5 Ways Online Gambling Is Going To Change In The Next 10 Years

For years, the gambling industry has made great strides – not only through an increase in the number of users but also through the metamorphosis of the technology. Online gambling has been available to everyone for a long time – but over the years some things have improved technologically. What will it all look like in the next decade? We will try to peek into the future – and introduce you to 5 ways in which online gambling will change in the next decade.

What Does The Advancement Of Technology Bring To The Gambling Industry?

In recent decades, technology in all industries has been evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, the gambling industry is no exception. What is most interesting when it comes to the gambling industry – are the innovations that we can expect in the future. That future we are talking about is not so far away at all. In recent years, we have had the opportunity to feel significant improvements – and see the benefits that modern technology has brought to this industry. What awaits us in the future are numerous innovations – and a significant step towards the introduction of virtual reality in this area. However, the development of mobile technologies and smartphones is a field where we can expect the most progress. Therefore, it is not surprising that the owners of online gambling sites are increasingly investing in the market of casino games on mobile devices.

1.    Mobile Apps Development Will Impact Online Gambling


Many online casinos around the world have already embraced mobile applications as an integral part of their business. Most of the games we play on online casino websites – are already optimized for playing via mobile phone. However, this is only the first step in this direction. In the next 10 years, it is expected that the development of mobile apps will reach its peak. The gambling industry will certainly be there to follow the changes. So far, mobile gambling applications have conquered primarily the market in Asia – where there is a growing number of users, especially in India and China. The huge population of these countries – has led to the emergence of new social freedoms. That also led to the development of the entertainment industry – but also gambling.

For these reasons, software developers are trying to meet the demand of these markets – by launching new and optimized applications for smartphones. In addition to Asia, we can say that the European market is not far behind. In most European online casinos – you can play online games that are optimized for your phone. According to casinozone, the growth of the development of these applications is expected in the future as well – probably even faster than before.

2.    Cryptocurrencies Will Become A Widespread Method Of Payment


One of the innovations in the gambling industry is betting by using cryptocurrency. Certainly, with the arrival of this technology, we almost knew this time would come. However, this technology would be even more widespread in the future. Blockchain technology – provides us with almost unlimited possibilities for creating a virtual currency. The use of cryptocurrencies is widespread in the world – and especially in Asia. Although this is currently a less developed method of payment in the West – it is expected that in the coming years, this system will be accepted almost everywhere. It is also expected that the laws related to blockchain technology – will find their stronghold on other continents. Of course, many people also believe that this way of doing business – is far safer than using money.

3.    Communication From Machine To Machine

The development of IoT technology will change many things in our lives and spread to many industries. The situation is similar to the gambling industry – where this technology is expected to make a real boom. Allowing us to connect devices will help bridge the relationship between the player and the platform on which it is played. The platform itself will be aligned with the specific casino. So, it will be the same as if you were there – and you will enjoy a completely personalized game. Additional personalization in your experience will be enabled by the installation of cameras and various sensors – in our smartphones. This will provide IoT with a real user experience – but also the collection of data for analysis for the online casino itself.

4.    Virtual Gambling Will Be A Part Of The Future Casinos


Another novelty that awaits the future of online gambling is virtual gambling. Virtual reality has already entered the industry of movies and games – and online casinos are looking for a way to bring this revolutionary technology into their network. VR and augmented reality technology are some of the most exciting innovations to emerge from hardware development in the last decade. These devices can take you to the world’s most famous casinos while sitting in your home. The gambling industry sector is aware of the VR potential – and is working to ensure that the future of online gambling and virtual reality are inextricably connected. VR technology, communication with platforms, and integration with independent apps – have improved the possibility of future online gambling platforms. Therefore, online gambling is a strong industry – with a great chance for continuous improvement.

5.    Legalization Of Online Casino Games


Although this issue has been resolved in many countries – there are still those that do not allow online gambling. However, there is hope that some of the US states are considering easing these measures and taxing online profits. Currently, more and more US states allow the legalization of sports betting and online poker – so many hope that the love for tax collection will change some regulations and enable the legalization of online gambling.


Although it could be said that technology is advancing faster than changes in regulations – we can say that the gambling industry has a bright future ahead. Not only will modern technology provide us with quick and easy access to games – but we can also count on greater security and complete enjoyment from the comfort of our home. Of course, in countries where online gambling is legal.

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