant amount of money. But the real dilemma here is when is the right time to buy a new one to maximize your old washing machine’s capacity.

According to studies, the average life expectancy is 11 years. Sometimes it is not the case because some households often go to a commercial laundry shop and avail their laundry service like the Therefore, resulting in a longer lifespan of the washing machine. Also, sometimes you need to replace the washing machine because even though it is used for 5 years, the utilization rate is very high. But keep in mind there is no exact parameter here of when you should purchase a new one. Just remember that these checklists of when to buy a new washing machine:

  • If the washing underwent a major repair
  • If it cannot carry the same load anymore
  • If the washing machine turns off in the middle of the laundry
  • Dilapidated wiring
  • Rust in the washing machine frame
  • Inaccurate timer
  • If it makes an unusual noise in the middle of the laundry
  • Damaged blades

2. Washing Machine Types


If some of the checklists stated above are present, then consider buying a new one. You can learn about new washing machines on this link here. But before buying a new one. There are several washing machine types. Each of them has its pros and cons. And by being familiar with them, you can now choose which type is the best for your home.

Traditional Top-Loading Washer

A traditional top-loading washing machine is the most common type of laundry machine. Its motion is moving the garments via an agitator. If you’re in budget constraints and don’t need a fine-tuned washing machine, it is perfect for you.

High-Efficiency (HE) Top-Loading Washer

A top-loading washing machine is a more advanced version of your traditional top-loading washing machine. It can accommodate larger loads because it doesn’t have an agitator. Also, the HE top-loading washing machine cleans the garments by spinning, rotating, and wobbling. It is like a hybrid of front-loading and traditional top-loading. It functions like a front-loading washer but the conventional top-loading design.

Front-Loading Washer

Front-loading washing machine machines are most likely used in laundry service. Commercial laundry shops use this type of washing machine because it is perfect for small spaces, its capacity is substantial, and it is ideal for bulk loading. For aesthetic purposes, you can also choose this kind of washing machine for your household.

Pros and Cons of the Washers

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of each washer:

Washing Machine Type Pros Cons
Top-loading washer Low maintenance, affordable, shorter wash cycle, user-friendly, minimal vibration, and uncomplicated control panel Smaller load capacity, cannot fully clean heavily soiled garments, long drying time, wash cycles can’t be adjusted, not stackable, and cannot accommodate queen-size comforter
HE top-loading washer Uses less water, fast-drying, larger load capacity, perfect for comforters, less water use, and no odor issue,  Expensive, HE detergent only, high-maintenance, not stackable, and lengthy wash cycles
Front-loading washer Perfect for small spaces, for commercial laundry use, high rpm, low drying time, excellent stain removal, advanced technology, and large capacity Musty odors in the washtub, high vibration, and expensive, 

3. Find your Preferred Features


Washing machine features ease more of your work during laundry. Most of the time, the more features, the higher the price. So limit yourself to the specific feature you want in your washing machine. These are the most common features in the newest models of the washing machine:

Temperature Control (Automatic) – With this feature, you can now adjust the water to its optimal temperature in the setting rather than mixing hot and cold water in the presetting.

Detergent Dispensers (Automatic) – The primary purpose of this feature is to dispense fabric softeners, detergent, and bleach at the right time. In that way, you can now prevent musty odors from your washing machine.

Extra Rinse Cycle – This feature is essential if your skin is so sensitive. It is also ideal when you have a pet at home because it washes away pet hair.

End-of-cycle Signal – Most washing machines have this kind of feature. It saves you a lot of time and effort because you don’t have to check your laundry if it’s done or not constantly.

Indeed, washing machines are a very tricky machine to choose from. You need to have ample knowledge to make the right choice when purchasing one. As a reminder, after buying a new washing machine, don’t you ever skip the maintenance tips. It will help prolong the life of your new laundry machine. I do hope that this article helps you in your future washing machine shopping.

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