How Online Casinos are using casino bonuses to attract players

With the rise of modern technologies and their integration into our daily lifestyle, we’ve experienced an unparalleled convenience it has brought in every segment of our lives. This includes both having fun online and doing serious business, with only the use of a smartphone and Internet access. What was unimaginable 10 years ago, not to mention 20 or more, is now reality. You certainly couldn’t have dreamed of ordering your favorite food online, buying a pair of shoes from your favorite retailer brand or something completely different – investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, using just a couple of apps and your knowledge about the topic. Online banking system has been present for decades, and has become the main way of making money transactions, while social media took over other sources of entertainment such as television or radio. People are more into reading their favorite newspapers on their phones, finding it more convenient to explore all the daily information just by looking at their screens rather than buying the traditional version.

Just like people prefer digital versions of almost anything they are using on a daily basis, whether that’s ordering certain products or using certain services (or even just communicating!) one thing that’s also transferred to online are unexpectedly – casinos. For more details check Casino HEX.

When Did It Start?


First brick and mortar casinos were founded somewhere in the 17th century, and the first country that had a casino was Italy. However, gambling habits have been around for centuries, and they were a perfect form of socialization, entertainment and fun for people. Gambling and betting, as well as card games were being played in the comfort of people’s homes, in a family circle, or in specific open spaces where small groups could indulge in these activities. At first, the amounts of money people were wagering with were pretty small, but over time, these amounts have started to grow, transferring the focus on the prize, rather than the game and its process. Slots were also available in the nineteenth century, although they didn’t look like what we have today, they had the same system, and different prizes.

Ever since the first casino has been made, it seems like people fell in love with this activity, although it was forbidden in some countries, and pretty controversial at the time. Next thing we know, casinos have appeared in almost every city on the planet, becoming the meccas of entertainment, money making, adrenaline, and risk. They have also become attractive to tourists, because people want to both enjoy the gambling experience and everything that goes with it – exploring the area or the country they are visiting, food tasting, meeting new people etc.

The Philosophy Of Today


However, when the Internet entered the stage, everything has changed, including the gambling we’ve been used to. The first online gambling websites appeared a long time ago, but people were hesitant at first. Normally, over time, and especially in the time of crisis such as the latest pandemic – people felt all the benefits of doing things online, whether it’s for fun or not. Today, the online gambling industry is one of the most powerful industries in the world. It has reached its peak, and it hasn’t stopped growing ever since. As a result, we’ve experienced several phenomena. Firstly, brick-and-mortar casinos became mainly tourist attractions, especially in cities such as Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. That being said, people are including these places in their vacation plans, along with exploring all the other amenities on the map. Secondly, online casinos and online gambling websites are thriving, which led to a specific consequence – enormous competition.

There are thousands of online gambling websites, and they are trying to fight for the throne, or even just find their way under the sun. Considering the fact that people love to gamble online, since it’s both convenient and fun, casinos and online platforms have recognized the amazing potential that lies in this field. As a result, these gambling websites started to offer fantastic deals, bonuses, prizes and other tempting options, in order to win over the players, attract them if they have no experience, or keep them in the game, if they do have it.

It’s been proven that the best way to attract players is to offer unparalleled bonuses. This is why there are several types of bonuses that make it easier for players to get started, help them along the way, and make them feel appreciated for their loyalty.


One of the most common bonuses are welcome bonuses. They can be first time deposit bonuses, which means that you are getting the same amount of money you deposited, sign up bonuses where you get a certain amount of money if you register on an online gambling platform, or you can get a couple of free spins if you sign up or deposit money. Either way, welcome bonuses usually come with certain requirements, just in order to make you stay on the platform you’ve registered to. Other than that, there are reload bonuses which are great since they help you reload your account with money, either you’ve lost it or not. These bonuses are being paid either once a week or once a month, depending on the platform. They are a great push if you’re stuck or if you need that extra help to continue with your hobby. You can also get rewarded if you choose a specific payment method or a bank, which is also something people love to take advantage of. If you bring more people in, you can also get a nice percentage of that, or in other words, you can get a referrals bonus. In case of people who play a lot and spend a lot, or who are on the platform being active for a long period of time, there are VIP and loyalty bonuses that help encourage the best players to continue investing on the same platform or in the same casino.

Although brick and mortar casinos offer bonuses as well, online platforms are both more convenient and offer better options you can take advantage of and earn amazing amounts of money, whether it’s just your hobby, side hustle or you’re a professional gambler.

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