Is It Worth to Order Kitchen Cabinets Online?

Online shopping is easier than it’s ever been. From books to flat-screen TVs, anything is a click of a button away from arriving right to your doorstep.

Some purchases carry more weight than others, though. While it’s possible to buy even kitchen cabinets from the Internet, the question is – should you? Let’s weigh the positives and the negatives and share some handy tips for making the best decision if you go for it.

The Positives


During the last several years, kitchen cabinets have become standardized pieces of furniture for the most part. They tend to consist of plywood boxes, soft closing hinges, and hardwood on the outside, added Cut My Plastic who is specialized in all types of plywood.

As a result, there’s very little difference between the items you’ll find in online and brick-and-mortar stores. If the cabinets are the same, there are definite pluses to purchasing them from the comfort of your home.

  • Affordability

Online stores can sell everything at more affordable costs because of their business model. When you don’t have to pay for space, overheads, and employees, you don’t have to raise prices to profit.

So, if you’re shopping on a budget, you’ll find a higher-quality option for the same amount of money by going online.

  • Convenience

Visiting stores takes time, logistically. Plus, you’ll likely spend hours there, thinking about the specifications, looking for the perfect model, and arranging the delivery. On the Internet, there are filters and short forms that bring you the same results.

Even if you decide on working with a kitchen designer, most online stores have an expert ready to talk to you through email or phone.

  • Options, Options, Options

Finally, while your city might have several stores for you to visit, the Internet has endless alternatives you can access from your computer. The massive selection is the primary reason why so many people go to

The Negatives

On the flip side, there’s the anxiety and stress of making such a significant purchase in a virtual space. You can’t see or touch the cabinets, making it easier for companies to get away with low-quality items.

While most models consist of the same interior materials, the door quality can be subpar. Perhaps the entire build is inadequate, and you won’t know until the product is at your doorstep.

Moreover, you could make a measuring mistake and deal with reordering and customer support once you find out your new cabinets can’t fit inside your kitchen. You might also face problems with missing and damaged items or even factory defects.

The best way to avoid these issues is to recognize legitimate companies and read customer reviews. If many people had significant problems with a service, they’d speak up online. It’s an evident red flag and a sign you should avoid the store.

Vital Considerations

Now, not all these pros and cons are set in stone and unavoidable. You’ll maximize the benefits while minimizing the drawbacks by doing the following:

  • Research the manufacturer and retail websites. The more you learn about them, the less likely you are to get scammed.
  • Order samples to check the wood quality. Learn all about the best cabinet materials and use the piece to gauge whether the product meets your standards.
  • Ask questions about the construction. If you’re feeling uncertain concerning the cabinet build, reach out to customer support, and make inquiries.

Once you ensure you’re working with the right store, there’s only one more step between you and getting the best option delivered right to your doorstep. It’s more challenging to determine which cabinets you like best without seeing them in person.

Choosing the Style

Here, it’s all about weighing which pieces of furniture will bring the most value to your home, aesthetically speaking. The following points can help:

  • The color. You’ll want to pick the wood shade depending on the amount of natural light in your kitchen. If it’s pretty dark, go for light hues such as maple or oak. On the other hand, if there’s a lot of sunshine most of the day, you can play around with cherry or mahogany.
  • Door style. You can go more traditional or choose a new, trendy door look that all the influencers are crazy about at the moment. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, make sure you’ll still like the style once the buzz passes. There’s no right or wrong, but try to choose based on what you want, not on what’s fashionable.
  • The finish. Nowadays, you can choose among several finish types, including painted, glazed, antiqued, or distressed. When picking among these, consider the effect you want to achieve. Painted works fantastic for minimalist, modern kitchens, while antiqued does wonders if you’re looking to make the room seem more old-fashioned.
  • The hardware. Finally, the knobs and pulls also affect how the overall result looks. Brass-colored metal pops on darker wood, while lighter shades pair better with softer handles.
  • The joints. Finally, if the box doesn’t connect well with other parts of the cabinet, you can have the most beautiful wood in the world, and it won’t matter. Look for corner braces and dovetail joints to ensure the pieces open smoothly and add long-lasting quality to your kitchen.

All these choices apply even if you’re purchasing stock cabinets. If you prefer the semi-custom version, you can take advantage of the options shopping online gets you by customizing the items even more.

Adding personal touches such as pull-out trays, glass doors, and lights is possible for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a physical store.

The Verdict

Like with any other online purchase, you can take advantage of the affordability and massive selection without stepping foot outside if you decide to order kitchen cabinets from an eCommerce website. Still, ensuring that you go for the right option is a must.

So, remember the basics. Learn all you can about the items you’re buying and the stores you’re collaborating with, and you’ll enjoy a seamless customer experience. Hope this text will give you the guides for future purchases!

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